BlazeTV host reacts to watching 47-minute video of Oct. 7 Hamas attacks: 'I am changed as a human being'

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Dave Rubin is in Israel this week interviewing citizens and learning the truth about what the country is going through — the tragic reality our mainstream media loves to sugarcoat and ignore.

Today, he was shown a 47-minute reel of raw footage of Hamas’ October 7 attacks.

But those 47 minutes were enough to make the entire day “extremely emotional.”

“Beheadings by hand with knives, throwing grenades into bomb shelters with children in them, burning people alive — it’s just beyond imagination,” he says, adding, “I feel changed, actually, as a human being after watching it.”

He then headed north toward the Lebanon-Israel border.

For those who don’t know, “Lebanon, in many ways, is a failed state that's now controlled by Hezbollah, which is really just an arm of Iran,” says Dave, “and they have something like 200,000 rockets facing Israel right now, and they’re shooting rockets in constantly.”

Because of these attacks, “80,000 Israelis have been evacuated from this part of the country” and are now “living more in the middle of the country.”

“Interestingly, as horrific as everything was on October 7 with Hamas, down south, everyone is saying the real war is the ... upcoming war with Hezbollah,” says Dave.

Something else people might not know is that “there's about 2 million Muslims that live in Israel as citizens, and they're helping right now. They are not violently revolting, they don't want to leave.”

“There's just so many misconceptions,” says Dave.

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