Fauci’s Agency Raked In $690 Million From Big Pharma In The Wake Of Pandemic Lockdowns

An investigation by Open the Books found pharmaceutical and health care companies paid more than $710 million to the NIH.

Republicans’ Defense Amendment Would Rescue Military Kids From Lefty Indoctrination In DOD Schools

Congressional Republicans are proposing a significant shift in the exercise of congressional authority over the DODEA.

Nancy Pelosi’s Subway Boondoggle Just One Of Government’s Countless Spending Secrets

Iowa U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst is awarding her March 2024 Squeal Award to Biden's Treasury Department for keeping taxpayers in the dark.

Federal Government Paid To Study Cats On Russian Treadmills: Report

More than $490 million in U.S. grant money went to researchers in China while another $870 million ended up in Russia.