What happened to Flight MH370, according to an aviation journalist

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Aviation journalist Jeff Wise joins Pat Gray to discuss theories surrounding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing that mysteriously disappeared on March 8, 2014.

According to reports, the flight, which took off around midnight, unexpectedly changed courses shortly after reaching cruising altitude, and although the Malaysian military radar tracked the plane for a time, it eventually lost contact when the Boeing 777 flew over the Andaman Sea.

The search that followed is the most expensive in aviation history.

To this day, all we are left with is speculation, as there has been no conclusions regarding what exactly happened to the aircraft or why the pilot made a sudden U-turn.

“With MH370, there is actually no official explanation,” but there is a “default assumption ... that the pilot, a guy named Zaharie Ahmad Shah, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear ... just decided to commit this very elaborate and prolonged murder-suicide,” Jeff tells Pat.

Malaysian authorities have been less accepting of this narrative, however, claiming that Shah “had no motive ... didn’t leave any notes,” and “wasn’t any kind of extremist.”

What we do know for certain is that at some point early in the flight, the pilot made a U-turn at a time when the plane was no longer detectable by Malaysian air traffic control.

Although “the data is a little but fuzzy, it seems like it probably accelerated and maybe even climbed” immediately following its change of course, Jeff explains.

That means that “it’s not behaving like a plane that’s on fire [or] having some kind of problem” because if it was, we would have seen it “descending to try to land at the nearest possible airport,” he continues.

Which means that the rerouting of the flight was most likely intentional and premeditated, which fits with the pilot-suicide theory.

However, if the flight was already routed over the ocean on its original path to China, why not “just go ahead and do it there?” Keith asks.

Jeff admits that “there’s problems with [the pilot-suicide theory].” He then reveals something he thinks is “the core of the mystery” but has been essentially dismissed by most investigators.

To hear his theory, watch the full clip below.

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