SHOCKING: Doctor exposes the truth about breast implants — 'a flood of chemicals'

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How can we use natural remedies to allow God’s healing to work in our lives? Dr. Josh Axe recently joined “Relatable” to answer that question. On the program, Dr. Axe discusses everything from breast implant illness to red light therapy.

Dr. Axe starts with an explanation of the difference between functional and conventional medicine using an example of a patient with high blood pressure. While conventional medicine would prescribe a statin to lower blood pressure, functional medicine would look to address the root cause of the elevated blood pressure through diet, supplement, and lifestyle modifications.

When asked about breast implant illness, Dr. Axe begins by explaining what implants actually are:

“Let's start off with what you're putting in your body. You're putting in silicone, which is sort of a mixture between rubber-meets-plastic. It’s fossil fuels or certain chemicals there that make up an implant.”

He goes on to describe how chemicals from the implant leech into women’s bodies:

“If there's a rupture, I mean, there's a tremendous — it's like a flood of chemicals being released in your system, and there was a recent study that came out ... showing that [having breast implants] increases your risk of autoimmune disease by six to eight times.”

Dr. Axe says this could result in rashes, joint pain, hormonal changes, hair thinning, and more. According to him, when women have had their implants removed, about 75% of the time, all of their symptoms resolve within one year of the removal.

Dr. Axe also highlights how much stress can impact fertility and health overall:

“One thing a lot of people I don't think realize is that different emotions affect different organ systems. So we know for instance, high blood pressure is really tied more to anxiousness, and so if you get anxious, your blood pressure will start to rise ... that affects the adrenals. Your body starts producing more cortisol and stress hormones.”

“I had a patient once who ... got a divorce and just was grieving about it for years, and then and then she developed autoimmune disease.”

In the full episode linked below, Dr. Axe also discusses how to heal hypothyroidism, detoxing from birth control, and gives general diet and supplement advice for natural healing. Notably, he also emphasizes the necessity of faith in the healing process:

“I'm not trying to be the healer ... God's the healer. I'm not trying to be that person for you, versus, there's a lot of doctors with a God complex out there. It’s pretty prevalent.”

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