Airball: Kamala tries to make March Madness about sexism, says women's basketball tournament wasn't allowed to have brackets until 2022

Vice President Kamala Harris suffered another verbal blunder this week when she falsely proclaimed that the NCAA women's basketball tournament was "not allowed" to have brackets until 2022.

Harris attempted to claim that March Madness is swamped with sexism, which has caused women's college basketball to be less popular than men's. However, the vice president bricked her sexism claim by falsely declaring that women's college basketball teams were prohibited from having tournament brackets until 2022.

On Thursday, Harris spoke with Spectrum News at an event in Charlotte, North Carolina. Reporter Tim Boyum noted that this year's NCAA women's basketball tournament had been doing "extraordinarily well."

The Sports Business Journal reported that the women's basketball tournament is averaging 812,000 viewers through the second round, a 108% increase from last year.

When asked whether she had been watching March Madness, Kamala responded, "I have been watching it." Harris added that she had been watching the basketball tournament with Doug Emhoff, her husband and second gentleman of the United States.

A very confident Harris pronounced, "Do you know? Okay, a bit of a history lesson. Do you know that women were not. The women’s teams were not allowed to have brackets until 2022. Think about that."

She continued, "And what? That. Talk about progress. You know better late than never, but progress and what that has done."

Harris doubled down on her contention, "And even just now allowing the women to have brackets and what that does to encourage people to talk more about the women’s teams, to watch them now they’re being covered, you know, and and this is the reality people used to say are women’s sports. Who’s interested? Well, if you can’t see it, you won’t be. But when you see it, you realize, oh."

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The vice president's office admitted to Mediaite that Harris had misspoken.

The spokesperson claimed Harris meant to say that the NCAA Division I women's basketball tournament didn't receive March Madness marketing and branding until 2022.

However, people have been filling out women's basketball tournament brackets since 1982 when the first NCAA women's tournament was played.

In fact, Kamala's husband filled out a women's college basketball tournament bracket in 2021. Harris even retweeted Emhoff's tweet showing a photo of his picks for the men's and women's NCAA tournaments in 2021.

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Former President Barack Obama has been filling out a women's basketball tournament every year since 2009, according to Sports Illustrated.

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Naval officer who decapitated Iowa demon statue charged with HATE CRIME?

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Former Mississippi political candidate and naval officer Michael Cassidy is facing felony hate crime charges for decapitating a satanic statue in Iowa.

The co-founder of the Satanic Temple that put the statue up claimed putting the statue in a public forum was an expression of religious freedom. Cassidy drove to Iowa to see it for himself and felt so strongly that it shouldn’t be there that he proceeded to destroy the statue.

In the charges against Cassidy, prosecutors cited a violation of individual rights under Iowa’s hate crime statute. In addition, they say evidence suggests Cassidy destroyed the statue due to the victim’s religion.

“I fail to see the victim here,” Sara Gonzales says. “Is the victim the statue? The victim is the person who created this beautiful statue that nobody wanted?”

The creators of the statue are claiming the cost to replace it is between $750 and $1,500.

“Our dark gods are cheap these days,” Chad Prather jokes.

Though he’s facing legal repercussions, Cassidy is now being hailed as a hero by many on the right — and the proof is in the GiveSendGo campaign that has raised over $105,000 for his legal defense.

While Gonzales is happy he’s being helped, she doesn’t find it comforting that Cassidy now has to take on the law.

“It’s just depressing because it’s like, well, they finally stood up and did something and what are the thanks? That they get thrown into prison? Who the hell is going to stand up next time?” Gonzales says.

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White House shows its true colors with announcement on ... Islamophobia?!

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Anti-Semitism is rapidly rising in America, but the White House isn’t concerned.

At a recent White House briefing, Peter Doocy asked John Kirby if the people in America who are making anti-Semitic threats are considered domestic terrorists.

“I don’t know that we’re classifying people as domestic terrorists for that; that’s really a question better left to law enforcement,” Kirby answered.

Glenn Beck can’t help but point out the blatant hypocrisy.

“That’s weird because people who went to the school boards and stood up for their children and said ‘What are you doing,’ they were domestic terrorists,” Glenn says. “But people who are making violent anti-Semitic comments and threats are not.”

This briefing happened on the same day that the White House announced its first national strategy to counter Islamophobia.

“Muslims in America and those perceived to be Muslims, such as Arabs and Sikhs, have endured a disproportionate number of hate-fueled attacks and other discriminatory incidents,” a White House statement on the strategy read.

Stu Burguiere believes this isn’t happening for no reason.

“Biden’s support among Arab-Americans was 59% when he was elected, and now it’s 17%,” he says. “It’s just total coincidence that he just announced this big Islamophobia policy.”

The White House’s amplification of issues regarding Islamophobia instead of anti-Semitism is “revealing” to Glenn. “This is who the White House really is.”

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Kamala Harris embarrasses the US AGAIN with yet another word salad

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Vice President Kamala Harris is not known for her silver tongue.

In an interview with the Associated Press, she tries to explain what she thinks about Southeast Asia, but instead creates her latest word salad that has all Americans cringing with severe second-hand embarrassment.

“When I think about Southeast Asia and this region and the Indo-Pacific, first of all, Southeast Asia, you’re looking at a population of over 600 million people. At least two-thirds of which are under the age of 35. Think about what that means,” Harris tells her interviewer. “Especially when you look at so many of these countries that have thriving economies,” she adds.

“What does that mean?” Pat Gray jokes. “It means they’ve got a young population,” Gray says, answering himself.

