THIS is what RFK Jr. thinks about Trump’s arrest, the American dream, COVID 2.0, and climate change

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Jason Whitlock invited Democratic presidential candidate RFK Jr. – who Jason thinks is “so brilliant” and “the most courageous man [he’s] ever interviewed” – onto the show to discuss a wide range of subjects, including Trump’s arrest, the death of the American dream, reinstated COVID mandates, and climate change, among other subjects.

Here is what RFK Jr. said about each topic of conversation.

As for Trump’s indictments and his arrest last week, he says, “I have not been commenting on the legal actions either against the Biden side or the Trump side, and the reason for that is I really don't feel like I have anything to add … it's a judicial process.”

When it comes to the younger generations, RFK Jr. pities them, as he believes they’re victims of the death of the American dream – the idea that one income resulted in homeownership and retirement. He points to three entities as the culprit behind the downfall: “BlackRock, State Street, and Vanguard.”

“These companies are strip-mining the equity from the American middle class,” he tells Jason. “They've targeted all the single-family homes in America,” and “they're buying up the farms in this country.”

When Jason plays a clip of Alex Jones warning people that another round of COVID mask mandates have already been written, RFK Jr. responds, “People should do their own research,” but “what the actual science says is that [masks] don’t work to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses.”

Although Jason and RFK Jr. differ when it comes to climate change, the candidate “[doesn’t] ever insist other people share [his] beliefs.” He does contend, however, that “climate change is not only real,” but also that “the addition of methane, carbon, and other molecules mainly from carbon fuel are causing climate change.”

But that’s only the beginning of Jason and RFK Jr.’s conversation. To hear the candidate’s thoughts on the Russia-Ukraine war, the last GOP debate, the Maui crisis, affirmative action, and more, watch the video below.

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Former Trump lawyer REACTS to being indicted alongside Trump and other alleged 'co-conspirators'

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Jenna Ellis is a conservative lawyer who served on Donald Trump’s legal team during his time in the White House.

She is also one of the “co-conspirators” who’s been indicted alongside Trump in Georgia.

“What Georgia is saying to those of us who are targeted by this indictment is that if you dare to represent as a lawyer our political opponent, then you deserve to go to jail, you deserve to have your livelihood taken away, you deserve to have your reputation trashed,” she tells Steve Deace.

“Later this week I will actually have to go and surrender to Fulton County Jail and literally become a political prisoner and get arrested because I dared to stand up for a client and because I dare to speak truth,” she continues.

Although Ellis did not foresee herself being indicted, her faith in God remains unshakable.

“This is what God has for me to walk through,” she tells Steve, adding, “I know that people will be watching me as a Christian, and I want to respond rightly.”

“Did you have difficulty acquiring competent counsel that was willing to take on the very system that then may later try to do to them exactly what they're now trying to do to you?” asks Steve.

“I mean, I had people quote to me up to one million dollars just as a retainer fee because this is so high-profile – it's Trump-related,” says Ellis, “and you know, necessarily people have to, unfortunately, take that into consideration of whether representing a lawyer who represented Donald Trump would then be attacked for their own position.”

Unfortunately, that’s not where Ellis’ struggles end. She says some Trump supporters are hoping for her defeat in the upcoming trial simply because she “[dares] to say good things about Governor DeSantis” on occasion.

“I would never want to see the system being weaponized against someone who … represented legally Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden or even Hunter Biden,” she tells Steve.

“Every single person, no matter if you're Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden – I don't care who you are; you deserve competent counsel … that’s the constitutional system in America,” Ellis says.

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Deranged leftists descend on Manhattan

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There has been no shortage of crazy people on the streets of New York after Trump’s arraignment. Sara Gonzales, Chad Prather, and Blake Kresses discussed the insanity on "The News & Why It Matters."

“It’s kangaroo court — banana republic. If we go down this route, we’re doomed … This is about to be really really bad,” Prather said.

“The left’s view is, ‘Well, the Founders aren’t here. This is our country now.’ And it truly is. We’ve [ceded] every institution to the radical left,” Kresses said.

Although a recent poll showed that 70% of independent voters believe that Trump’s indictment was a politically motivated hit job, the hosts weren’t optimistic about the odds of that amounting to any change.

Gonzales chimed in, “We just went through a midterm where we have exposed so much radical ideology. They’re trying to teach all white kids in public schools that they’re racist. They’re trying to groom your children. ... They’re doing all of these things, and you would think, ‘OK, that would be the line. That’s our line in the sand. We can't allow that to happen; we've got to do something else,’ and [independents] still didn’t do it.”

The lunacy of the radicals isn’t stopped by the silent majority, however.

On the divided streets of Manhattan, protesters gathered to support their causes. One particular woman wore whiteface and little else while screaming in the face of reporter Savanah Hernandez.

“F*** white people,” the woman screamed.

The chaos ensuing in New York City shows where the state of our nation will head if the madness is not ended soon.

Watch the full video below:

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