Court: No Evidence Georgia’s Election-Integrity Law Discriminates Against Black Voters

A federal court struck down Dems' request for a preliminary injunction to block provisions of Georgia's election-integrity law.

Federal Court Smacks Down Democrats’ Challenge To Florida Election Integrity Law

A full federal appeals court declined to take up Democrats' challenge of Florida's 2021 election integrity law on Thursday.

North Carolina Republicans Hijack Their Own Election Integrity Bill To Eliminate Closed Primaries

N.C. Republicans passed an elections bill, but added a provision barring parties from closing their primary elections to unaffiliated voters.

Local Kentucky Leader Demands Woke Coca-Cola Withdraw From County Buildings: ‘Your Product Is No Longer Welcome Here’

Judge-Executive David Voegele in Oldham County, Kentucky, wrote a letter calling out Coca-Cola for malfeasance and demanded the removal of its products.