First trans Army officer, doctor wife indicted for attempting to give Russia compromising medical information about members of US military, spouses: Report

The first transgender officer in the U.S. Army and wife have both been indicted for allegedly attempting to communicate with Russian officials in the hopes of giving them kompromat on some members of the military and their spouses.

Over the summer, Major Jamie Lee Henry, 39, and wife Dr. Anna Gabrielian, 36, had reportedly made contact with someone whom they thought worked at the Russian embassy but who was actually an undercover FBI agent. Henry, an internist, is a medical doctor with security clearance at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, one of the largest military installations in the entire world. Gabrielian, an anesthesiology and critical care instructor at Johns Hopkins, allegedly expressed hope to the FBI agent that they could use her husband's security clearance to obtain the private medical records of some strategic members of the military and/or their spouses and relatives that Russian officials could then "exploit."

According to the indictment, which was unsealed on Thursday, Gabrielian said she was motivated to help Russia because of her Russian patriotism, and her profile at Johns Hopkins does indicate that Gabrielian speaks fluent Russian. However, it is unclear whether she is a Russian national or somehow otherwise affiliated with the country.

Though Henry was not said to be motivated by Russian patriotism, the indictment does suggest the Army officer expressed some sympathy for Russian interests.

"My point of view is until the United States actually declares war against Russia," Henry allegedly told the agent, "I'm able to help as much as I want."

Henry also told the agent that Henry had attempted to enlist in the Russian army to fight against Ukraine but had been rejected for a lack of combat experience.

"The way I am viewing what is going on in Ukraine now, is that the United States is using Ukrainians as a proxy for their own hatred toward Russia," Henry allegedly said.

Gabrielian also allegedly called Henry a "coward" when the Army officer expressed misgivings about violating HIPPA regulations in service to Russia.

During a meeting with the agent at a hotel last month, Gabrielian reportedly gave the agent private medical information belonging to the spouse of a service member in the Office of Naval Intelligence, as well as the information of a relative from an Air Force veteran. Henry likewise handed the agent the medical records of five Fort Bragg patients, according to the filing. It is unclear whether Henry had treated those patients personally.

During that meeting, the couple also supposedly attempted to establish a contingency plan, in the event they were ever arrested.

Gabrielian allegedly requested that the Russian embassy help find her children "a nice flight to Turkey to go on vacation" so that they couldn't be used as "hostages" against her if she were ever incarcerated.

Both Henry and Gabrielian have been charged with conspiracy and wrongful disclosure of individually identifiable health information. They face up to 15 years in prison each, if convicted.

The couple were married in 2015, the same year Henry came out as transgender. At the time, Henry gave an interview with Brightest Young Things. "My passion is service member health," Henry said in the interview. "...The biggest part in supporting the health of service members is listening to them. Trauma has to be handled on an individual’s timeline and in a way that is unique to that individual."

Brightest Young Things has since changed its name to Exactly. It claims to be an "award-winning Design, Strategy, and Events agency for brands who want to stay relevant with today's beautifully diverse audience."

Alabama city disbands police department and terminates chief, assistant chief after officer sends text message containing racist joke

The Alabama city of Vincent has disbanded its police department and fired its chief and assistant chief after an officer sent a text message containing a racist joke, reported.

Vincent officials confirmed the officer sent the text message, after which, the city council approved a resolution to terminate Police Chief James Srygley and Assistant Chief John L. Goss and disband the police department, the outlet added.

Mayor James Latimore confirmed that "we passed a resolution with intent to pass an ordinance to disband the police department,” said.

What did the joke say?

An individual identified as “752″ texts the question, “What do y’all call a pregnant slave?”

An unidentified recipient responds twice. “?” and “??”

“752″ replies: “BOGO Buy one, get one free.”

The text message surfaced on social media last week, reported:

\u201c"BOGO" text message from police sparks outrage in Vincent, Alabama. #Police #LawEnforcement #Comms #PIO @10_8_Comms @MollyMcPherson @MrMediaTraining \n\n\u201d
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Latimore on Tuesday said "appropriate action has been taken" against the officer alleged to have sent the text, reported, although the mayor wouldn't name the officer or anyone involved.

While the outlet said Vincent’s website lists only three people in its police department — Srygley, Goss, and Lee Carden — a Monday check on the site listed nobody in the police department.

During the city council meeting Thursday evening, councilman Corey Abrams said the issue "has torn this community apart. It doesn’t matter what color we are as long as we do right by people," reported.

Reached at his home after the meeting, Abrams declined to confirm the specifics of the action taken at the meeting but said “I’m still emotional about it," the outlet reported.

During the meeting, Latimore announced he had suspended the chief and assistant chief, but the council instead decided to terminate the employees, reported.

