Pat Gray: Canada is not a free country any more

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The Ontario Legislative Assembly in Canada has introduced a new bill that would create “2SLGBTQI+ Community Safe Zones” — which, when translated, means that any “offensive remarks” about individuals who identify as LGBTQ could lead to a fine of $25,000.

Pat Gray, BlazeTV host of "Pat Gray Unleashed," says they’re “creating a no-free-speech zone.”

A drag queen takes to the podium in a video of the bill introduction to say, “Drag is all about spreading love and acceptance and allows people to feel empowered and special. Drag artists and trans people have an inherent right to live freely and authentically in their truth.”

Gray responds, “People are protesting you doing this to children. I don’t give a rat's anus whether you do it among adults or not.”

He continues, “That’s great! Knock yourself out. Don’t do it to our children.”

Gray is referring to the new trend of drag shows and drag queen story hours that are specifically put on for children.

Gray says, “There’s never been a problem, until recently, when they started trying to affect our children.”

“And then it started, not just the drag time story hour, but they were performing in front of children. Tiny little children. In their faces. Grinding sexually. And that is what we can’t allow. Other than that, I don’t care.”

“Canada is gone,” he says. “I mean, Canada is not a free country any more.”

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VIRAL Dylan Mulvaney and Drew Barrymore Clip Shows EXACTLY What's Wrong in Our Culture

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Just when it seems like the left can’t be anymore cringeworthy, embarrassing, and absolutely delusional, they show us just how much worse it can get.

Dylan Mulvaney, the man who skyrocketed to stardom for posting TikToks of his journey to “girlhood” recently underwent facial feminization surgery, and his new face has earned him additional worship from the left. Literally.

In a creepy appearance on Drew Barrymore’s show, the two give a vomit-inducing performance that ends with Barrymore on her knees, staring up dreamily at the self-proclaimed “girl.”

Sara Gonzales rips into him and his latest performative appearance on "The News & Why It Matters," calling him a “mentally ill man who dresses up like a female and calls vaginas Barbie pouches.”

She continues, “He went on the Drew Barrymore show to talk all things trans, and it just somehow kept getting worse.”

The clip from the show starts with Barrymore asking Mulvaney how he deals with the negativity.

He responds, “I still read the comments, but there’s so much hatred directed to the trans community right now, it's everywhere, and I think the greatest weapon that I can contribute is trans joy and comedy and talking about hard subjects and really intricate moments of a transition and try to let everybody in to see that, you know, I’m not a monster.”

Gonzales interjects, “Speaking of things you’re not.”

The pair continue salivating over each other. Drew even gets out of her chair and falls to her knees in front of Mulvaney, where he tells her he can’t imagine anyone disliking her. She responds, “Do you want to know ironically who dislikes me the most sometimes? Myself.”

They awkwardly hug while she remains on her knees, and it might be the worst moment on television we’ve seen in a long time.

Gonzales says she would “be very happy to sacrifice [her] own vote in order to get rid of all the crazy liberal white women’s votes,” like Drew's.

She continues, “Get off the floor, Drew, your goofy ass is embarrassing the rest of us. Welcome to the program, to members of the great patriarchy that we are here to serve.”

According to the left, fighting the patriarchy is best done while worshiping men who dress up as women.

Make it make sense, because we can’t.

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