1 In 10 K-12 Students Has Been Sexually Abused By A Teacher

The rate of sexual misconduct in public schools far exceeds the high-profile abuse scandals that rocked the Roman Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of America.

Biden Judicial Nominee Sent Trans Male Rapist to Female Prison, Arguing Safety Concerns Were Overblown. Now, Sources Say He is Exposing Himself to Inmates.

A judge nominated by President Joe Biden to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, Sarah Netburn, is facing questions from lawmakers after recommending that a transgender, twice-convicted male sex offender be placed in a female prison.

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Illegal alien with prior deportation accused of raping child in Utah

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An illegal alien with at least one prior deportation from the United States has now been accused of raping a child in Utah.

The nature of those charges is unclear, but they resulted in an immigration detainer. Fewer than two weeks later, an immigration judge ordered him deported.

Around 3 p.m. on July 4, Francisco Lopez-Ramirez, a 42-year-old Mexican national living in the U.S. illegally, was arrested in Provo, Utah. Though almost no details have been reported regarding the allegations against him or the circumstances regarding his arrest, Utah County jail records confirm not only that Lopez-Ramirez was arrested but that he was charged with raping a child and with unlawful sexual activity with a minor believed to be 16 or 17 years old.

Jail records also indicate that ICE has since issued an immigration detainer against him, rendering him "not bailable." Blaze News reached out to Enforcement and Removal Operations at the ICE field office in Salt Lake City to learn further details about the suspect.

ERO informed us that Lopez-Ramirez has at least one prior arrest from more than a decade ago that resulted in a deportation. On January 31, 2010, he was "discovered living in Utah" after he was arrested for "local charges," an ERO spokesperson told Blaze News.

The nature of those charges is unclear, but they did result in an immigration detainer. Fewer than two weeks later, an immigration judge ordered Lopez-Ramirez deported back to Mexico, the ERO spokesperson told Blaze News.

At some point since, Lopez-Ramirez must have re-entered the country illegally "without inspection by an immigration official," as ERO has no record of when or where he may have entered. Once ICE officials learned about his arrest for alleged child rape in Provo on July 4, they issued an immigration detainer for him the same day.

It is unclear when Lopez-Ramirez is next scheduled to appear in court. Jail records note only that he is 5'2", weighs 130 pounds, and has brown hair and eyes. No booking photo was provided.

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Prosecutors attacked underage victims as prostitutes to sabotage 2006 case against Epstein, new transcripts appear to show

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://www.theblaze.com/media-library/image.jpg?id=52537843&width=1200&height=400&coordinates=0,286,0,198 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//www.theblaze.com/media-library/image.jpg%3Fid%3D52537843%26width%3D1200%26height%3D400%26coordinates%3D0%2C286%2C0%2C198%22%7D" expand=1]

Prosecutors handling a grand jury trial proceeding against Jeffrey Epstein in 2006 may have sabotaged their own case by attacking two underage victims as prostitutes and criminals, newly released transcripts appear to show.

On Monday, Circuit Judge Luis Delgado released about 150 pages of a transcript taken during Epstein's four-hour grand jury hearing in Palm Beach County in July 2006. Though grand jury transcripts are usually sealed permanently, Florida's Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a law earlier this year to ensure the public's access to grand jury transcripts in certain cases such as Epstein's.

'Does her website also include pictures of her in skimpy attire, drinking alcohol and sexually provocative photos?'

Delgado seemed eager to disseminate the transcripts, indicating it was necessary to preserve the integrity of the court. "For almost 20 years, the story of how Jeffrey Epstein victimized some of Palm Beach County’s most vulnerable has been the subject of much anger and has at times diminished the public’s perception of the criminal justice system," he wrote.

"The details in the record will be outrageous to decent people. The testimony taken by the Grand Jury concerns activity ranging from grossly unacceptable to rape — all of the conduct at issue is sexually deviant, disgusting, and criminal."

Delgado did not exaggerate. The transcripts appear to show former State's Attorney Barry Krischer and Lanna Belohlavek painting two victims as criminals and prostitutes.

