Alumna: Stanford Law Hasn’t Fixed Its Damaged Free Speech Reputation Yet

Astoundingly, Stanford Law administrators made no mention of whether students or a professor who violated school free speech policies would be disciplined or reprimanded.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Chris Pratt Celebrating His Newborn’s Health

Regardless of our circumstances, we should all celebrate when a precious child does not face the pain and complications plaguing children like my daughter.

Why The ‘Jeopardy!’ Three-Finger Farce Is A Sinister Sign For America

The mob was not amused, with the former ‘Jeopardy!’ contestants calling Kelly Donohue’s refusal to apologize for something he did not do ‘problematic.’

The New York Times Using Its Reporting Resources To Weaponize Teen Drama Is A Scary Trend

At 15, Mimi Groves said the n-word word in an attempt to be 'cool,' and the video sat for years. It wasn't until it was weaponized against her that anyone cared at all.

‘Mandalorian’ Star And MMA Fighter Gina Carano Takes On Transgender Bullies On Twitter

Gina Carano on refusing to endorse transgender language: 'I'm not against trans lives at all. They need to find less abusive representation.'