Chris Cuomo DESTROYED in debate over COVID failures

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Not only is Chris Cuomo now openly questioning the narrative he helped spread during the pandemic — he’s talking to Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” about it.

And while he often isn’t right, at least he’s willing to talk about it.

In a recent episode of “The Chris Cuomo Project,” the pair sat down and debated the massive list of failures that occurred under the government and media’s watch not so long ago.

“I think the vaccine was not a vaccine, the vaccine did not work,” Rubin says to Cuomo, who then shoots back, “It works.”

“It’s why the hospitalizations came down,” Cuomo added.

“I know everyone says that, but I don’t think there’s really any evidence of that,” Rubin says. “I’m not vaxxed, they're not vaxxed, none of my crew is vaxxed.”

While Cuomo notes that Rubin and his crew aren’t the people that needed to be vaccinated, Rubin reminds him that everyone was being forced.

“That is going to be something that needs to be reviewed and scrutinized and, I believe, ultimately found to have been wrong,” Cuomo says, surprisingly.

However, he disagrees when Rubin shoots that “Fauci should be in jail” for what he’s done to the American people.

“For what?” Cuomo asks, shocked. “What’s the crime?”

“Just in the last few days he’s admitted that six-feet social distancing was largely made up. He completely admitted it,” Rubin explains. “He’s the head of the NIH.”

“The rule was from the CDC,” Cuomo argues, not budging.

“There was nothing backing it,” Rubin says, noting that wasn’t the only thing that had no backing. “There was no evidence that when you went to a restaurant, if you were sitting you could take your mask off, and COVID could only get the waiter who was standing and had to wear the mask.”

“Masks don’t work, at all.”

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This doctor warned about Fauci 20 years ago. Will we listen before it’s too late?

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Blaze News managing editor Leon Wolf, who’s usually behind the scenes, found himself on “The Glenn Beck Program” this morning.

This rare occurrence is due to an even rarer occurrence when Dr. Richard Ebright — a molecular biologist who’s long avoided the public eye, preferring to speak mostly in esoteric circles — agreed to an interview with Wolf.

His conversation with Dr. Ebright is laid out in detail in his latest article “Lab wars: Inside one Democrat's 20-year crusade to save the world from Anthony Fauci — Part 1: 2001-2014.” Wolf appeared on Glenn’s program to talk about this article.

This Doctor Warned About Fauci 20 Years Ago. Will We Listen Before It’s Too Late?

“There's been a lot of discussion about gain-of-function research, and I wanted to get an understanding,” says Wolf.

For those unfamiliar with the term, gain-of-function research is the practice of tampering with organisms (i.e. viruses) to alter their biological function (i.e. increase virulence, transmissibility, etc.).

The deeper Wolf dove into the research — including reports dating all the way back to 2001 — “there was one name that continued to pop up over and over and over again.”

“His name is Dr. Richard Ebright,” and it turns out he’s been warning people about Anthony Fauci “for two decades.”

After 9/11, as the fear of bioweapons mounted, Anthony Fauci began touting gain-of-function research, claiming that it would make us safer. Dr. Ebright, however, claimed the opposite — that it would be our demise.

“Ebright’s position, which I think has been vindicated, is that the more biological agents that you put in the hands of researchers, the more dangerous — and not less dangerous — it would make it because historically (and this is true), most biological attacks have not been carried out by terrorists; they've been carried out by people who are researchers,” says Wolf, noting that Ebright also correctly predicted that an “authorized government researcher” was responsible for the 2001 Anthrax outbreak.

Fast forward to 2020, and Ebright’s prediction that Fauci’s obsession with gain-of-function research would culminate into a catastrophe of epic proportions came true.

And yet during the pandemic, “Fauci [convinced] the world that he's somehow the good guy in all this,” says Wolf.

However, four years have passed since COVID swept the globe, and skepticism regarding the virus’ origins are at an all-time high.

Perhaps the world is finally ready to hear Dr. Ebright.

To learn more about Fauci’s role in the COVID-19 pandemic, check out “The Coverup,” BlazeTV’s new docuseries that deep dives into the origins of COVID-19, as well as the collusion between the government, the media, academics, and public health bureaucrats to ensure the narrative surrounding the virus remained untouchable.

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Fauci cries while testifying before the House; feels ‘terrible’

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To no one’s surprise, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s recent testimony was full of what some might call nonsense. However, it was also full of tears.

“Dr. Fauci, can you please share with us the nature of the threats you have received since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic?” he was asked.

“Yes, there have been everything from harassments by emails, texts, letters of myself, my wife, my three daughters,” Fauci responded.

“There have been credible death threats leading to the arrests of two individuals and credible death threats mean someone who clearly was on their way to kill me,” he continued, adding, “and it’s required my having protective services essentially all the time.”

“It is very troublesome to me, it is much more troublesome because they’ve involved my wife and my three daughters,” he said.

At this point, he’s asked how these moments make him “feel.”

Water begins to well up in his eyes, and his face wrinkles.

