Automatic Voter Registration Exists To Keep Democrats In Power, So Why Aren’t Republicans Fighting It?

The whole point of AVR is to boost Democrats’ get-out-the-vote and ballot-harvesting operations by saving them resources currently spent on voter registration.

‘Candidate Quality’ Doesn’t Matter When You’ve Got A ‘D’ Next To Your Name

The political machine is what matters most in American federal politics in 2022. And Democrats perfected theirs in 2020.

Watch For These 5 Red Flags In Pennsylvania’s Elections This Year

With the 2022 midterms fast approaching, Democrats in states like Pennsylvania are trying the same tactics they used in 2020.

RNC Sues Pennsylvania For Telling Counties To Break Election Law By Counting Faulty Mail-In Ballots

Shortly after the Pennsylvania secretary of state told counties to ignore election law and a SCOTUS ruling, the RNC announced a lawsuit.

Court Decision May Invalidate Pennsylvania’s No-Excuse Mail-In Vote Law

A Pennsylvania law that allows no-excuse mail-in voting may be in jeopardy because of a Democrat effort to water it down.  Act 77, passed in October 2019, made numerous changes to Pennsylvania’s election code including setting aside “funding for the purchase of election machines” and establishing no-excuse mail-in balloting. Prior to Act 77, Pennsylvania had […]

Biden’s Trans Health Official Prioritizes The Pink Police State Above American Lives

Joe Biden is showing even he doesn't take his pledges to end America’s COVID crisis seriously. Expertise, not political tokenism, is the way forward.