We must resist the degradation of language being forced on us by gender identitarians

Until we unequivocally reclaim our language, and reality along with it, we will get precisely nowhere in the fight for reality over the institutionalization of a massive lie.

Why it's so hard to trust government on vaccines after nearly two years of COVID blunders

My friend and I have very different takes on what the facts are. I think this stems, in large part, from having very different levels of trust in government, at least on the issue of how to respond to Covid.

Woke US Navy names ship after accused pedophile Harvey Milk

The ship was christened by a veteran who identifies as transgender. Milk was dishonorably discharged from the US Navy for being a homosexual in 1955.

Natural immunity is effective as against COVID, so why doesn't it count for vaccine mandates?

Why are Canada's federal and provincial governments ignoring the natural immunity that already protects so many people?

Eight missing endangered children recovered, eighteen sex offenders arrested in recent US operations

Operations “Return of the School Year” and “NO Saints and Sinners 2021" ran in the New Orleans area from August 1 to September 30.

Win or lose, Laurel Hubbard should not be competing in women's sports

At issue here is more than a few gold medals. What's at stake, fully and in a very real way, is the definition of the word woman and the female body.