But there’s more.

Harris had not had enough of her own word-salading yet, telling the interviewer, “I feel very strongly about the importance of the general matter of engaging in U.S. policy as it relates to foreign affairs. In a way that we pay attention, of course, to immediate concerns and threats if they exist. But that we also pay attention to 10, 20, 30 years down the line and what we are developing now that will be to the benefit of our country.”

“She talks so much and says nothing,” Gray laughs, incredulous.

“We’d be better off as a nation with Miss Teen South Carolina as our vice president,” Keith Malinak adds.

Harris then goes on to tell the interviewer that Joe Biden has been “an extraordinary leader who has accomplished things that previous presidents hoped and dreamed and promised they would do and did not.”

“A substantial amount of time we spend together is in the Oval Office, where I see how his ability to understand issues and weave through complex issues in a way that no one else can, to make smart and important decisions on the behalf of the American people have played out,” she added.

Harris also claims that she is ready for the presidency if she were required to step up and into the role.

“Every vice president understands that when they take the oath, that they must be very clear about the responsibility they may have to take over the job of being president. I am no different,” she says.

Kamala Harris Quotes As Motivational Posters, To Help You Be Unburdened By Your Brain Cells: Part 3

As Harris reminds us, may we all do what we do -- and what we have been doing, every day, in the present moment, together.

Does Kamala Harris REALLY want to 'REDUCE POPULATION'? These 2 stories suggest so

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Sometimes Freudian slips are humorous; sometimes they suck the air right out of the room.

Kamala Harris’ recent blunder certainly falls into the latter camp.

In a recent speech about climate change, the vice president said, “When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, more of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water.”

After her ridiculous speech about artificial intelligence, in which she said AI is a fancy thing with two letters, this gaffe has only made matters worse for Kamala.

Although the White House has come forward with a seemingly sincere explanation that she meant to say “reduce pollution,” not “reduce population,” audiences across the country can’t help but wonder if her slip reveals a genuine support of population control.

“I think you could make the case,” Glenn Beck says, “with all of the things that we point out in ‘Dark Future’ that she may have meant pollution in this speech, but they actually do intend on reducing the population.”

He then tells two stories – one involving a Canadian moose and the other involving assisted death (euthanasia) – both of which seem to suggest that population reduction is indeed on the horizon.

Watch the full clip below.

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Biden campaign scrambling to address Kamala Harris' unlikability

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President Joe Biden, 80, announced this week that he would be seeking re-election. While the president suggested that he seeks another four years to "finish the job," there is significant doubt that he can and even some confusion at the White House whether he intends to.

The president's admission in October that he could "drop dead tomorrow" likely did little to bolster the confidence of voters, especially those wary of what tragedies such a tragedy may in turn beget.

Haunted by both the prospect of succession and Vice President Kamala Harris' abysmal approval numbers, White House officials are now scrambling to address Harris' unlikability.

According to RealClearPolitics, Harris' average job approval rating is 38%, with an average of 54% of respondents giving her an unfavorable assessment.

White House officials have indicated that Biden might also give Harris a low job approval rating, complaining of her not "rising to the occasion," her inability to take "things off his plate," and her propensity for "word salads."

A number of Democrats reportedly spoke to the Washington Post earlier this year on the condition of anonymity, noting that many rank-and-file party members are also "unpersuaded that she has the force, charisma and skill to mount a winning presidential campaign."

Erick Allen, chair of the Cobb County Democrats, said of Harris continuing in her role: "There are some people in our party who are saying, 'We already have hurdles. Let’s not create more.'"

Despite her unpopularity inside and outside the Oval Office, senior Biden adviser Cedric Richmond told Reuters there is no way Harris will soon be replaced.

Seeking to make good with bad, the Biden campaign has attempted to boost Harris' profile, featuring her 13 times in his launch video.

The Telegraph reported that the video might be a "pre-emptive strike against expected assertions by Republicans that [Biden] does not back her."

In addition to enjoying prominence in the launch video, Harris is also featured on the homepage of Biden's updated website.

Axios noted that senior White House adviser Anita Dunn, who the New York Times claimed is at the center of "Biden's inner circle," has directed the White House political and engagement teams to get Harris more airtime promoting abortion and other Democratic causes.

Harris will, for instance, spend ample time pressing the issue of abortion in South Carolina, which Biden supported to be the first state in the Democratic primary contest.

In addition to giving Harris assignments besides tackling the border crisis, the White House has endeavored to to emphasize her working relationship with Biden.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates told Axios that "after winning the most votes of any ticket" in 2020, "you've seen the results of the strong, consistent partnership between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and their teams."

Fox News Digital reported that if the two enjoy a consistent partnership, it is likely at a distance.

When Harris caught COVID-19 in April 2022, Biden was reportedly not listed among her close contacts, which indicates they hadn't seen one another in person for well over a week.

Harris spokeswoman Kirsten Allen suggested that "our teams have been focused on lifting up the priorities of President Biden and Vice President Harris as they build a future where every person in our nation can thrive, and will continue to remain focused on this work together."

Greater visibility for Harris may prove counterproductive where the Biden campaign is concerned, given that her various gaffes and so-called "word salads" have provided Republicans with plenty of fodder. Consider, for instance, this video, captioned "What is Kamala Harris talking about?" and shared by the Republican National Committee:

\u201cKAMALA HARRIS: "I think it's very important...for us, at every moment in time and certainly this one, to see the moment in time in which we exist and are present."\u201d
— RNC Research (@RNC Research) 1682474751

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