Latimore said Carden turned in his resignation via text message just hours after the city council voted to dissolve the department, the Associated Press reported.

What will the city do with no police?

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office on Friday announced it "stands with the City of Vincent in providing emergency law enforcement related services for the citizens [of Vincent] at this time," said.

In a press release, the sheriff’s office added that “we equally condemn the actions” related to the Vincent police department's alleged "misconduct."

The AP said Vincent is located in central Alabama, southeast of Birmingham, in Shelby, St. Clair, and Talladega Counties — and has a population of just under 2,000 people.

Alabama assistant police chief accused of sending racist text message to

Alabama police officer convicted of murder in shooting death of suicidal man

An Alabama jury convicted Huntsville police Officer William Ben Darby of murder on Friday, for fatally shooting a suicidal man who was holding a gun to his own head three years ago.

What are the details?

On April 3, 2018, Huntsville resident Jeff Parker called 911 for help, telling dispatchers that he had a gun and was going to kill himself. When officers arrived at Parker's home, they found him seated on a couch with the gun to his own head.

The first officer to arrive was Genisha Pegues, a senior officer to Darby, who testified against Darby, telling "the jury that she was de-escalating the situation before he got there," reported. But Darby testified "that he shot parker in defense of himself and other officers because he feared Parker might shoot them."

According to The Hill:

Body camera footage from Darby shows him running into the house with a shotgun and shooting Parker within 11 seconds of entering.

"Point your f---ing gun at him," Darby yelled at Pegues before ordering Parker to drop his weapon, which was not aimed at the officers, the footage showed.

When Parker didn't drop the gun, Darby shot him in the face.

Prosecutor Tim Gann told jurors in his closing argument, "An innocent man was murdered. He called for help and got Ben Darby."

The jury's conviction of Darby came as a shock to the Huntsville Police Department. The officer had been cleared of any wrongdoing by a police review panel, and he was able to remain an officer following the incident, Fox News reported. The city council even voted to contribute $125,000 in taxpayer money to assist with the officer's defense.

HPD Chief Mark McMurray said in a statement after the guilty verdict:

"We are in the first stages of shock. While we thank the jury for their service in this difficult case, I do not believe Officer Darby is a murderer."

"Officers are forced to make split-second decisions every day, and Officer Darby believed his life and the lives of other officers were in danger. Any situation that involves a loss of life is tragic. Our hearts go out to everyone involved."

Darby's defense attorney, Robert Tuten, has already vowed to appeal. Tuten said in a statement that he believes the conviction "won't stand," adding, "Everyone's shocked by the jury's verdict."

Meanwhile, Darby is looking at a sentence of 10 years to life.

Atlanta officer who was fired after fatally shooting Rayshard Brooks to be reinstated

The Atlanta police officer who was fired after fatally shooting Rayshard Brooks during an attempted DUI arrest last year has been reinstated after an independent review by the city's Civil Service Board.

What's the background?

Rolfe and his former partner, Devin Brosnan, responded to a call on June 12, 2020, about an allegedly intoxicated person asleep at the wheel in a Wendy's drive-through.

Upon arrival, they found Brooks, who was seen on video footage battling with the officers when they attempted to arrest him, stealing Brosnan's Taser, and attempting to fire the device at Rolfe. Rolfe then fired his service weapon at Brooks, striking him twice in the back and killing him.

The next day, Rolfe was terminated amid outcry. The next week, he was charged with felony murder and ten other charges by then-Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard, who has since been ousted from office.

Rolfe filed a lawsuit against Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lane Bottoms (D) and interim Police Chief Rodney Bryant in the aftermath, with the officer claiming he had acted within the scope of his position during his interaction with Brooks and that his termination was done illegally.

What now?

The City of Atlanta's Civil Service Board determined that "due to the city's failure to comply with several provisions of the Code and the information received during witnesses' testimony," Rolfe "was not afforded his right to due process." The panel granted the fired officer's appeal and revoked his dismissal as an employee of the Atlanta Police Department.

But while Rolfe might be back in uniform, the charges against him still remain — and the Civil Service Board emphasized that it "is not charged with determining if the Appellant's actions were criminal in nature nor will it make any reference thereto."

Fox News reported that Howard's successor, Fani Willis, "has twice asked Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr to reassign the case [against Rolfe], saying actions by Howard made it inappropriate for her office to continue handling the case," but "Carr has refused, saying the potential problems she cited were specific to Howard, so the responsibility for the case remained with her office."

Meanwhile, Mayor Bottoms stands by her original decision to terminate Rolfe in the incident that occurred shortly after the death of George Floyd, saying in a statement on Wednesday, "Given the volatile state of our city and nation last summer, the decision to terminate this officer, after he fatally shot Mr. Brooks in the back, was the right thing to do."

