Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts For Every Phase Of Momhood

Here are a few Mother's Day gift ideas to inspire you. She changed your diapers, after all!

Why Gen Z Is Ditching The Girlboss For The Tradwife

For women who have observed the unhappy zero-sum battle of the sexes, many feel that the modern world, for all its promises, has failed them.

What Women Can Learn From Jackie Kennedy, The Model American Homemaker

In an era starved for real culture and beauty, Jackie forges a path of feminine influencing beyond just baking and sewing.

Make Home Life Private Again

The sacred nature of what we do compels us to privatize our lives, because only then can we be fully invested in making the most of them.
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Biden administration claims full-time mothers hurt the economy

The Biden administration claims it is bad for women to care for their families because that damages GDP growth. Know what damages GDP growth? Motherless kids.

Don’t Let Instagram Or HGTV Distort Your Picture Of A Life-Filled Home

Served up gorgeous images in magazines, on HGTV, and on Instagram, we can be caught in the trap of turning our houses into personal brands rather than into family-building homes.

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