DOJ Subpoenaed Phone And Email Logs Of Hill Staffers Probing Crossfire Hurricane Malfeasance

The executive branch’s targeting of staffers assisting with congressional oversight represents a dangerous intrusion into the legislative branch’s functioning.

Third Mueller scope memo shows Rosenstein confirmed investigative authority at special counsel’s request

The third memorandum detailing the widening scope of Robert Mueller’s investigation was declassified and made public on Wednesday, showing that, differently from the first two memos authored by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, this final memo granting investigative authority to the special counsel was signed onto by Rosenstein at Mueller’s request rather than written by Rosenstein directly.

Jeff Sessions told federal prosecutors they 'need to take away children' at border: Report

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions told several U.S. attorneys along the U.S.-Mexico border in 2018 they "need to take away children" as part of an immigration enforcement plan.

Newly disclosed DOJ email says Mueller 'withdrew from consideration' for FBI director before special counsel appointment

A newly disclosed email adds another wrinkle to the debate over whether Robert Mueller interviewed for the FBI director job after James Comey was fired before becoming special counsel, which President Trump claims he did but Mueller denied under oath.

Conflicting reports: Did Rod Rosenstein just resign? [UPDATE: No]

Update: Rosenstein has not been fired and has not resigned. A statement from White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders says that President Trump and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will meet on Thursday.

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