INSIDE JOB?! Green Beret sniper’s DISTURBING theory about failed Trump assassin

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The assassination attempt on former president Donald Trump has left Americans all over the country with more questions than answers.

U.S. Army Green Beret sniper Matthew Murphy is one of them. After analyzing the available information regarding the shooting, he tells Sara Gonzales that “nothing about this makes sense.”

“You have to take a few steps back to how he even got on that rooftop,” Murphy continues. “120, 150, depending on who you listen to, yards away from president Trump. I mean that is the closest possible spot you could get.”

As the shooter got into position, rallygoers were yelling and pointing him out to the police. Meanwhile, there was a counter-sniper in position to protect the former president.

“There is not a doubt in my mind that the sniper on the roof saw the shooter, saw him crawling across the roof. It would be impossible, even with a naked eye at that distance, on a white roof to not see the shooter. So why [didn't he] take that shot?” Murphy says, noting that he himself wouldn’t have hesitated to take the shot.

Rumors began swirling after a 4chan post written by an anonymous man who claims to be the sniper explained that he was told to stand down.

“I don’t know if that’s true, but that is the only reason I can think of, any of my friends can think of, that he would not have pulled that trigger and shot the shooter,” he explains.

Gonzales is also fairly certain this wasn’t a mistake.

“There are so many different coincidences that it rises past the level of incompetency, and in my opinion, we need to be looking at perhaps something more sinister took place,” Gonzales says.

“It wouldn’t be the first time that the federal government was working to take out a president or a former president or a presidential candidate.”

Murphy noticed something else strange about the shooting.

“When you look at the trajectory of the bullet that flies behind Trump’s head,” he begins, “that bullet seems to be very flat.”

“When it shows it's about to hit his ear, he turns his head, and as that bullet goes past, bullets flying on a very, very flat trajectory. Not a trajectory where someone had an elevated rooftop position and would take a shot at the president,” he explains.

In another video of the shooting, a woman who is seated behind Trump ducks behind a sign before immediately taking out her phone — which has drawn even more questions.

This woman “ducks ... behind the sign, and then that round that came in from the side comes in now.”

“I have talked about this with multiple snipers, and this is not just me going down a rabbit hole,” Murphy says. “Everyone that I’ve talked about this with that I trust is seeing the same thing I’m seeing. Something else happened, and that bullet, it looks like it came from somewhere else.”

“You, speaking as a level one sniper,” Gonzales says, “are you saying you believe that this was either an inside job, there was a second shooter, or a combination of both?”

“It could potentially be an inside job,” Murphy answers.

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George Clooney helps raise $28 MILLION for Biden — then joins push to OUST him

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President Joe Biden may continue to claim he’s fit to remain president, but his supporters aren’t so sure.

In a recent New York Times op-ed titled, “George Clooney: I love Joe Biden. But we need a new nominee,” Clooney makes the case for Biden stepping down and allowing another Democrat to take on Donald Trump in the 2024 election.

“I love Joe Biden. As a senator. As a vice president and as a president. I consider him a friend, and I believe in him. ... In the last four years, he’s won many of the battles he’s faced. ... But one battle he cannot win is the fight against time. None of us can,” Clooney wrote in the op-ed.

“It’s devastating to say it, but the Joe Biden I was with three weeks ago at the fund-raiser was not the Joe ‘big F-ing deal’ Biden of 2010. He wasn’t even the Joe Biden of 2020. He was the same man we all witnessed at the debate,” Clooney continued.

“Joe Biden is a hero; he saved democracy in 2020. We need him to do it again in 2024,” he concluded.

While Sara Gonzales and Dave Rubin agree that Biden is unfit to be in the White House, they’re not totally sold on Clooney’s little think piece.

“How many shots of Casamigos did he have before he wrote that thing,” Rubin jokes, while Gonzales laughs. “First off, Joe Biden did not save democracy. Secondly, he has not done anything positive, if you really care about America, in the three-and-a-half years of this sham, absurd administration.”

Rubin believes this all actually has “something to do with Barack Obama.”

“At the end of that event, the way he carried him offstage,” Rubin explains. “The way he put his arm around him was so condescending, and that was Obama to me, signaling to everybody, 'Don’t worry, this is really me in charge.'”

“They’re realizing, 'Uh-oh, Biden is not going to win so we better replace him quick so that we have a chance for Barack to have his fourth term,'” he adds.

Gonzales notes that on May 20, Clooney called a top White House official to complain about Biden condemning the ICC and calling its arrest warrants outrageous “because Joe Biden was dissing his wife.”

Strangely enough, Clooney also threw a massive fundraiser with Biden, where together they raised around $28 million for the Biden campaign.

“Then shortly afterwards, we hear George Clooney is all of a sudden like, ‘Oh, you know, changed my mind,’” Gonzales says, wondering what's really behind the sudden change.