She added, "Had immediate action not been taken, I firmly believe that the public safety crisis we experienced during that time would have been significantly worse."

'I am tired!': Police officer makes viral video after hitting breaking point over anti-cop attitudes

Maj. Kelvin Dingle — operation commander at the Morehouse School of Medicine Department of Public Safety in Atlanta — made a video that has quickly gone viral.

"I wake up every morning and kiss my family goodbye, knowing that there's a possibility I won't come home," Dingle says as he sits behind the wheel of his car. "I am tired of every time I wake up in the morning there's someone else polarizing the fact that maybe law enforcement is just not a good thing! All of us are not bad! I am not as they are! Most of us are not! There are bad people in every career! I'm so goddamn tired! Tired! Tired!"

He ends the clip in a near whisper: "I'm so tired. I give everything. I give everything! I'm tired."

Damn. You have to listen to this man.

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) 1619925018.0

The TikTok video has been viewed 1.6 million times as of Wednesday morning and seems to be striking a chord. Newsweek reported that one user wrote, "This absolutely breaks my heart. I am SO grateful for you and appreciate all you have sacrificed. I feel so blessed to have men like you."

'It wasn't always that way'

Dingle told "Fox & Friends" Tuesday that when he created the video, he was simply riding home and thinking about how badly police officers have been treated recently. "And that day, I just, honestly, had enough. My heart was broken because of the things that I saw in just traveling home to my family, and it wasn't always that way."

He noted that often when other motorists see him in uniform on the road, they're "frowning at me. People are purposely doing things to get my attention. They're flipping me off."

"This is something new," he added to the program. "It's a new attitude."

Dingle confessed that "it's really heartbreaking to me. When I got in law enforcement 20 years ago, it was not that way. In the last two years or so, law enforcement has really, really been just put out there as something negative. And we're not. We actually took an oath to protect and serve."

While he understands the anger over isolated instances where police officers "make bad decisions," Dingle told "Fox & Friends" that "the majority of us that put this badge on every day, the majority of us want to protect and serve. ... We're generally good-hearted people that want to make a difference."

Dingle added on the program that there was a time when other drivers waved hello and smiled at him on the road — and some even saluted him, which he said meant a lot due to his background as a Marine.

What can we do?

Dingle added to "Fox & Friends" that it's possible a renewed positive attitude toward law enforcement in America can return — but not without communication and listening.

"The truth of the matter is, we have two sides, and two sides need to be heard," he told the program. "But people need to listen — not to respond — but listen to understand. That's the difference … if you can do that, I promise you there's a solution out there. We just have to communicate ... to find it."

Watch: Teacher goes on racist rant against deputy who pulls her over, repeatedly calling him 'a murderer'

A teacher has been caught on video delivering a racist tirade against a Latino sheriff's deputy in Los Angeles, wherein she repeatedly calls him "a murderer" and taunts, "You're always gonna be a Mexican, you'll never be white, you know that?"

What are the details?

The video was obtained by KTTV-TV's Bill Melugin, who was sent the footage from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department deputy involved.

In the clip, the deputy can be seen approaching the woman's vehicle as she asked why she is "being harassed" since she was driving under the speed limit.

"Yes you are, ma'am, good morning," he replies.

The woman can be seen holding her phone up showing that she was recording the deputy, when he says, "I pulled you over because..." and she cuts him off, replying, "Because you're a murderer."

The deputy explains that he pulled her over because she was using her cellphone while driving, and she tells him she had been recording him, reiterating, "because you are a murderer."

When asked to present her driver's license, the woman discloses that she does not have it with her. The deputy allowed her to present a picture of her driver's license, and while she scrolled looking for it, she asked for him to call his supervisor. The officer informed her that the supervisor was already on his way.

"Good, because you're a murderer," she replied.

The woman says in the footage that she is a teacher. Melugin reported that "she has been a professor at schools in the LA area."

Another deputy arrives on the scene, and tells the woman she is receiving a ticket for using her cellphone while driving. She tells him the deputy who issued the ticket was "a Mexican racist," and then tells the deputy who pulled her over, "You're always gonna be a Mexican, you'll never be white, you know that, right? You'll never be white, which is what you really want to be."

NEW: "You're always gonna be a Mexican, you'll never be white, you know that?"A Latino LASD deputy sent me his bod…

— Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) 1620080865.0

What else?

The LASD told Melugin the woman called the LASD after the incident to file a harassment complaint against the deputy. The department noted that "she has a history of making false complaints against deputies."

The reporter also noted that the San Dimas station — where the officer is based out of — does not require body cameras, but the deputy "invested in his own personal cam to protect himself on the job."