RNC vs. DNC spending stats reveal why Dems always seem to win

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“Wonder why the Democrats always win?” asks Sara Gonzales. Apparently the answer can be found in the 2022-23 “RNC spending versus DNC spending” stats.

Sara displays the following chart from RedState, and it’s pretty telling:

Sara immediately spots some frivolous spending on the part of the RNC.

“The RNC spent nearly $300,000 in office supplies, while the DNC spent a mere $45,000,” she scoffs.

On floral arrangements, “the RNC spent over $70,000,” whereas “the DNC [spent] $795 … because apparently the left seems to understand flowers don't matter.”

“Ronna Romney only travels in style,” which is why “the RNC spent $263,000” compared to the “DNC’s $7,000” on limousine services, she mocks.

However, for more important matters, such as voter file maintenance and GOTV texting, Sara can’t help but notice a clear lack of concern.

On “voter file maintenance, which seems pretty important … the RNC [spent] $39,239,” compared to “the DNC’s nearly $236,000,” she criticizes.

For “get-out-the-vote texting campaigns, which also seems really important if you want to win, the RNC [spent] $86,000, the DNC over $1.6 million.”

Unfortunately, that’s just the beginning. Sara pulls another round of stats revealing what the RNC has spent on “event tickets and other entertainment activities,” as well as “private jet expenses,” “clothing retailers,” “donor mementos,” and “alcohol-related expenditures,” and it’s enough to make any conservative’s stomach turn.

To hear more about how the RNC is spending your money, watch the clip below.

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