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WATCH: Teacher’s union president delivers a rant so unhinged, it’s being compared to a scene from ‘The Office’

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It’s hard to believe someone with the name Becky Pringle could deliver the terrifying tirade you’re about to hear.

Ms. Pringle is the president of the National Education Association, the largest teacher’s union in the United States, and she has a gusto that’s going down in the history books after her address to the union last week. In the speech, Pringle quite literally screamed about winning “all the things,” as she gasped for breath between sentences and slammed the podium with her fists.

National Teachers Union President's TERRIFYING RANT!

It’s a rant so outrageous that many people are making fun of it — some even comparing the speech to a Dwight Schrute scene from “The Office.”

“Becky Pringle pulled a Dwight Schrute. She is off-the-rails and desperate to maintain control over the minds of other people’s children,” said Cato Institute's Center for Educational Freedom adjunct scholar and school choice advocate Corey DeAngelis.

Sara Gonzales is so horrified by Pringle’s spectacle, all she can say is, “That’s why I’m homeschooling my children.”

“The NEA, let's be clear, has never educated a single human being ever in the history of their existence,” adds Chad Prather.

On top of having a totally unhinged president, the members of the NEA “are not in it for the children.”

“They are all in it for themselves. They want to talk about equity; they want to talk about trans rights; they want to talk about racial justice,” says Sara.

To see one of the most outrageous speeches in history, watch the clip above.

Project 2025 has liberals (and even some conservatives) UPSET. Here’s what we know so far.

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You might have heard the phrase Project 2025, also referred to as the Presidential Transition Project, being thrown around lately – especially by Biden and fellow Democrats who are using the initiative as a way to scare the nation about a second Trump term.

But what exactly is Project 2025, and does it bode well for America’s future?

Sara Gonzales and Chad Prather discuss the implications – both good and bad – of Project 2025.

"Project 2025" - What is it, and Why are Liberals SO TERRIFIED?

“Project 2025 is initiated by the Heritage Foundation, and it aims to prepare for a future conservative administration by focusing on four pillars,” which are “restore family values, dismantle the administrative state … defend national sovereignty, [and] secure individual rights,” says Sara.

So far, so good.

Some of the key policies within those pillars will target abortion, the executive branch, economic policies, taxes, deregulation, free market principles, health care, energy and environmental policies, education, immigration, and national security and defense, among other categories.

Liberals, of course, are calling Project 25 “far-right extremism,” but Sara thinks the initiative is rooted in “common sense.”

Chad Prather, however, sees some areas in Project 2025 that could be considered genuinely radical.

Overall, he’s optimistic about the initiative, especially considering that it centers around the concept of “[making] the government smaller,” but he does think “it has some radical points.”

When he looked at the finer details of the initiative, he found mentions of “eradicating choice in marriage” and the elimination of “no-fault divorce.”

“It’s a little strong,” he tells Sara.

To hear more about Project 2025 and Trump’s potential involvement in it, watch the clip above.

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Democrat CIVIL WAR: Mega donors REFUSE to support Biden campaign!

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After Biden’s catastrophic debate performance highlighted his clear mental decline and the following disaster of an interview with George Stephanopoulos, some major Democrat donors are getting ready to run for the hills.

While Trump has been largely quiet despite the clear train wreck happening before America’s eyes, Sara Gonzales of “Sara Gonzales Unfiltered” knows why.

“You never interrupt an enemy when they’re making mistakes,” she says.

And Biden is definitely making mistakes.

One of the Biden-Harris campaign donors, Netflix’s co-founder and executive chairman Reed Hastings, told ABC News: “Biden is unfortunately in denial about his mental state. He needs to step aside to let a vigorous Democratic leader beat Trump.”

Hastings is not alone, with former PayPal CEO Bill Harris — who donated $620,000 to the Biden Victory Fund in 2020 — also telling ABC News that Biden “seemed old” in the interview and will turn off voters.

After the debate, Harris founded a political action committee that is pledging $2 million “to fund a series of debates among prominent candidates to become the Democratic nominee for president if Biden steps aside.”

While the pleas from donors for the president to step down are everywhere, many are also worried that Vice President Kamala Harris would be up next — and she’s hardly the answer to the Democrats' problem.

“There’s literally millions upon millions of dollars that have been donated to the Biden-Harris campaign. The only person that can use that money is, if Joe drops out, is Kamala,” Chad Prather tells Gonzales.

“There’s a lot of big donors out there who are saying, ‘Okay, we don’t want Kamala if Joe drops out. You don’t expect us to donate again,’” he continues, adding that “the Democrat party has themselves in quite the conundrum here.”

The Democrat Party chose Kamala Harris because she was not only a Democrat but a woman of color. Essentially, she was a DEI hire.

“They’ve caught themselves in a catch-22 because they wanted a woman of color. Well, guess what: Now you can’t replace that woman of color with somebody like, say, super-white Gavin Newsom because you built everything on the fact that DEI is where it’s at these days,” Prather says.

