Ohio Moves To Clean Voter Rolls After Finding 137 Foreigners Registered To Vote

Ohio is taking additional measures to ensure noncitizens aren't voting in elections, the state's leading election official announced Tuesday.

Pressure Grows For Ohio Speaker To Advance Bill Keeping Foreign Cash Out Of Elections

Election integrity groups are demanding Ohio's House speaker advance legislation prohibiting foreign money in state ballot measure campaigns.

Could Democrat Hubris And Incompetence Cost Biden Ballot Access In These States?

Joe Biden is at risk of losing ballot access in Alabama and Ohio due to a scheduling error by the Democratic National Committee.

Trump-Backed Candidate Wins Ohio Senate Primary To Take On Vulnerable Dem Senator

Republican businessman Bernie Moreno won the Ohio Senate primary Tuesday

Sherrod Brown Losing Ground Against Republican Challengers: POLL

The poll found Moreno leading the Republican field with 22% support

Court Throws Out Challenge To Ohio’s Voter ID Law: No Evidence It ‘Burdens’ Voters

A federal judge ruled that Democrat-backed groups provided no evidence that the voter ID law places an undue 'burden' on Ohioans.

Ohio Launches Insterstate Pacts To Replace Leftist Voter-Roll ‘Management’ Group ERIC

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose announced on Thursday his office has finalized agreements with three states to exchange voter data.