Trump Campaign Warns Leftist PAC To Take Down ‘Election Interference’ Ad

The campaign sent a cease-and-desist letter to the super PAC and said it plans to seek a criminal investigation.

‘Election Interference’: Leftist PAC’s Ad Uses Deceitful Trump Clips To Suppress Republican Votes

The ad, paid for by liberal super PAC “Pennsylvania Values,” uses old clips from Trump to urge Republicans not to vote early.

RNC Has Few Operatives On The Ground In Swing States, Local GOP Leaders Say

One grassroots leader said she didn't 'think their operations are up and running yet' but expects 'robust' help to come eventually.

Conservative Groups See ‘Fruits’ Of Pennsylvania Vote-By-Mail Campaign

Anderson said the GOTV campaign has brought in some 40,000 low-propensity Republican voters who have joined the absentee voter list.

EXCLUSIVE: Super PAC Spells Out What Republicans Need To Do To Drive Vote Ahead Of November Election

'Early in-person voting and voting by mail is the key to a Republican victory'

Heritage-Linked PAC Pumps $1 Million Into New Hampshire After McConnell Bails On Bolduc

The Sentinel Action Fund is launching a seven-figure ad campaign on behalf of Republican Don Bolduc after McConnell pulled out.

EXCLUSIVE: Heritage Action Drops Seven-Figure Ad Buy In Arizona Senate Race As McConnell Abandons Blake Masters

On Tuesday, the Sentinel Action Fund announced another $1 million-dollar spending campaign to support venture capitalist Blake Masters.

Heritage Action Steps Up In Arizona Senate Race After McConnell Pulls $8 Million From Masters

On Monday, the Sentinel Action Fund announced $5 million to support Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters.