How to survive the end of the world in 6 easy steps

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While prepping for minor emergencies is stressful enough, a disaster is outright overwhelming.

That’s why Glenn Beck has made it a lot less complicated and laid out the “6 basic steps to prepping.”

“Most people quit before they even begin, but it’s actually really easy and inexpensive,” Glenn explains, adding, “Start with what the government is now ignoring, the basics.”

The first step is building a solid personal finance and health foundation.

“The best way to insulate yourself in an economic crisis is to get as debt-free as you can. We also need to get into the financial position where we can dedicate a few extra dollars every month to advance our prep plan,” Glenn says.

“We also need to make sure that bad health won’t get in the way of surviving when it’s needed,” he adds, noting that being able to walk a considerable distance and carry what you need is paramount.

The second step is getting your home ready for two weeks of self-reliance. This means you’ll need 15 gallons of water per person, 23,000 calories per person, and sources of light. You’ll also need a gun, ammo, indoor heating, a USB powered fan, and medical supplies.

Another incredible tool is a ham radio, which Glenn plans to learn and get licensed on.

The third step is having a bug-out bag, which includes everything from 32 ounces of water, a tarp, a field knife, and very important: cash.

The fourth step is preparing for emergencies away from home. “Exercise your Second Amendment right to protect yourself,” Glenn says.

The fifth step is practicing the skills it would require to protect yourself, like shooting a gun. Last but definitely not least comes number six, which is sharing and building a base with others.

“Share what you’ve learned, build a base of like-minded friends and family,” Glenn says.

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