Anti-white racism has reached the church; ‘glorified’ by conservative evangelicals

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Anti-white racism has infiltrated nearly every institution in America — and unfortunately, that includes the church.

“I want to talk about a little more how this is manifesting itself in the church,” Allie Beth Stuckey says to author and senior fellow at the Claremont Institute Jeremy Carl, who wrote the book “The Unprotected Class: How Anti-White Racism Is Tearing America Apart.”

“They perpetuate this narrative that yes, white people, you are collectively responsible for being the initiators of reconciliation because of what some black people at some point in history went through,” Stuckey continues, adding, “This has been 100% accepted, celebrated, glorified, even among conservative evangelicals.”

Carl has noticed the anti-white narrative gaining power in various organizations led by Christians around the country.

“I talk about Christianity Today, the Gospel Coalition, Acts 29 Network — and again, I’m not painting with a broad brush both from knowledge and also not wanting to falsely accuse everybody who is associated with that with engaging in this, but you saw these sorts of problems pop up in these very prominent evangelical spaces,” Carl says.

One senior editor at the Gospel Coalition, Brett McCracken, called on “white Christian leaders to listen to and defer to non-white and nonwestern Christian leaders” in a post on X.

“We see this kind of language over and over again,” Stuckey says.

According to Carl, even the head of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary admitted to being a racist and declared he would be one until his “glorified body is resurrected.”

“It’s such a virtue signal, because if you’re actually racist, at least in the popular understanding of that, well then you certainly shouldn’t be running the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary,” Carl says.

Stuckey notes that to her knowledge, none of them have come forward to admit they were wrong.

“I haven’t seen any apologies from these people saying, ‘Oh, I don’t think deriding white image bearers of God was the right thing,'” she says.

“I think you’re probably going to be waiting a long time before you get that type of apology,” Carl laughs.

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