Cocksure Virginia Democrat Slams Media for Reporting Her Public Pornographic Performances

A Virginia Democrat on Monday slammed national media outlets for reporting that she and her husband performed sex acts for money on a pornographic website.

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Ex-Dem Rep Who Resigned After Nudes Leak Scandal Files For Bankruptcy

Hill has filed for bankruptcy protection, according to The Los Angeles Times and her Twitter

Former congresswoman says being pregnant has bolstered her pro-choice abortion views

Former U.S. Rep. Katie Hill said that being pregnant has bolstered her belief that women should be able to have abortions if they do not want to be pregnant.

"I didn’t think it was possible to become more pro-choice than I already was, but after 7 months of pregnancy all I can think about is how wrong it would be to make someone do this who doesn’t want to," Hill tweeted.

Some commenters on social media wondered how a pregnant woman could hold such a view.

"I’ve been pregnant for 8 months, I’ve seen my child move around in ultrasounds, and all I can think about is how anybody could possibly see killing an unborn baby as anything other than evil," Washington Free Beacon social media director Jordan Chamberlain tweeted.

I\u2019ve been pregnant for 8 months, I\u2019ve seen my child move around in ultrasounds, and all I can think about is how anybody could possibly see killing an unborn baby as anything other than evil\u00a0\u2026
— Jordan Chamberlain (@Jordan Chamberlain) 1638552649

"Can’t imagine feeling a baby kick, hearing their lil heartbeat, and seeing all the ultrasounds but thinking 'yeah I should *definitely* be able to kill my child,'" tweeted Abigail Marone, press secretary for Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.).

"Yes, if there's one thing to learn from motherhood, it's that everything is about you," tweeted Michael Knowles of the Daily Wire.

The U.S. Supreme Court is deciding whether or not to uphold a Mississippi law that prohibits most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

The court's decision is being closely watched by those on both sides of the abortion debate, as a decision to uphold the Mississippi law would run contrary to the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion ruling.

Hill, who previously served as a Democratic lawmaker from California in the U.S. House of Representatives, entered office in 2019, but resigned later the same year.

10 Scandal-Plagued Democrats Who Remain on ActBlue

ActBlue, the fundraising platform used universally by Democratic candidates across the country, made waves last Thursday when it kicked New York governor Andrew Cuomo off the platform.

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Commentary: The woke left wishes its own version of 'Merry Christmas' to American 'f***ers'

I don't know about you, but I've been getting a lot of heartwarming Christmas cards this yuletide season from President-elect (allegedly) Joe Biden's ministers and ambassadors of healing and reconciliation. They've touched me in such a deep, special place that I must share such glad tidings of great joy with a weary nation.

Take Secretary of Kink Katie Hill as just one example. The former congresswoman from California let me know via her drunken mistletoe that my vote for Trump made me truly unique: "Because y'all are the biggest bunch of f***ers in history. Stop being that and unity/healing will be a hell of a lot easier."

What a glorious thorn ... err ... olive branch. I will cherish it always.

Not to be outdone in the area of feminine grace was Secretary of Washed-Up Actors Debra Messing, who cheerfully shared to the tune of "All I Want for Christmas" her blessed hope that Trump would one day be anally raped in prison. Come, let us adore him, indeed.

Sometimes, though, Christmas cards are so full of love and tenderness that they have to be deleted from Twitter out of embarrassment for just loving too darn much. It happens.

Then there's our emissary of Woke Sports, ESPN analyst Domonique Foxworth, who said that his 12 days of Christmas all involve rooting for Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen to fail. All because Allen's supporters unfortunately exposed their chestnuts over an open fire by being "people with American flags" in their social media profiles. And this island of misfit toys probably knows all the words to "Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer," too, when what they really need to know is Foxworth's preferred pronouns are "he hate me."

But you want to know what spreads more Christmas cheer than singing loud for all to hear? How about hating Abraham Lincoln! I mean, obviously. Yep, Honest Abe may get the boot from the name of a San Francisco high school because he failed to demonstrate to the Secretary of Orwellian Education that "black lives matter to him." Well, except for that one silent night John Wilkes Booth decked the halls of Ford Theater with his brain matter, I guess.

This is the season of giving, after all, and I just need more in my stocking than the Great Emancipator can ever offer me. Thankfully, this is 2020, when Christmas miracles abound. Like when Ambassador of Victimhood Noah Berlatsky said, "Parents are tyrants. 'Parent' is an oppressive class, like rich people or white people." Indeed, Mary did you know ... that you were on your way to a Klan meeting?

Now some may be tempted to tell all these fiends to shove it up their North Poles. But to that I say "bah humbug." As we all know, Tiny Tim was just an unviable tissue mass riddled with tumors. In fact, it would have been best for him to be aborted before he was born, to cut down on the surplus population.

Likewise, we should feel honored to be ruled by such wise non-binary beings as currently reside at the New England Journal of Medicine. Away in their manger, the gifts they have to offer are stocking stuffers like this recent quote: "Sex designations on birth certificates offer no clinical utility, and they can be harmful for intersex and transgender people. Moving such designations below the line of demarcation would not compromise the birth certificate's public health function but could avoid harm."