The first victim testified that she was just 14 years old when she first went to Epstein's mansion to give him a massage in exchange for $300. At Epstein's request, she allegedly stripped down to her underwear, gave him a massage, and then allowed him to use a vibrator on her for an extra $100.

The girl also admitted that she lied and told Epstein she was 18. It is unclear how many encounters she may have had with Epstein. About a year after her initial visit to his mansion, the girl's stepmother found the money, learned the reason Epstein had given it to her, and reported the girl's claims to local police.

Despite evidence that the girl was likely the victim of statutory rape and sexual grooming, prosecutors called her out as a criminal.

"You aware that you committed a crime?" prosecutor Belohlavek asked the girl during the grand jury hearing.

The girl replied that she didn't realize at the time that what she had done was a crime but had since come to realize that it was. "Now, I guess it's prostitution or something like that," she said.

A juror also asked the girl whether she knew "deep down" when she was going to Epstein's mansion that what she was doing was "wrong" and damaging to her "reputation." The girl replied that she did.

The other victim who testified at the grand jury proceeding claimed that she had visited Epstein's mansion more than 100 times, and during the course of those visits, Epstein gradually convinced her to participate in more and more sexual activity in exchange for $200. She also received money and even a rental car for her personal use if she brought along other girls, she said.

"He told her, 'The younger, the better,'" Palm Beach Police Detective Joe Recarey testified at the hearing.

The girl said Epstein knew she was 17 from the start of these visits. On the day before her 18th birthday, Epstein allegedly escalated their encounters to intercourse for the first time. "She screamed no," Recarey testified. So Epstein reportedly stopped and paid the girl $1,000.

Once again, prosecutors appeared to impugn the girl's character.

"You understand that you in effect were committing prostitution yourself," one said.

At various times during the hearing, Krischer and Belohlavek also harped on the girls' body piercings, their shoplifting escapades, their arrests for other alleged crimes, and how much money they made from Epstein. During the testimony of one investigator, one prosecutor even asked, "Does her [MySpace page] also include pictures of her in skimpy attire, drinking alcohol and sexually provocative photos?"

'It is so sad, the number of victims Epstein was able to abuse because the State carried water for him when they had a chance to put him away.'

Though the grand jury transcript does not reveal all the possible charges on which the grand jury could have indicted Epstein, the grand jury ultimately indicted him on a single count of solicitation of prostitution.

In an agreement with federal prosecutors two years later, Epstein pled guilty to that original solicitation charge plus an additional count of soliciting a minor into prostitution. He served 13 months of an 18-month sentence in a low-security prison with almost daily work release, so he was able to return to his office on a regular basis.

With the newly released transcripts, critics are once again appalled at the way prosecutors handled the initial case. Spencer Kuvin, who represented nine of Epstein's alleged victims, including one of the girls who testified before the grand jury, called it "despicable" and "atrocious."

"They basically tanked their own case," he said.

"It just reaffirmed what we always knew was happening is that the state attorney was afraid to prosecute him, and that they tanked their own case by attacking their own witnesses during the grand jury proceeding," he added.

"It was almost like the grand jury proceeding was an attempt to prosecute the teenagers and ignore Epstein."

Brad Edwards, another attorney for some of Epstein's alleged victims, made similar comments, claiming prosecutors wanted the grand jury "to return minimal" charges against Jeffrey Epstein — "if any."

"A fraction of the evidence was presented, in a misleading way, and the Office portrayed the victims as criminals," Edwards continued. "It is so sad, the number of victims Epstein was able to abuse because the State carried water for him when they had a chance to put him away."

Detective Recarey died in 2018. Epstein then died the following year while awaiting federal trial in New York. Reports indicate he hanged himself in his prison cell.

Krischer did not respond to a request for comment from the AP about the transcript but has previously defended his handling of the case. "No matter how my office resolved the state charges, the U.S. Attorney's Office always had the ability to file its own federal charges," he said in a statement in 2019.

The Miami Herald attempted to reach Belohlavek for comment but was unsuccessful.

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Counting The Most Horrific Crimes Allegedly Committed By Illegals Who Crossed The Border Under Biden’s Watch

Illegal aliens have been convicted of more than 66,000 crimes under Biden's watch.

Tennessee's law enabling state to execute convicted child rapists now in effect — despite Democrat opposition

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://www.theblaze.com/media-library/tennessee-s-law-enabling-state-to-execute-convicted-child-rapists-now-in-effect-despite-democrat-opposition.jpg?id=52534765&width=2000&height=1500&coordinates=67,0,67,0 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//www.theblaze.com/media-library/tennessee-s-law-enabling-state-to-execute-convicted-child-rapists-now-in-effect-despite-democrat-opposition.jpg%3Fid%3D52534765%26width%3D2000%26height%3D1500%26coordinates%3D67%2C0%2C67%2C0%22%7D" expand=1]

Tennessee has joined Florida in enabling trial judges and juries to put child rapists six feet under.

State House Majority Leader William Lamberth introduced House Bill 1663 in January. Republicans managed to pass the legislation in both chambers despite Democratic opposition.

State Rep. Aftyn Behn (Nashville), one of the bill's Democratic critics, insisted that the "death penalty is incompatible with the right to life." Behn, a pro-abortion advocate, suggested further that "it violates the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment and guarantees of due process of law and equal protection under the law."

Behn also suggested that that victims might be less likely to report crimes if they knew their abusers would be sentenced to death.

Lamberth responded to Behn, saying, "Directly from a survivor: 'My sister and I were abused by my father from a very young age. I just want you to know that I appreciate you pushing for the death penalty. I don't think it will stop people from telling about their abuse.' ... She's lived it. I trust her."

Florida Republicans faced similar opposition from leftists over their child-rapist death penalty law.

The leftist blog TruthOut denounced the legislation, suggesting the law was the result of an "anti-LGBTQ" legislative campaign and claiming further that the death penalty is "one of the most explicitly lethal manifestations of institutional racism and oppression." TheBody, an HIV resource blog, also suggested the legislation could be dangerous for LGBT people. Seattle Gay News expressed concern that the legislation could set the stage for the execution of persons who subject children to "gender-affirming" genital mutilations as well as those deemed to be "child groomers."

After Tennessee Republicans overcame the opposition of Behn and other Democrats, Gov. Bill Lee (R) ratified the legislation on May 9.

'If someone rapes one of our children, they forfeit their own life.'

Previously, an adult pedophile convicted of rape of a child aged 8-13 in the state would be looking at serving between 15-60 years in prison for a Class A felony. An adult pedophile convicted of aggravated rape of a child 8 or younger would necessarily receive life imprisonment without parole.

Now, in the first case of child rape, the sentence must necessarily be death, imprisonment for life without the possibility of parole, or life imprisonment. In the second case of aggravated child rape, the sentence must be death or imprisonment for life without parole.

If a jury cannot agree on a punishment, then the trial judge is to default to a sentence of life without parole for a child rapist.

The law also states that defendants with intellectual disabilities cannot be sentenced to death.

Ahead of his bill's passage, Lamberth noted, "We're going to protect our children in the state of Tennessee. If someone rapes one of our children, they forfeit their own life," reported the Tennessean.

"Life in prison for these evil people is simply too good," added Lamberth.

While the law went into effect Monday, it remains in a kind of limbo on account of Gov. Lee's moratorium on executions. In May 2022, Lee learned the state had not properly checked lethal drugs for bacterial contamination and called for an independent review. That said, Lee indicated the penalty remains on the table on a case-to-case basis.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in Kennedy v. Louisiana that the Eighth Amendment prohibits states from executing child rapists in cases where the crime did not result and was not intended to result in the death of the child. Justices Clarence Thomas, John Roberts, Samuel Alito, and the late Antonin Scalia dissented.

Justice Alito, who wrote the dissenting opinion, noted, "The Court today holds that the Eighth Amendment categorically prohibits the imposition of the death penalty for the crime of raping a child. This is so, according to the Court, no matter how young the child, no matter how many times the child is raped, no matter how many children the perpetrator rapes, no matter how sadistic the crime, no matter how much physical or psychological trauma is inflicted, and no matter how heinous the perpetrator’s prior criminal record may be."

