Superhero Flicks Like ‘Madame Web’ Stink Because They’re About Other Movies Instead Of Real Life

Superhero movies are one of the most popular film genres, so why do they struggle at the box office?

'Echo' tops of the list of worst Marvel productions yet

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Marvel’s latest TV mini-series, “Echo,” just dropped on Disney+ last week, and it’s already making waves, which isn’t that surprising when you consider Marvel’s downward spiral into wokeness.

The series revolves around Maya Lopez – an indigenous, deaf female amputee – who becomes Kingpin’s top hit man.

“I guess [Kingpin is] like really into DEI,” mocks Lauren.

“If the obvious ESG push behind the show wasn't enough to just kind of give you pause,” she explains, there have also been “reports of production issues as well as Disney being so unhappy with the final product that they even considered not releasing the show at all and instead just taking the loss as a tax credit.”

“I've watched it,” Lauren admits, and “I've got to say, if I were Disney, I probably would have taken the tax credit.”

After a series of tragic life events, Maya ends up working for her father’s mob boss, Kingpin, in order to avenge his gruesome death. Given that Maya is Kingpin’s muscle, she’s doubly disabled, and the fact that this is a Marvel production, one would think Maya must have incredible superpowers.

But no. Maya’s vague superpower is that she can connect with her ancestors’ abilities when she finds herself in dire situations. This strange supernatural gift was a drastic diversion from Maya’s original powers in the comic books, however.

“The director behind the show was very clear that she believed Echo’s comic book powers were ‘lame,”’ explains Lauren, admitting that she’s “still not 100% sure what [Echo’s powers] exactly are” in the TV adaptation.

“Essentially Echo’s powers in this series equate to her maybe having had an energy drink. … Sis had a Red Bull, so she's a little more focused, a little more confident,” she criticizes, adding that it’s clear that the writers and producers “didn't want to make a Marvel series; they wanted to make a series focusing on disabled people or the Choctaw nation.”

According to Lauren, Maya’s powers were so vague and underdeveloped that “if you were to remove [them] entirely from the plot, the show could still happen and basically remain unchanged.”

But that’s just the beginning of the long list of complaints audience members had about “Echo.”

In addition to Maya’s character being “very unlikable,” viewers expressed frustration with the pacing of the series, confusing plot twists, and cringeworthy scenes, including one featuring a “70-year-old Native American grandmother beating up mobsters.”

To hear Lauren’s full review of “Echo,” watch the video below.

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'Creed III' actor Jonathan Majors arrested; allegedly strangled girlfriend

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Jonathan Majors was handcuffed and arrested Saturday morning in Manhattan after allegedly assaulting a woman believed to be his girlfriend, TMZ and other outlets reported.

"Officers placed the 33-year-old male into custody without incident. The victim sustained minor injuries to her head and neck and was removed to an area hospital in stable condition," a New York City Police Department spokesperson told National Public Radio in a statement.

Majors, 33, was arrested on charges of strangulation, assault and harassment in connection with a domestic dispute with a 30-year-old woman, the Associated Press reported.

Majors denied wrongdoing via his representative.

"He's done nothing wrong. We look forward to clearing his name and clearing this up," Carrie Gordon, a representative for Majors, told NPR.

Police received the call for service around 11 a.m. near Chelsea, a neighborhood in Manhattan.

"The victim informed police she was assaulted," according to an NYPD statement acquired by The Hollywood Reporter.

The incident was spurred by an argument that began in a taxi as the couple was returning from a bar in Brooklyn, according to TMZ's law enforcement sources.

The assault victim, who is thought to be Majors' girlfriend, reportedly confronted Majors after she saw another woman texting him. An angry Majors then allegedly grabbed her hand and slapped her, according to TMZ's sources.

In addition to the alleged slap and hand grab, Majors also allegedly put his hands around her neck. The pair spent the evening apart, and then then the girlfriend called to report the alleged crime Saturday morning.

The victim's visible injuries included a "laceration behind her ear, redness and marks to her face," TMZ's sources also said.

Majors, a fast-rising, in-demand Hollywood standout, recently starred in Michael B. Jordan's "Creed III" as antagonist character Damian Anderson. Majors described their partnership as an analog of "De Niro and Pacino."

Jordan and Majors supported actor Angela Basset earlier this month at the Oscars when the prize for best supporting actress went to Jamie Lee Curtis. "Hey Auntie. We love you," the pair said, as they took the stage to present an award for a separate category.

Majors also recently starred in "Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania" from Marvel Cinematic Universe. In that film, Majors plays villain Kang the Conqueror.

Other notable credits include "Magazine Dreams," "Devotion," "The Harder They Fall," "Lovecraft Country," and "Da 5 Bloods."

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