Virginia Democrats Attack Hindu Immigrant For Supporting The ‘Remarkable’ U.S. Constitution

They falsely claimed the Virginia Board of Education’s revised standards that Suparna Dutta helped draft would 'whitewash' education.

The Sex-Ed Industrial Complex Revolves Around Planned Parenthood And Is Fueled By Your Tax Dollars

Planned Parenthood carefully controls and coordinates the entire policymaking process to promote its goal of sexual revolution.

‘Hillsdale Of The South’: DeSantis Appointees Are Restoring Florida’s Public Liberal Arts College To Classical Roots

After Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced last week he was appointing six new members to the New College of Florida’s Board of Trustees, leftists have gone berserk. The small liberal arts school in Sarasota, Florida, is regarded as the most left-leaning college in the state. Functioning as Florida’s honors college, it has just slightly more […]

Here’s The Real Story Behind The School Choice Debate In ‘Abbott Elementary’

ABC's popular sitcom 'Abbott Elementary' suggests that public schools are the scrappy underdogs in the school choice debate — but that's not quite true.
Ayman Haykal/Getty Images

Jake Tapper doesn’t want to play the ‘blame game’ on COVID school closures, but midterm voters do

Despite the willful ignorance of Jake Tapper, the public knows who’s to blame for the appalling state of America’s education system.

Canada’s Legalization Of Public Sex Displays Is Coming To A School Near You

When legislators amended Ontario’s Human Rights Code to include gender identity, they unknowingly wrote grotesque sex displays into law.

Shoehorning Tax-Exempt Status Into Title IX Threatens Nonprofits That Won’t Pretend Boys Are Girls

Recent rulings in federal court could force nonprofits and religious organizations to lie about the sexes.