Justice Alito stressed that the two reasons offered by the liberal majority on the court for this conclusion — that that there was a "national consensus" that the death penalty is not an acceptable punishment for child rape and that such a penalty is inconsistent with the "evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society" — were "unsound."

After poking holes in the majority's opinion, Alito underscored that the Eighth Amendment is not a "one-way ratchet that prohibits legislatures from adopting new capital punishment statutes to meet new problems" and that "child rapists exhibit the epitome of moral depravity," inflicting "grievous injury on victims and on society in general."

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), who ratified House Bill 1297 last year imposing the death penalty for pedophiles who commit sexual battery against children under 12, made expressly clear that he is prepared to take the law "all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court to overrule judicial precedents which have unjustly shielded child rapists from the death penalty and denied victims and their loved ones the opportunity to pursue ultimate justice against these most heinous criminals."

Tennessee state Sen. Jack Johnson (R) also expressed confidence in April that the high court would rule in favor of the child-rapist execution bill he supported.

"Given the makeup of the current court, there is a strong possibility that Kennedy v. Louisiana could be overturned," wrote Johnson. "I feel very certain that the Supreme Court believes there is a strong, compelling state interest to protect children, and we believe this Court will support Tennessee's efforts."

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Latest alleged rape and murder of a young American by illegal aliens pinned on Biden

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://www.theblaze.com/media-library/latest-alleged-rape-and-murder-of-a-young-american-by-illegal-aliens-pinned-on-biden.jpg?id=52499251&width=1200&height=800&coordinates=0,0,38,0 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//www.theblaze.com/media-library/latest-alleged-rape-and-murder-of-a-young-american-by-illegal-aliens-pinned-on-biden.jpg%3Fid%3D52499251%26width%3D1200%26height%3D800%26coordinates%3D0%2C0%2C38%2C0%22%7D" expand=1]

Jocelyn Nungaray, a 12-year-old Houston girl, was brutally murdered on June 17. A pair of illegal aliens from Venezuela who stole into the nation under the Biden administration's watch allegedly lured the girl under a bridge, stripped her, tied her up, subjected her to hours of sexual torment, strangled her, then tossed her lifeless body in a swampy creek near the North Freeway.

Nungaray's body was found by Billie Jackson, who was driving home from dropping off her husband. Jackson told KTRK-TV, "I drove past, and when I looked up the creek, I thought it was a mannequin. I did a U-turn, and I stopped on the bridge, put my flashers on, looked down, and realized it was someone. I parked right here and called 911 immediately."

The Houston Police Department confirmed Thursday that suspects Johan Jose Martinez-Rangel, 22, and Franklin Pena, 26, — whom the Associated Press was apparently keen not to identify as illegal aliens — were charged with capital murder in the 232nd State District Court.

Nungary's suspected killers. (Houston Police Department)

Nungaray, whose committal service is scheduled for Thursday, is one of the latest in a seemingly interminable series of American innocents victimized by foreign nationals whom the Biden administration has failed to keep out or send packing.

Earlier this month, an illegal alien from Ecuador who stole into the country months after Biden took power reportedly came upon two teens hanging out in Queens park, drew a "large machete-style knife," then forced them to a remote area of the park, where he allegedly raped the young girl.

Another illegal alien suspected of raping and murdering beloved Maryland mother of five Rachel Morin was also arrested this month. Harford County Sheriff Jeffery Gahler indicated there's a good chance Morin was not the illegal alien's first victim, reported WBFF-TV.

Former President Donald Trump and other Republicans have underscored who they believe is ultimately to blame for this grisly trend.

"We have a new Biden Migrant Killing," Trump wrote on his platform. "It's only going to get worse, and it's all Crooked Joe Biden's fault. He's a disgrace to the Office of the President, he's a disgrace to America."

Trump signaled interest in having Biden explain at Thursday's presidential debate "why he has allowed MILLIONS of people to come into our Country illegally!"

