A Woman Frantically Cutting Off Her Own Breasts Proves We Need Less ‘Gender Affirmation,’ Not More

The 18-year-old girl's case has been widely reported as evidence of a larger system that discriminates against transgender-identifying people.

Study finds microplastics in every single human and canine testicle: 'The plastic makes a difference'

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A peer-reviewed study published last week in the official journal of the Society of Toxicology indicated that human and canine testicles are teeming with microplastics. This may help account for the precipitous global decline in male fertility.

Awash in microplastics

Nature Medicine noted in an editorial last month that the "world is awash" with over 6 billion tons of plastic.

'MNPs are found everywhere on the planet, including the oceans, air, and food supply.'

Roughly 353 million tons of plastic waste were produced in 2019 alone. Nature Medicine indicated that's particularly bad news since plastics contain over 10,000 chemicals, including endocrine disruptors and cancer-causing carcinogens, and can easily steal into the human body.

Plastics find their way into the human body in the form of tiny particles called microplastics (less than 5 mm in diameter) and nanoplastics (less than 1 μm in diameter). Microplastics and nanoplastics (MNPs) can arise from a variety of sources, including by design, as in the case of microbeads used in cosmetic and personal care products, or inadvertently, as the result of degradation of larger plastic products, such as through the laundering of synthetic clothes or abrasion of tires. MNPs are found everywhere on the planet, including the oceans, air and food supply.

Blaze News previously detailed the findings of an Australian June 2023 study that suggested humans might be inhaling roughly 16.2 bits of plastic every hour — enough to make a credit card per week. These credit cards can prove costly.

According to the scientific journal, microplastics have been shown in rodent studies to adversely impact various organs, including the intestine, lungs, and liver along with the reproductive and nervous systems.

In terms of their impact on human beings — where they have been found polluting various organs along with placenta and breast milk — researchers have identified links between microplastics and various health conditions, including cardiovascular disease and inflammatory bowel disease.

It appears scientists may have come across yet another troubling link.

Devaluing the family jewels

Blaze News previously reported that sperm counts have been trending downward in men on every continent since at least 1973.

A 2022 peer-reviewed study published in the journal Human Reproduction Update confirmed a trend detailed by the same researchers years earlier in a groundbreaking meta-analysis. The researchers indicated that "this world-wide decline is continuing in the 21st century at an accelerated pace."

The study, led by Dr. Hagai Levine of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Dr. Shanna Swan of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, revealed that the trend was "driven by a 50%-60% decline among men" in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

After combining the findings from over 250 other studies and increasing their sample size — so as to include men not already worried about their fertility — the researchers determined that between 1973 and 2018, sperm counts "declined appreciably," not just in Western men but in 53 countries across the world.

The sperm count decline has "become steeper since 2000," dropping by 1.4% per year and by 62.3% overall.

Declining sperm counts have been attributed to various factors, including chlormequat chloride, an agricultural chemical found in oat-based foods; mobile phone radiation exposure; and certain vaccines.

Microplastics are evidently another contender.

Plastic baggage

Researchers at the University of New Mexico recently studied 47 canine and 23 human testes. Every single testicle contained microplastics, polyethylene — used to make plastic bags and bottles — being the most prevalent.

'When I first received the results for dogs I was surprised. I was even more surprised when I received the results for humans.'

According to the University of New Mexico, the researchers chemically treated the testicle samples to dissolve the fat and proteins. They then spun each sample in an "ultracentrifuge, leaving a nugget of plastic at the bottom of a tube. Then, heated the plastic pellet in a metal cup to 600 degrees Celsius. They used a mass spectrometer to analyze gas emissions as different types of plastic burned at specific temperatures."

They found that the average concentration of microplastics in testicular tissue were 122.63 micrograms per gram in dogs and 328.44 micrograms per gram in humans.

"At the beginning, I doubted whether microplastics could penetrate the reproductive system," said Dr. Xiaozhong Yu, head of the research team. "When I first received the results for dogs I was surprised. I was even more surprised when I received the results for humans."

Matthew Campen, one of the authors of the study, told NPR the tiny particles are "shard-like, stabby bits."

The human testicles, which the Guardian reported were taken from the corpses of men between the ages of 16 and 88, had been chemically preserved such that their sperm count could not be measured. Researchers were, however, able to assess whether higher plastic contamination in the dog's testes corresponded with lower sperm counts.

Researcers found that high levels of PVC — the second-most prevalent polymer in dogs — correlated with a lower sperm count.

"The plastic makes a difference — what type of plastic might be correlated with potential function," said Yu. "PVC can release a lot of chemicals that interfere with spermatogenesis, and it contains chemicals that cause endocrine disruption."

