This Dr. Phil warning should make everyone’s ears perk up

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Most agree that technology has harmed society in more ways than one. However, many of those same people are probably unaware of just how severe the damage is.

Dave Rubin invites Dr. Phil on the show to discuss what the statistics tell us about our hyper-digital world. And it’s not a pretty picture.

“Look, I'm glad there's technology, but we’ve got to start using it rather than abusing it,” says Dr. Phil.

False information on the Internet, AI and deep fakes, cyberbullying, and sextortion (although those are certainly not the extent of the issues) have left society, especially the younger generations, in shambles.

It led to an epidemic that's calling our very souls into question.

“When I say the soul of America, I'm talking about the real core of what defines this country — the core values that we don't think about every day but that are at the center of what defines America — the morality, the north star that drives us in the direction that we've been driven for 250 years,” he explains.

“I saw a study the other day that said most young people … have less than one good friend. They’ve got tens of thousands of likes and clicks and followers, but they have less than one good friend on average, and that's what I mean by the soul of America. What's made us a great, shining example on the hill that everybody wants to come be part of is eroding because we're not interacting anymore; we're not embracing those values anymore.”

To hear more of Dr. Phil’s take on “the soul of America” and what he calls “the tyranny of the fringe,” watch the clip below.

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