Loren Merchan Silent As Her Clients Raise Millions From Trump Conviction Her Dad Oversaw

Judge Merchan's daughter ignores comment requests on potential conflicts of interest related to her client's fundraising off Trump conviction.

Trump requests judge's recusal over alleged 'conflict' and 'unacceptable appearance of impropriety'

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Former President Donald Trump's legal team filed a motion Friday requesting the recusal of Acting Justice Juan Merchan over alleged "actual conflict" and "unacceptable appearance of impropriety," the New York Times reported.

The paperwork requests that the trial, slated for April 15, be delayed while Trump's team challenges Merchan's recent gag order against Trump.

The recusal request alleged a conflict of interest, citing Merchan's daughter's political activities.

"Your Honor's daughter, Loren Merchan, has a direct financial interest in these proceedings by virtue of her ownership stake and leadership role at Authentic Campaigns, Inc. Based on public disbursements data, Authentic, which services exclusively Democrat clients, is the #21 ranked vendor in the country in connection with the 2024 election," the 37-page filing stated. "The Court's interest in these proceedings by virtue of the close relationship with an immediate relative, and Ms. Merchan's ongoing receipt of commercial and reputational benefits based on the manner in which Your Honor has conducted these proceedings, requires recusal based on an actual conflict and an unacceptable appearance of impropriety."

The judge's gag order prevents the former president from making public statements about individuals involved in the case, including Loren Merchan.

Trump wrote on Truth Social, "Now, we have Merchan, who is not allowing me to talk, thereby violating the Law and the Constitution, all at once. It is so bad what he is trying to get away with - How was he even chosen for this case??? I heard he fought like hell to get it, and all of the rest of them also!"

"If this Partisan Hack wants to put me in the 'clink' for speaking the open and obvious TRUTH, I will gladly become a Modern Day Nelson Mandela - It will be my GREAT HONOR," Trump continued. "We have to Save our Country from these Political Operatives masquerading as Prosecutors and Judges, and I am willing to sacrifice my Freedom for that worthy cause."

Trump's attorneys previously requested a recusal in August 2023, which was "based on 'remote and 'speculative' arguments," according to the Friday court filing. "We dispute that conclusion, and it is clear that this motion cannot reasonably be dispensed of in that fashion."

At the time of the first recusal request, Trump was not yet the Republican nominee. His team argued that additional evidence demonstrating a conflict of interest had since surfaced.

The filing noted that Trump's success in the 2024 presidential election primaries "has cemented his status as a political target of Authentic, Ms. Merchan, and their clients."

"While that appears to be consistent with the company's political views, the more important consideration for purposes of this motion is that Authentic benefits reputationally and makes more money by targeting President Trump," it added.

Trump's team argued that "it would be completely unacceptable to most New Yorkers if the judge presiding over these proceedings had an adult child who worked at WinRed or MAGA Inc."

"Personal political views may not be a basis for recusal," the court filings continued. "But profiting from the promotion of a political agenda that is hostile to President Trump, and has included fundraising solicitations based on this case, must be."

Trump has pleaded not guilty to the 34 counts of falsifying business records lodged against him in April 2023 by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

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