The research team examined canine testicles in particular because "compared to rats and other animals, dogs are cloer to humans," said Yu. "We believe dogs and humans share common environmental factors that contribute to their decline.

"We don't want to scare people," continued Yu. "We want to scientifically provide the data and make people aware there are a lot of microplastics. We can make our own choices to better avoid exposures, change our lifestyle and change our behavior."

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Medicare Bureaucrat Denies Test To Transplant Recipients Despite Doctors’ Advice

This bureaucrat’s denial is the latest signal of how the left will use rationing tactics to deny patients costly care.

Woke medicine KILLS: 10 examples of how DEI is creating the next public health crisis

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://www.theblaze.com/media-library/image.png?id=52045897&width=1245&height=700&coordinates=0,0,0,0 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//www.theblaze.com/media-library/image.png%3Fid%3D52045897%26width%3D1245%26height%3D700%26coordinates%3D0%2C0%2C0%2C0%22%7D" expand=1]

The left’s woke agenda is chock-full of phony public health crises – racism, climate change, inaccessible “gender-affirming care.”

But there’s a real public health crisis on the horizon, and it goes by the name of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

DEI, which Glenn Beck calls “a sick cancer,” has “infiltrated our medical schools, our doctors, and our health care,” and the results will be nothing short of devastating.

“Do No Harm” – an organization founded on the principle of “protecting health care from the disastrous consequences of identity politics” – has revealed that “23 of America's top 25 medical schools now have anti-racism instruction as the core part of their curriculum.” And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are ten examples (although there are countless more) of how DEI is a festering blight on the medical field:

1. First-year medical students at UCLA were required to attend a lecture as part of their “mandatory course on structural racism.” The guest speaker who delivered the speech prayed to “Mama Earth” while she had students “get on their hands and knees” before “she led the students in chanting ‘free, free Palestine,”’ according to the Washington Free Beacon.

2. In February of this year, a man named Dante King – “a guest faculty member of the University of California at San Francisco School of Medicine” – “delivered a lecture titled, ‘Diagnosing Whiteness and Anti-Blackness: White Psychopathology, Collective Psychosis, and Trauma in America.”’ Here’s just one quote from King’s lecture:

The historical record has well documented white people's narcissistic personality disorder and insecurities, along with their internalized distortions, fear, and perversions about African people. In their relationship with the black race, whites are psychopaths, and their behavior represents an underlying biologically transmitted proclivity with roots deep in their evolutionary history. How many of you could see the proclivity that evolved deep within the evolutionary history of whiteness by show of hands? ... Some people are sitting here, "Oh no I don't want to raise my hand" – that's called denial.

3. “Top-ranked Harvard Medical School has activist courses like ‘Social Change and the Practice of Medicine,’” in which “they’re teaching aspiring doctors how to be important advocates for social change.”

4. At George Washington University School of Medicine, students enroll in courses titled:

  • “‘How to Talk Race, Power, and Privilege in Classroom and Clinical Settings”
  • “Moving Beyond Bystanding … to Disrupting Racism”
  • “Beyond the Binary: Navigating Pregnancy and Affirming Care for People with Diverse Gender Identities”
  • “Confronting U.S. History: We Must End Racism to End Health Disparities”

5. At the Indiana University School of Medicine, “first-year students in basic anatomy classes are taught that gender is a social construct, that sex and gender fall along a continuum rather than being a binary,” and that “man and woman gender types [are] oversimplifications.”

6. Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, New York, established a “diversity task force” that produced a lengthy report demanding that “health care professionals explicitly acknowledge that race and racism are the root of all these health disparities” and that students be trained in “bystander intervention for bias.”

7. Medical students at the University of Minnesota are required to take an oath pledging to “honor all indigenous ways of healing that have been historically marginalized by Western medicine” and fight “white supremacy, colonialism, [and] the gender binary.”

8. In 2022, the president of the American Association of Medical Colleges, David J. Skorton, said: “We believe this topic [diversity, equity, and inclusion] deserves just as much attention from learners and educators at every stage of their careers as the latest scientific breakthroughs. The AAMC, which “forms the accrediting body for U.S. medical schools in the U.S.,” also released a DEI competencies report in 2022 making clear that the institution’s “unquestioning devotion to DEI” would “govern admission standards in medical schools.” The organization even went as far as “[discouraging] schools from using the MCAT admissions test as a way to select medical students,” leading to “dozens of schools [making] the MCAT optional.”

