Biden’s Frail D-Day Appearance Raises New Cognitive Concerns

President Joe Biden's appearance at the 80th D-Day commemoration has raised concerns about his presence on the global stage.

Babies By Any Means Necessary Won’t Fix The West’s Fertility Woes

IVF is far from a foolproof way to ensure higher birth rates. The one thing it nearly always guarantees is the commodification of human life.

FACT CHECK: Image Claims To Show Magazine Cover Of Emmanuel Macron Throwing Frogs From Helicopters

An image shared on Facebook claims to show a Titanic Magazine cover of French President Emmanuel Macron throwing frogs from a helicopter. Verdict: False The image does not show a genuine cover from Titanic. It is fake, according to multiple reports. Fact Check: Macron, along with the Egyptian president and King of Jordan, called for a ceasefire […]

FACT CHECK: No Evidence Emmanuel Macron Made Comment About England Removing Scotland From The European Union

The purported quote attributed to Macron circulated on Facebook in March 2024

FACT CHECK: Does This Video Show Emmanuel Macron Dancing In A Wig?

A post shared on social media purportedly shows footage of French President Emmanuel Macron in the 1990s dancing in a wig. Macron before the beginning of political life! 1998, dancing at the disco with a wig — AN (@FunFact75878288) March 16, 2024 Verdict: False The claim is inaccurate. Fact Check: France’s First Lady Brigitte Macron […]

FACT CHECK: Viral Video Purporting To Show France24 Report About Alleged Macron Assassination Attempt Is A Deepfake

France24 indicated the video is a 'deepfake' in a post shared on their website