Nary a prophet of old has spoken so much unbridled joy to the world. The science or something has come, so let every heart prepare room for the knowledge that biology is now bigotry.

Therefore, understand this, and understand it well — "Little Drummer Boy" is his dead name now. He henceforth goes by the Twitter handle "Zinnia, adult demon female," and it calls for all children to be put on puberty blockers until they can make their own "informed" decision about their gender. You never saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus, because mommies are merely oppressive constructs of the patriarchy.

Hark, the trans angels sing!

Merry Christmas, ya bunch of f***ers.

Democrat Katie Hill, who resigned from Congress over sex scandal, actually calls Republicans 'biggest bunch of f***ers in history'

One might say the adage "it takes one to know one" now applies to disgraced former U.S. Rep. Katie Hill.

Oh, do tell!

The California Democrat — who resigned from Congress in 2019 just months into her freshman term amid allegations of an extramarital affair with her legislative director and publication of leaked nude photos of Hill — got an eyeful of Republican U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio's tweet concerning the divisive words of Jen O'Malley Dillon, the incoming deputy chief of staff for President-elect Joe Biden.

"Biden talks about unity and healing, but you want to know what they really think?" Rubio asked in his Wednesday post. "Read how the person he wants as the next WH deputy chief of staff called Republicans in Congress a bunch of f***ers."

Hill apparently couldn't help herself — and fired off a response to the Florida senator:

Image source: Twitter, redacted

"Because y'all are the biggest bunch of f***ers in history," Hill wrote. "Stop being that and unity/healing will be a hell of a lot easier."

Let the backlash begin

It should come as no surprise that a few folks found it a bit maddening — and quite humorous — that Hill had anything to say at all on the matter, particularly given her dubious resume.

And her F-bomb didn't go unnoticed, either:

  • "The woman who had three-ways with her staff and had to resign because of it is calling people 'f***ers,'" comedian Tim Young commented. "Just perfect."
  • "Hilarious! Thank you for putting the true hatred of the Left on display for the world to see," another commenter wrote. "We will NEVER unite with evil. Never."
  • "Trust Katie," another user quipped. "She is an expert on a bunch of f***ers."

Anything else?

Hill — who launched a podcast titled "Naked Politics" in October — denied the allegations of an affair but admitted to having a "consensual" three-way relationship with a female campaign staffer and her now-ex husband prior to taking office. Hill blamed "rampant biphobia" as a major factor in her decision to step down.

And in regard to O'Malley Dillon's F-bomb that got this whole thing rolling, an Axios report indicated that some advisers close to Biden are frustrated over what she had to say about congressional Republicans. The piece quoted a Biden donor as saying, "For those of us who, from Day One, bought into Biden's calls for civility and a return to normalcy, this isn't just beyond the pale — it's plain stupid."

Former Democratic rep whose nude photos were leaked set to host 'Naked Politics' podcast

Former Democratic Rep. Katie Hill (Calif.) has announced she will be launching a new podcast called "Naked Politics," her latest venture since resigning from Congress amid affair allegations and the publication of photos showing her in the nude.

What are the details?

The Hill reported Friday that Ms. Hill's podcast promises to "expose the naked truth behind what goes on" in the beltway.

"This podcast is where we can get dirty," the California Democrat told the outlet. "It's where we can expose the naked truth behind what goes on. The backroom deals, the monied interests, the inability to break from the party. This podcast is here to expose what's wrong in politics today, undressing the issues, and how we can fix them."

Hill gave up her seat months into her freshman term last year after the Democrat-led House Committee on Ethics launched an investigation into allegations that she had an extramarital affair with her legislative director, which would be in violation of new House rules established in response to the #MeToo movement.

While Hill denied the affair, she admitted to having a "consensual" three-way relationship with a female campaign staffer and her now-ex husband prior to taking office. The former congresswoman later blamed "rampant biphobia" as a major reason for her stepping down.

The week before Hill announced her resignation, leaked nude photos of her were published by the Daily Mail and conservative outlet Red State. At the time, she was estranged from her then-husband, and blamed conservative media for "perpetuating" his "abuse by providing him a platform."

"I will fight to ensure no one else has to live through what I just experience," she said in a video message announcing her departure from office. "Some people call this electronic assault, digital exploitation, others call it revenge porn. As the victim of it, I call it one of the worst things we can do to our sisters and our daughters."

Anything else?

Hill also recently released a memoir, titled "She Will Rise," saying she wrote it "to empower women to lead despite many roadblocks and sexist standards."

A show based on the book is in the works, and Hill will be played by actress Elizabeth Moss.

The first episode of "Naked Politics" on Oct. 20 will feature an interview with former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum (D), who recently came out as bisexual months after photos were leaked showing him passed out in a hotel room with a gay male escort and crystal meth.

‘Feminist’ Icon Katie Hill Launches Sexist Attack on Amy Coney Barrett

Katie Hill, the disgraced former congresswoman and left-wing millennial sex pioneer whose story is being made into a feature film starring Elizabeth Moss, lobbed a virulently sexist attack at Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett on Wednesday.

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