170 crimes Hunter Biden SHOULD be on trial for

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Hunter Biden is in court for allegedly lying on a federal form to purchase a gun in 2018 — and he should be on trial for a lot more.

“These federal level crimes again are a part of the government and media’s misdirection. They would love us to zoom in and just look at that,” Glenn Beck explains, noting that there are a whopping 170 crimes Hunter is implicated in.

On October 27, 2016, Hunter was under the influence of crack when he crashed his car in Arizona on his way to rehab. Hunter then dropped off his second car at the rental facility near the airport where he accidentally left personal IDs, a crack pipe, and a bag filled with cocaine in it.

Before the lab test came in proving that it was cocaine, both the city and county attorney decided not to prosecute.

“Why? Would your family member ever get the same courtesy?” Glenn asks.

Arizona isn’t the only state that’s let Hunter off unscathed.

In Connecticut, a woman who is currently in jail for other crimes arranged a meeting with Hunter to bring him crack cocaine. Later that month, Hunter’s texts revealed he was not only consuming drugs but trafficking them — as well as arranging sex with women.

“Have you heard about the Connecticut sex crimes, ‘cause the sex crimes, wow,” Glenn says.

Hunter solicited a woman for sex after another woman left his room, where he then solicited two more prostitutes through an online escort service.

The next day, Hunter solicited a third prostitute — but he didn’t stop there. He continued to solicit prostitutes throughout his time in Connecticut, even recording a video of him having sex with a prostitute and smoking crack.

Money transfers reveal thousands of dollars paid to these prostitutes.

“Is there anyone in Connecticut that would like to maybe prosecute for a crime?” Glenn asks, shocked.

Hunter also took his crimes to Delaware, where he was doing drug deals — one with a registered sex offender — and smoking crack. Hunter made sure his crack use was on camera again, when he was caught naked doing the drugs at a public spa.

Hunter then bought a gun and lied about his drug use, before discarding his gun in a trash can at a grocery store.

As he continued his fun with more prostitutes, no arrests were made.

In Florida, when Hunter sent money to a Ukrainian escort, the transfer was flagged by JP Morgan as possible human trafficking.

These crimes continue across the country, with no repercussions.

“One hundred seventy of these that we know of, 170 times the banks sent out an alert saying, ‘We think there’s something wrong here,” Glenn says.

“These are the crimes that we know about and have clear cut evidence, like open and shut case here,” he continues, adding, “It’s weird, they see the Biden name and immediately stop pursuing the case.”

If Barr had the opportunity to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden, then WHY didn’t he?

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President Donald Trump fired Bill Barr when he thought the then-attorney general wasn’t doing enough to investigate illicit campaign activity. According to Mark Levin, this is why Barr is now “on a seek-and-destroy mission.”

“So much so that he has defended the documents case against Trump, even though if you step back and say to yourself: ‘You’re prepared to put this man in prison for the rest of his life so he dies in prison over the documents case?’ Are you kidding somebody?” Levin asks.

Barr had also refused to appoint a special counsel in the Hunter Biden scandal — and it’s coming back to haunt him.

“By not appointing a special counsel, Bill Barr in effect limited the authority of the investigation,” Levin says, before playing a clip of Barr being called out on his decision by a news anchor.

“Do you believe a special counsel should be appointed now on the Hunter Biden matter, and do you regret not appointing one?” the anchor asks Barr.

Barr tells him no, he doesn’t regret it because “in order to appoint a special counsel, you have to have a conflict, or should have a conflict of interest. I had no conflict of interest.”

Levin isn’t buying it.

“He was appointed by Donald Trump. Hunter Biden is the son of the incoming president. That certainly creates an appearance of a conflict of interest,” Levin comments. “This is what we call bull crap,” he adds.

While Barr did not appoint a special counsel, Levin believes that as soon as a Republican is back in office, that person need to take things up a notch.

“They need to appoint a special counsel to investigate Joe Biden.”

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Is this the END of the Biden dynasty?

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The two IRS whistleblowers have been unwavering in their accusations, and it’s not looking good for the Bidens.

The House Oversight Committee just heard from Joseph Ziegler and Gary Shapley as they continue to claim that the Justice Department politicized the Hunter Biden criminal probe and that the Bidens have been making money under the table.

Ziegler is a 13-year IRS special agent with the Criminal Investigation Division, while Shapley is a 14-year IRS special agent as well as Ziegler’s supervisor.

At an IRS whistleblower hearing, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) praised their testimonies.

“You know whose story hasn’t changed? These two guys. Their testimony has been consistent throughout. Their testimony has been the same. And guess what? Two days ago, an FBI agent confirmed their testimony,” Jordan said.

“Who are you gonna believe?” he continued, adding, “The Justice Department can’t get their story straight. Changed three times in thirty-three days.”

“I think I’ll believe these guys,” Jordan said as he pointed to the whistleblowers. “They’re the ones telling the truth.”

Pat Gray agrees with Jordan.

“I believe it too,” he says, though he and his panel admit it's hard to be a fan of the IRS at times.

