‘Election Interference’: Leftist PAC’s Ad Uses Deceitful Trump Clips To Suppress Republican Votes

The ad, paid for by liberal super PAC “Pennsylvania Values,” uses old clips from Trump to urge Republicans not to vote early.

Conservative Groups See ‘Fruits’ Of Pennsylvania Vote-By-Mail Campaign

Anderson said the GOTV campaign has brought in some 40,000 low-propensity Republican voters who have joined the absentee voter list.

Here’s The Silver Lining In Last Week’s Virginia Elections Democrats Don’t Want You To Know About

Virginia Republicans' use of early and absentee voting to gain votes in the face of a slanted map should instruct Republicans nationwide.

Virginia Democrats Regain Full Majority In General Assembly

'I promise, we'll deliver,' Youngkin said

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'The latest round of ads has been launched across target districts'

EXCLUSIVE: Republican Group Wades Into Major Judicial Race With Six-Figure Ad Buy

'The last thing the people of Wisconsin need is liberal outsiders telling them how to live their lives'

EXCLUSIVE: New GOP Ad Blasts Biden For Ruining Americans’ Summer

A new ad by the State Government Leadership Foundation is hammering Joe Biden for ruining summer