Not Content To Topple Monuments, The Left Erects Anti-Monuments

While a monument can bring a community together by its beauty and truth, an anti-monument divides a community through its ugliness and evil.

ProPublica Smear Of Justice Thomas Reveals A Partisan Double Standard For SCOTUS

Why is the left inventing a new recusal standard for Justice Thomas that didn’t apply to other justices, particularly to Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

Ruth Marcus’ Alito Attack Is Grossly Hypocritical Considering Her Endorsement Of Nina Totenberg’s Work

Ruth Marcus' selective outrage over Supreme Court justices and the media is emblematic of the rot in American journalism.

WATCH: Mike Lee Sounds Off On Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Mysterious $1 Million Award

The late Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would have been in hot water for concealing the ultimate recipients of a $1 million prize she won from a liberal billionaire’s foundation in 2019, Senator Mike Lee (R., Utah) charged during a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting Thursday. "There is one allegation, it’s come to light fairly […]

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If Democrats Are Worried About SCOTUS Ethics Rules, They Should Look Into Lefty Justices First

Democrats claim they need to strengthen SCOTUS ethics rules, but they never had a problem with leftist justices' glaring ethical violations.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Mysterious $1 Million Prize

When the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg accepted a $1 million prize from a liberal billionaire’s foundation, she pledged to pass the money to a list of designated charities. Four years later, it is unclear where Ginsburg sent that money—an ambiguity that experts say raises conflict of interest concerns.

The post Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Mysterious $1 Million Prize appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

Washington Post Exposes Ron DeSantis’ Nefarious Plot To Govern As A Conservative

The Florida governor threatens democracy by following the law.

All Georgia Democrats’ Angry Arguments Against A Clarence Thomas Statue Fall Apart

The state of Georgia should enthusiastically vote to erect a statue honoring Justice Clarence Thomas and his life of service.

GONZALES: New York reveals 'DEMONIC' statue to honor abortion and Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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New York is at it again and revealed a statue, entitled “NOW,” that is supposed to honor abortion and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This demonic statue sits on the roof of the Appellate Division courthouse in New York on Madison Avenue — with other statues of famous lawmakers from history. Why is the left so proud of memorializing a demonic statue?

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