Not including the month of June, over 1.69 million illegal aliens have already stolen across the southern border this fiscal year. Nearly 1 million of those were single adults.

The Trump campaign echoed the candidate on X, noting, "The brutal murders of these Americans is on the hands of Biden — and the evil Biden migrants he released into our country."

The House Committee on Homeland Security explained in a breakdown last week that the Biden administration set the stage for these kinds of murders and rapes by illegal aliens, in part, by ending "policies and practices that could have prevented these tragedies" such as the "remain in Mexico policy." The congressional committee also noted that the Biden administration's under-use of detention all but ensures that illegal aliens like Nungaray's suspected killers end up roaming the land, free of accountability.

The committee further noted that the notion that illegal aliens crossing the border can be adequately vetted or screened is a sick joke with a frequently deadly punch line delivered at citizens' expense. Additionally, the committed stressed that the so-called "bipartisan Senate border bill" Biden frequently suggests would have served as a corrective would have done nothing to prevent these tragedies.

Chairman Mark Green (R-Tenn.) said, "These tragedies could have been avoided if the Biden administration would simply enforce the laws they swore to uphold. It's truly that simple."

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said in a statement last week, "These men are illegal aliens and Jocelyn Nungaray would still be alive and with her family if not for Joe Biden’s open border policies. The Biden administration is directly responsible."

Extra to advocating that both illegal aliens should receive the death penalty if found guilty, Cruz said that Nungaray's family deserves justice in the way of meaningful remedies to the problem of illegal immigration.

"Joe Biden is out of excuses: He must reinstate Remain in Mexico and end catch-and-release immediately, or we will lose more innocent life. There is no time for half measures — we need to look at what works, and do it now," said Cruz.

When the White House released what appeared to be template responses to the deaths of Morin and Nungaray, Tuberville wrote, "Shameful. Innocent people were murdered by illegal immigrants and the @WhiteHouse still REFUSES to accept responsibility."

The Biden campaign has desperately attempted to displace blame, suggesting the fault instead lies with Biden's opponent, who has been out of office for years.

"Donald Trump is making Americans less safe by blocking the border deal," Lauren Hitt, a Biden campaign spokeswoman, told NBC News.

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Father of 13-year-old girl allegedly raped by illegal alien in NYC park slams Biden's open border for attack: 'This is what happens'

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://www.theblaze.com/media-library/image.jpg?id=52490754&width=2000&height=1500&coordinates=0,0,114,0 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//www.theblaze.com/media-library/image.jpg%3Fid%3D52490754%26width%3D2000%26height%3D1500%26coordinates%3D0%2C0%2C114%2C0%22%7D" expand=1]

The dad of a 13-year-old girl who was allegedly raped inside a New York City park by an illegal immigrant has broken his silence. The furious father slammed President Joe Biden's open-border policy for the disturbing sex crimes allegedly committed against his daughter by an illegal alien.

A 13-year-old boy and girl had just finished playing soccer and were walking in Kissena Park in Queens around 3:30 p.m. on June 13. Suddenly, a man purportedly demanded that the two children follow him into a dense, wooded area of the park. When the schoolchildren refused, the man reportedly threatened them with a "large machete-style knife," according to NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny.

Once in the wooded area, the man reportedly tied the wrists of the children with a shoelace and stuffed their mouths with a bandana and a piece of cloth.

As Blaze News previously reported, the man then raped the 13-year-old girl.

He allegedly stole their cellphones and ordered the children to stay put for 20 minutes as he fled the crime scene.

The kids returned to their school to report the alleged child sex crime. School officials notified the police.

NYPD released surveillance images of the rape suspect. Local residents recognized the suspect and informed the police that the man's name was Christian Geovanny Inga-Landi – a 25-year-old illegal immigrant from Ecuador.

Kenny said of the suspect, "Everybody knew who we were looking for. We had tips coming in actually naming the perpetrator. They knew who he was. They saw him out on the street."

This week, as many as 10 residents spotted Inga-Landi and cornered him until NYPD officers arrived to arrest him. Inga-Landi allegedly fought with the good Samaritans.