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OMG! Brave reporter EXPOSES the ‘FETISH ZONE’ at San Francisco’s Pride Parade!

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The San Francisco Pride Parade was one for the books — and not in a good way.

Turning Point USA’s Savanah Hernandez covered the parade, and what she discovered was “the number-one most disturbing” scene she claims ever to have witnessed.

Much of the debauchery took place in the “Fetish Zone,” a sectioned-off area where Hernandez recalls seeing a man lying in an inflatable pool of urine — as well as multiple people urinating on each other.

“These men were there to position themselves so as many people as possible could see them — children included — some fully erect,” Hernandez tells Sara Gonzales of “Sara Gonzales Unfiltered.”

Those children were in attendance with their parents, who Gonzales is shocked would allow them to attend such an event.

“Do they seem to be horrified at the fact that there are fully erect men where their children are?” She asks. “Are they enjoying it? Like what are the parents doing when they run into this?”

Hernandez interviewed some of those parents, and their responses were disturbing, to say the least.

“Some of the parents were saying ‘Well, we brought our kids here because my daughter is trans,’” she says. “I spoke to a father who said that it was really his son decided to be a trans girl and he wanted to bring him to this event because he wanted to show his son that there were other people like him.”

“It was shocking and horrifying again to watch the innocence leave the eyes of these kids, who are being accosted by fully naked men and these adults performing sex acts on each other,” she adds, noting that there were plenty of sex acts being performed in the “Fetish Zone.”

While San Francisco banned public nudity in 2012, those behind the parade were able to get a permit to allow public nudity at the event.

“This took place only with permission from the San Francisco local government,” Hernandez explains.

“I want to go up to every parent and be like ‘What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you bringing your child here? These are obvious pedophiles that are positioning themselves so that your child has to see their fully naked body, and you’re okay with that,'” she adds.

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Are Democrats SERIOUSLY considering ‘DEI hire’ Kamala Harris for president?

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After Joe Biden’s disastrous first debate, Democrats are scrambling to figure out who will lead them into the 2024 election.

Vice President Kamala Harris is a contender, but as Sara Gonzales highlights, she’s not a good one. To put it simply, Gonzales calls her “one of the worst DEI hires.”

“This whole thing imploding with Joe Biden, an old white man, and Kamala Harris, who everyone knows cannot handle the job, but they’re afraid to be like, ‘Well, how do you jump over Kamala? Because you guys sold her as like the first black, the first woman, the first, what, Indonesian?’” Gonzales says.

Understandably, this is causing a rift between Democrats.

“Now they are in this position where there’s a lot of infighting, because they’ve just sold all these DEI measures as, like, the most important qualifications for the job,” Gonzales says, noting that Stephen A. Smith recently had a delegate on his show who illustrates her point perfectly.

“There’s a long list of Democrats: Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer. The list goes on, and on, and on,” the delegate, who is a black woman, tells Stephen. “If you pick a white man over Kamala Harris, black women, I can tell you this, we gonna walk away, we gonna blow the party up.'”

“Democrats, you’ve done it to yourselves,” Gonzales comments.

“You radicalize all of these people on all of these initiatives, and then they’re mad that you’re not going far enough against Israel, and they’re not going to vote for you. You radicalize these people on climate change, and they’re mad that you still use, you know, private jets, and they’re not going to vote for you,” she continues.

While it’s a complete mess, Gonzales doesn’t mind.

“‘If you don’t choose her, we’re going to blow the party up.’ I love this. I can’t wait to watch that happen,” she says.

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New York Judge DELAYS Trump sentencing following SCOTUS immunity ruling

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It’s been quite the week for former President Donald Trump.

Not only did his debate against President Joe Biden send Democrats scrambling — the Supreme Court ruled that the president has immunity when executing "official acts."

Following that decision, Trump’s team moved to overturn the conviction of the former president in the Manhattan case, where he was found guilty of 34 counts of falsifying business records.

As a result, Trump’s sentencing hearing has been postponed until September. While many conservatives are taking it as a win, Sara Gonzales remains skeptical.

“Part of me is like what else are they planning?” Gonzales says, adding, “They don’t give up that easily.”

“It’s either that or they see all of this imploding before their very eyes, and they don’t want to look stupid, so they’re like, ‘Yeah, we’ll just delay it, and then maybe people will forget about it,’” she continues, “But you’ve got to believe that they are completely scrambling to figure out what to do.”

“All of these bombshells they thought that they had are now seemingly getting totally overturned,” she adds.

Matthew Marsden finds it interesting that the liberal response to the Supreme Court’s ruling has been overwhelmingly one of fear.

“It’s amazing how the liberals went absolutely bonkers and said that the Supreme Court ruling was about Trump,” Marsden says. “It’s just about the law; it’s about the Constitution.”

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