Ziegler, the most recent whistleblower to come out, explained how the case against Hunter Biden unfolded.

“While the impression has been conveyed by the U.S. attorney in Delaware that he has similar powers to that of a special counsel in this case, free rein to do as needed, that was not the case,” Ziegler said, adding that the U.S. attorney was “constantly hamstrung, limited, and marginalized by DOJ officials as well as other U.S. attorneys.”

Ziegler, who has self-described as a “gay Democrat,” testified that he still thinks a “special counsel is necessary for this investigation.”

Ziegler also mentioned that the DOJ’s public documents on action against Hunter Biden offer zero indication that the first son will be required to amend his false tax return for 2018.

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This NEW Hunter Biden WhatsApp message is ‘HORRIFIC’

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If you thought things couldn’t get worse for Hunter Biden, then you thought wrong.

More WhatsApp messages written by President Biden’s son were released by House Republicans on Tuesday, and the content is alarming to say the least.

The messages reveal a business deal Hunter was working on with a Chinese energy company, as part of which he demanded a $10 million annual investment into a joint venture with CEFC China Energy.

When $5 million was proposed, Hunter said the lower number was “new” to him and “not acceptable, obviously.”

Hunter was messaging Gongwen Dong, a CEFC China Energy associate who was operating under the nickname “Kevin.”

Glenn and Stu discuss the breaking news and can’t help but laugh.

The nickname was “the best part of the story,” Stu says as a huge grin breaks out across his face.

When the $5 million was proposed, Hunter reportedly said, “I’m tired of this Kevin, I can make $5 million in salary from any law firm in America.”

“If you think it’s about money, it’s not. The Biden’s are the best at doing exactly what the Chairman wants from this partnership. Let’s not quibble over peanuts,” Hunter continued.

Glenn believes the messages are “horrific.”

According to Glenn, this is exactly what we needed to know — that “Biden is selling his country out for cash.”

However, if it’s not about cash, he says that's even worse: It sounds like “treason.”

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MADNESS: Hunter Biden gets ZERO jail time for crimes that would land anyone else behind bars

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Hunter Biden is in trouble — but not that much trouble apparently. Another case of nepotism will likely spare him from having to face any severe consequences.

“I don’t know a single lawful person that has a gun that is legal,” Beck says, “who doesn’t sweat going into another state, making sure beforehand [they are] legal.”

Except Hunter Biden.

The president’s son doesn’t have to sweat because his tax evasion and gun possession charges will likely be written off as misdemeanors, resulting in no jail time.

While President Biden was busy “making sure we don’t have guns,” Beck says, “his son lied on a document, signed his name to the document, saying, 'No I’m not a drug user.'" Now the fact that Hunter will likely receive minor consequences for a gun violation that would land most people behind bars has nothing to do with the president — or his connections, or his power, or the obvious nepotism at play. Couldn’t be.

The irony is glaring.

Biden “is all over wanting stricter restrictions on guns,” but when “his son violates a pretty basic one that is clearly marked out on paper where your signature is a felony — a felony to knowingly provide false information — he gets a misdemeanor,” Beck criticizes.

Hunter Biden has “committed crime after crime after crime ... and yet none of this is going to affect him at all,” Burguiere agrees.

“Madness,” Beck calls it, but he “[doesn’t] think the Hunter Biden story is done by any stretch of the imagination.”

To learn more, watch the full clip here.

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The smoke from the White House reveals the fires of Biden’s criminality

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Former President Donald Trump has been indicted — again — and Mark Levin is not having it.

Levin believes the Espionage Act used by Biden’s DOJ to indict former President Trump is not only unprecedented but likely wrong.

“Tell me,” Levin says, “how many people have been prosecuted under the Espionage Act since 1917 who were president or vice president up until today? Zero,” Levin says.

However, Trump isn’t the first former president to take classified information with him.

“Lyndon Johnson took classified information with him,” Levin explains. “He had one of his aides keep it. They put it in an envelope. Johnson said, ‘Not till I die give it to my library.’ And then the library got it and they were sitting on it for 50 years, they were told to, involving top secret information about Vietnam and tapping the phone of Richard Nixon.”

But apparently, no one remembers that.

Levin brings up Hillary Clinton as an example as well.

“Hillary Clinton was never investigated for obstruction,” Levin continues, “they didn’t investigate her for perjury and there was plenty of false statements — they didn’t even investigate her for that.”

“The evidence is beyond anything that we’ve seen with a former secretary of State,” he adds.

Even when Bill Clinton kept highly classified information “in his sock drawer” after leaving office, he was met with much less scrutiny.

“Judicial Watch brings a lawsuit and says, ‘Hey, National Archives go get those. We want to see some of those.' So it gets in front of this Clinton judge,” Levin explains.

The judge then reads the law.

Levin says the judge reads “the Presidential Records Act, not the Espionage Act. Or Clinton would be doing 50 years with his wife by now.”

Frustrated, Levin notes that President Joe Biden is “a former segregationist and racist” who is “using the Espionage Act to try and destroy our country.”

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