9. The University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League school, “[guarantees] admission, with no MCAT required, for black students who meet GPA and internship requirements.” These students also “get a 50% discount on tuition.”

10. The majority of medical school applications now “have DEI questions,” including questions regarding “dedication to DEI” and “DEI-related activism,” as part of the screening process. Further, the MCAT itself has been altered to “create more equity in admissions.” “One-quarter of the questions are now about social issues and psychology.” Even the United States Medical Licensure Examination, which allows medical school graduates to practice medicine, has been adapted to be “a pass/fail exam.”

“The one-step exam is usually the biggest decider in selecting applicants for residency in programs, but now numbered scores are not allowed because lower average scores are keeping minorities from getting into competitive residencies,” says Glenn.

While that concludes our ten examples, this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of how the malignant cancer that is DEI is infecting the medical industry.

For a deeper dive into the subject, watch Glenn’s Wednesday Night Special below.

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Bill Maher warns Americans 'extreme wokeness' will result in adopting Canada's progressive immigration, economic problems

Bill Maher warns Americans 'extreme wokeness' will result in adopting Canada's progressive immigration, economic problems

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://www.theblaze.com/media-library/bill-maher-warns-americans-extreme-wokeness-will-result-in-adopting-canada-s-progressive-immigration-economic-problems.jpg?id=52004113&width=1245&height=700&coordinates=0,0,268,0 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//www.theblaze.com/media-library/bill-maher-warns-americans-extreme-wokeness-will-result-in-adopting-canada-s-progressive-immigration-economic-problems.jpg%3Fid%3D52004113%26width%3D1245%26height%3D700%26coordinates%3D0%2C0%2C268%2C0%22%7D" expand=1]

Bill Maher warned his audience that delving too far into "extreme wokeness" will result in Americans facing the same problems that progressive nations have run into.

Maher explained on "Real Time with Bill Maher" that along with woke ideology and legislation comes a whole host of problems and said that the United States is creeping closer to having the same issues as Canada.

Maher pointed to Canada's unemployment rate of 6.1%, as opposed to the United States' 3.8%.

He also noted that Canada has 14 of the top North American cities with the worst air pollution, while the U.S. has just one.

"Canada was where all the treasured goals of liberalism worked perfectly," Maher sarcastically explained.

"It was like NPR come to life but with poutine. Canada was the Statue of Liberty with a low-maintenance haircut and cross-country skis. A giant idealized blue state with single-payer health care, gun control, and abortion on polite demand. Canada was where every woke white college kid wearing pajama pants outdoors who'd had it up to here with America's racist patriarchy dreamed of living someday," he added.

In terms of immigration, the comedian warned that Canada added 1.3 million immigrants in 2023, the equivalent of 11 million in the United States for a single calendar year.

This has resulted in a "housing crisis even worse than ours."

Maher cited a Fraser Institute study that showed median value of a home in the United States is around $346,000 USD. The price of a house in Canada is $487,540 USD.

Bill Maher Destroys Liberal Myths About Canada: It's a 'Cautionary Tale' to America of 'Extreme Wokeness'\n\n"There's only one problem with thinking everything's better in Canada: It's not anymore."\n\n"Last year, Canada added 1.3 million people, which is a lot in one year, the\u2026
— (@)

Another comparable statistic the late-night host pointed to was Canada having the highest household debt as a share of the GDP.
He also stated that Canada's health care is the worst among high-income countries and ranked last in the ability to get a same-day or next-day appointment. This, despite the country being the "highest spender on health care as a share of its economy (13.3%)."

The problems in the Great White North culminated for Maher in the woke acceptance of the teacher known as Kayla Lemieux, the alleged transgender-identifying male adult who wore gigantic, prosthetic fake breasts while teaching children.

"This is why people vote for Trump. They say in politics liberals are the gas pedal and conservatives are the brakes," Maher theorized. "I'm generally with the gas pedal, but not if we're driving off a cliff," he added.

Maher touched on transgender surgeries and hormones for children and stated that the U.S. was now an "outlier" on the issue since the U.K. and most European countries that progressives point to for their policies have changed their positions.

"The far left always like to use 'well, Europe does it.' Yeah, no that doesn't work on this one any more, or on immigration," the comedian warned. "Calling it racist doesn't solve the problem; it hands future elections to someone who will solve the problem and who I promise you're not going to like."

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Leftists Who Insisted Covid Health Care Was ‘Racist’ Test Positive For Confirmation Bias

The view that systemic racism contributed to Covid-19 misery continues to hold sway in medical articles today — but it's false.

Doctors Sick Of America’s Broken Health Care System Found A Better Way To Treat Patients

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