After explosive Hur report, is mainstream media turning its back on Biden?

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In a shocking twist, the mainstream media seems to be turning on Joe Biden following Robert Hur’s bombshell report on Biden’s handling of confidential documents.

While Vice President Harris and Biden’s allies have been in full damage control, the report described Biden as a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory” who was not fit to stand trial — and it’s almost impossible to spin.

“This president has been deemed unfit to stand trial, but he’s fine as president,” Keith Malinak comments, disturbed.

“Serving as president, that’s not as important as standing trial,” Pat Gray jokes.

Even media personnel at ABC are having a hard time ignoring the report and the president’s reaction, saying he was “seething” and his “anger was palpable.”

But they weren’t the only ones.

CNN, NBC, and CBS all were shocked at Biden’s angry reaction toward reporters during the press conference that followed the release of Robert Hur’s report.

“This is not a new problem for the White House and for the Biden campaign. There have been long-standing, mounting questions about his age and mental sharpness, and so this only adds to those concerns, and that is why you are seeing so much damage control,” Weijia Jiang reported on CBS.

“This could do real political damage,” she added.

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