Video shows police officers dragging him out from under a car.

Inga-Landi faces 11 charges, including rape, kidnapping, and endangering the welfare of a child. He faces up to 25 years to life in prison if convicted.

On Wednesday, Inga-Landi appeared in court for arraignment.

Prosecutors read the transcript of a video of Inga-Landi speaking with investigators, which he not only seemingly admitted to raping the girl but also said he filmed the sex attack.

"I was nervous at first, then got comfortable and recorded it," he allegedly said on the video, which caused "sighs from the audience."

He also reportedly told investigators, "I went to buy drugs, afterwards."

Judge Joanne Watters denied him bail.

The father of the 13-year-old victim blamed Biden's border crisis for the illegal alien raping his young daughter.

The distraught dad told the New York Post, "The open border policy, I have never agreed with, because that just invites a lot of things that we don’t need. And look what came in. Look what happened to my daughter."

He added that "this is what happens" when illegal immigrants are allowed to cross the border unchecked and unfettered.

The 70-year-old father's name was withheld to protect his daughter's identity.

Inga-Landi illegally crossed the U.S. southern border and entered Texas in 2021. Last February, he was ordered to leave the country by a New York City immigration judge.

"My mind is really swirling with all of the anger I have right now."

The father said the family has "been going through hell" since the alleged sex attack.

"It just turned my world upside down, and the healing process has yet to begin," he told the outlet. "My mind is really swirling with all of the anger I have right now."

He was thankful for the residents catching the suspect, and noted that things would been different if he had gotten ahold of Inga-Landi.

"Especially when you have a child that’s been violated viciously, the instinct that I have is thank God I didn't see this guy," the father proclaimed.

When asked about his daughter’s current situation, he responded, “You can't even imagine. So let's just leave it at that."

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Family Of Mother Allegedly Murdered By Illegal Migrant ‘Deeply Touched’ By Trump’s Outreach

‘He was genuine and truly wanted to know how our family was coping,’ Patty Morin said

Gateway Church founder Robert Morris resigns days after reported molestation victim speaks out

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://www.theblaze.com/media-library/gateway-church-founder-robert-morris-resigns-days-after-reported-molestation-victim-speaks-out.webp?id=52474459&width=1200&height=400&coordinates=0,142,0,143 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//www.theblaze.com/media-library/gateway-church-founder-robert-morris-resigns-days-after-reported-molestation-victim-speaks-out.webp%3Fid%3D52474459%26width%3D1200%26height%3D400%26coordinates%3D0%2C142%2C0%2C143%22%7D" expand=1]

Robert Morris, the founding pastor of the popular Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas, resigned Tuesday after admitting to engaging in "inappropriate sexual behavior with a young lady."

Blaze News previously reported that the "young lady" in question, who was allegedly 12 when the sexual abuse began, is Cindy Clemishire, now 54.

"It was kissing and petting and not intercourse, but it was wrong," Morris said in a statement to the Christian Post. "This behavior happened on several occasions over the next few years."

"It went on for many years," said Clemishire, troubled by the pastor's apparent revisionism. "He says there was no sexual intercourse, but he did touch every part of my body and inserted his fingers into me, which I understand now is considered a form of rape by instrumentation. I was an innocent 12-year-old little girl who knew nothing about sexual behavior."

"I was 12 years old. I was a little girl. A very innocent little girl," added Clemishire.

The Board of Elders of the megachurch revealed in a statement Tuesday that it had accepted Morris' resignation.

"In addition, the Board has retained the law firm of Haynes & Boone, LLP, to conduct an independent, thorough, and professional review of the report of past abuse to ensure we have a complete understanding of the events from 1982-1987," said the statement.

The elders appeared eager to walk back the phrasing of their internal June 14 statement, where they wrote, "Pastor Robert has been open and forthright about a moral failure he had over 35 years ago when he was in his twenties and prior to him starting Gateway Church. He has shared publicly from the pulpit the proper Biblical steps he took in his lengthy restoration process."

'They're basically lying and minimizing the crime.'

