People are blaming Russia for 'Havana Syndrome,' but do the accusations have merit?

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A new investigation released this week suggests that an elite Russian military unit is behind the so-called Havana Syndrome attacks on U.S. officials over the last few years.

The attacks consist of a range of neurological symptoms that include intense headaches, loss of balance, memory problems, and numerous hearing issues.

In a segment on “60 Minutes,” ex-government investigator Ed Greene claims to have run the investigation for the Defense Intelligence Agency.

“We were collecting a large body of data ranging from signals intelligence, human intelligence, open-source reporting — anything regarding internet, travel records, financial records — you name it. Unfortunately, I can’t get into specifics based on the classification, but I can tell you at a very early stage, I started to focus on Moscow,” Greene told "60 Minutes."

Greene then said the officers affected were “being neutralized.”

While the story is compelling, Glenn Beck isn’t buying it 100%, as not too long ago, it was reported that it was unlikely a foreign actor was at fault.

“One would have to ask the government, were you lying then or are you lying now? Is it that these are just people within these investigations who are disagreeing with the final conclusion of the government report?” Glenn says.

Another question Glenn has is why the supposed weapon isn’t being used against Zelenskyy and Ukraine.

“Is it perhaps because the House is set to vote on both the massive seizing of Russian assets and the infusion of cash for the war in Ukraine?” Glenn asks, noting that many people involved in the story have been very vocally anti-Trump and pro-Hunter Biden.

“It doesn’t make sense to me,” he says, adding, “what does make sense is that you’re being set up and lied to cause you were either being lied to last year or you’re being lied to now.”

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