“Terrible,” he answers in a choked voice, telling the House that he gets threats “every time someone gets up and says I’m responsible for the death of people throughout the world.”

Megyn Kelly and Dave Rubin cannot believe it.

“Well, you are,” Kelly says, annoyed. “No one feels sorry for you.”

“Megyn, have you ever received a mean email or a mean text?” Rubin asks.

“You want to see my death threats? Let’s go over the past ten years,” Kelly laughs.

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Biden ‘gaslights’ American people; issues executive order that will NOT close the border

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Joe Biden has just issued an executive order to “temporarily prevent migrants from seeking asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border.”

While most of the media is acting as though Biden is actually closing the border, Sara Gonzales sees right through it.

“If you have the ability to close the border then close the freaking border now, we don’t need to wait until we have a seven day average of daily crossings that hits 2,500. We don’t need to wait for that,” Gonzales says.

“But Joe Biden says, ‘No, no, no, that’s fine, I will abuse my authority and I will just issue an executive border to only activate closing the border when we hit that 2,500 mark, and then the border would reopen when crossings stay below a daily average of 1,500 for seven consecutive days,’” she adds.

“It’s almost as if they don’t actually want a solution at all,” Eric July agrees. “This is why you got this kind of cat and mouse game going on.”

Gonzales calls what they’re doing “gaslighting,” before listening to what Biden had to say regarding his executive order.

“I’ve come here today to do what the Republicans in Congress refuse to do: take the necessary steps to secure our border. Four months ago, after weeks of intense negotiation between my staff and Democrats and Republicans, we came to a clear, clear bipartisan deal,” Biden said.

“It was the strongest border security agreement in decades, but then Republicans in Congress, not all, but walked away from it. Why? Because Donald Trump told them to. He told the Republicans, which has been published widely by many of you, that he didn’t want to fix the issue, he wanted to use it to attack me.”

“It was a cynical, an extremely cynical political move and a complete disservice to the American people who are looking for us to not weaponize the border but to fix it,” he concluded.

Gonzales can’t believe what she’s hearing.

“Joe Biden, the man who has done nothing for nearly four years at the border, and not only done nothing but actually reversed all of the policies that Trump had that were working.”

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In Orwellian commencement address, Fauci calls for pushback against 'untruth' while ignoring his own lies

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Dr. Anthony Fauci came out of hiding to give the commencement speech for this year's Columbia University graduates, and it was so dystopian, it sounded as if it were ripped straight from the pages of Orwell’s "1984."

“Differences of opinion or ideology have in certain circumstances been reflected by egregious distortions of reality,” Fauci told the students.

“Sadly, elements of our society are driven by a cacophony of falsehoods, lies, and conspiracy theories that get repeated often enough that after a while, they stand largely unchallenged, ominously leading to an insidious acceptance of what I call ‘the normalization of untruth,’” he continued.

“Wouldn’t that sort of be like if you get the vaccine you will not get nor transmit COVID? Would it be a lie to say that six-foot social distancing was a complete lie? It was. There was no evidence that masks worked — like everything this man has pushed,” Dave Rubin, host of "The Rubin Report," says.

Fauci went on to blame news organizations and social media and claimed that it’s relevant to those in science and medical professions because “our very identity is anchored in data, evidence, and critical thinking.”

“And we as much or more than anyone else need to push back on these distortions of truth and reality,” Fauci concluded, echoing the Orwellian idea that only the official line of “truth” should be allowed in the public sphere.

“Everything he just accused all of us of is the stuff that he and his cadre of lunatics have been doing,” Rubin concluded.

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Rand Paul claims '15 US agencies' knew about Wuhan’s development of COVID-19 and did NOTHING

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Apparently, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) did a little digging into the COVID-19 pandemic and what he found was that “15 U.S. agencies knew full well that the Wuhan lab was trying to create a virus like COVID-19 in 2018, and they did nothing,” reports Pat Gray.

“If that’s true — and certainly it is — somebody’s head needs to roll, somebody needs to go to prison over this,” he tells Jeffy, adding that “that someone is Anthony Fauci.”

“How many millions of people died because nobody said anything, nobody did anything about it?” Pat asks.

Of course, the left is “trying to blame those deaths on Donald Trump because he didn’t act supposedly the way they wanted him to,” and yet “these people did nothing” even though “they knew about [the virus’ development] the whole time.”

“These officials, according to Rand Paul, knew that the Chinese lab was proposing to create a COVID-19 like virus, and not one of them revealed that scheme to the public,” reads Pat. “In fact, 15 agencies with the knowledge of that project have continuously refused to release any information concerning this alarming and dangerous research.”

Further, “Government officials representing at least 15 federal agencies were briefed on a project proposed by Peter Daszak — Ecohealth Alliance head and the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” which “proposed to insert furin cleavage sites into a coronavirus to create a novel chimeric virus that would’ve been shockingly similar to the COVID-19 virus.”

“All technical stuff aside,” says Pat, “they knew about it, they did nothing, and nothing is going to happen to anyone — and we all know it.”

To learn more about Fauci’s likely role in the scandal, watch the clip below.

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