The elders added in their initial statement, "Since the resolution of this 35-year-old matter, there have been no other moral failures. Pastor Robert has walked in purity, and he has placed accountability measures and people in his life."

On Tuesday — after Clemishire suggested "they're basically lying and minimizing the crime" — the elders noted that they previously "did not have all the facts of the inappropriate relationship between Morris and the victim, including her age at the time and the length of the abuse."

They claimed that they were previously commenting under this misapprehension that Morris' "extramarital relationship, which he had discussed many times throughout his ministry, was with 'a young lady' and not abuse of a 12-year-old."

'He told her to close her eyes.'

"We are heartbroken and appalled by what has come to light over the past few days, and we express our deep sympathy to the victim and her family," added the elders. "For the sake of the victim, we are thankful this situation has been exposed."

Clemishire recently shared her story with the Wartburg Watch, a watchdog blog that details incidents of abuse within various churches. Clemishire indicated that she only fully came to grips with what she was subjected to as a child after watching a description of predatory grooming on television.

Clemishire noted that decades ago, a young traveling evangelist, then in his 20s, befriended her parents, and over time became a family friend whom she regarded as "safe and friendly." That safety and friendliness proved illusory on Christmas night 1982 when the evangelist, Robert Morris, allegedly molested her.

Morris allegedly "told her to lie down on her back and touched her stomach. He told her to close her eyes. Then he touched her breasts and felt under her panties. He warned her: 'Never tell anyone about this because it will ruin everything.'"

Blaze News previously noted that the alleged molestation, which included digital penetration, apparently continued until March 1987, at which point Morris was a pastor at Shady Grove Church, which would eventually become the Gateway Church – Grand Prairie Campus.

Clemishire's father reportedly found out what was going on and called the head pastor of Shady Grove to report Morris. He apparently gave the head pastor an ultimatum: have Morris leave the ministry or deal with the police.

Morris left the ministry for two years and would later suggest in his 2011 book "From Dream to Destiny" that he had done so on account of an excess in pride.

According to the Wartburg Watch, Morris' wife, Debbie, allegedly called up the victim after her husband's ouster and told Clemishire, then still a minor, that she "forgave her."

'We must be consistent in our efforts to protect Texas kids.'

Texas state Rep. Nate Schatzline (R) was one of the many who called on Morris to resign, noting that while he believes in "restoration, the details that have recently come to light are deeply disturbing and are unacceptable for anyone, especially a spiritual leader. I wholeheartedly condemn these actions and any attempt at covering them up."

Schatzline, himself a pastor, added, "We must be consistent in our efforts to protect Texas kids, and that starts with exposing it regardless if they are a leader in the church. These actions demand public exposure, should never be tolerated, and any person who harms a child should and must be held accountable."

— (@)

BlazeTV host Allie Beth Stuckey noted on X, "Child molestation isn't just a sin, it's a crime. This should've been handled by civil authorities, which God gave us to keep evil in check. Instead, it was brushed under the rug after he was 'restored.'"

Clemishire has indicated the statute of limitations for criminal or civil action has almost certainly run out.

"Let's set something straight: repentance and restoration does not include restoring an accused abuser to a leadership position (if, in fact, the claims against him prove true)," added Stuckey.

In a Tuesday letter obtained by KDFW-TV, Clemishire noted that she would have preferred for the church elders to have fired Morris rather than let him resign.

Clemishire indicated further in her letter that while it was Morris who molested her, those in his orbit added insult to injury. When she asked Morris to reimburse her for the counseling she needed "as a result of this abuse," Clemishire said his attorney "attempted to blame [her] for the abuse." She added that at least one Gateway elder was aware of Morris' sexual abuse of a minor but chose to believe the pastor's account of events.

"This is just the beginning," wrote Clemishire. "I wholeheartedly and sadly believe I am not the only victim. I encourage anyone who has been sexually victimized by a leader of Gateway Church to take the bold step forward and say something. Now is the time."

Clemishire said to the congregation of the church, "My heart is equally broken for you. Please remember our faith is in Jesus, not an institution or a man in the pulpit. Keep your faith!"

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