Steve Deace explains the new religion behind Bud Light and Dylan Mulvaney

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Why do brands like Bud Light make marketing decisions — like promoting transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney — that will lose customers and money?

While it may seem like a mystery, Steve Deace has some answers.

He says people “still believe there’s this neutral mechanism in our culture called ‘the marketplace’ where eventually these things get sifted and filtered, right? And the people decide if they want this or they want that or they don’t want that and they do want this, right?”

He continues, “I don’t think that’s true any more.”

As worship of God wanes, a new religion has begun to take its place. Deace believes that this is why brands like Bud Light are completely ignoring the desires of their target demographics.

He says, “The idea that it will just be a religionless society — oh no, it will not. There will be another religion. Another religion will emerge to take the place of the one that vacated said space. Nature abhors a vacuum. Something will emerge to take that place.”

And according to Deace, the left’s new religion of wokeness is a tight-knit one.

“They have built a fellowship. May I say a church? They have each other’s backs. They go to the end. This is where the real religious commitment and conviction exists in America.”

“America is not devoid of real religious commitment and conviction. It is replete with the wrong religious commitment and conviction.”

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