Muslim soccer player suspended 4 games for covering up anti-homophobia patch on his jersey

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Muslim soccer player Mohamed Camara was suspended four games for covering a pro-gay patch on his jersey with tape.

Camara is from Mali and plays in the top French soccer league, Ligue 1. His team is AS Monaco, which is consistently one of the better performing teams in Europe and currently second in the league standings at the time of this writing.

The patch said "homophobie football" with a red line through it to denote it was against homophobia; Camara covered it with white tape. He also declined to stand in front of an anti-homophobia banner before the game, both for religious reasons.

Camara played five years in Austria before making the move to the bigger French club, but his status was not enough to avoid his team handing down a four-game suspension for refusing to participate in the initiative.

The Ligue de Football Professionnel, known as the FLP, which governs French soccer, released a statement that said, "After hearing the player Mohamed Camara, and noting his refusal during the meeting to carry out one or more actions to raise awareness of the fight against homophobia, the Commission decided to impose a four-match suspension."

'I think such behavior must be subject to the strongest sanctions against the player and the club.'

Monaco's CEO Thiago Scuro said that his team supported the league's pro-gay campaign and will have discussions with the Malian player.

"It was a personal initiative from Mo Camara. We will have this conversation with Mo internally. Internally, we will discuss this situation," Scuro said, according to Daily Mail.

The government also took issue with the player's beliefs, as French Sports Minister Amelie Oudea-Castera said both Camara and Monaco should be punished.

"It is unacceptable behavior," she reportedly told a radio station. "I had the chance to tell the Ligue de Professionnel what I thought about it, and I think such behavior must be subject to the strongest sanctions against the player and the club which allowed it to happen."

As reported by Outkick, the French soccer league launched its initiative on May 17, 2024, with the proclamation, "Let's get rid of discrimination and homophobia!"

"The LFP is continuing its major anti-discrimination campaign, with a new section dedicated to the fight against homophobia. Seven weeks after an exceptional mobilisation on a day dedicated to the fight against racism, French professional football is mobilising to fight homophobia in a totally unprecedented way at all Ligue 1 Uber Eats and Ligue 2 BKT stadiums," the league said.

Camara received support from his home country through the Mali football federation, which said it supports his freedom of speech.

Monaco won its game against Nantes 4-0 with Camara scoring a penalty kick.

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'Calling a man a man is not bullying': JK Rowling doubles down after media outcry over her saying trans soccer coach is a man

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Celebrated author of the Harry Potter series J.K. Rowling reiterated her stance after outcry over her remarks describing a man — who is identifying as a woman — as a man.

Rowling has placed herself in the middle of a culture war in defense of women against transgender individuals, whom she has described as being "caricatures" of women.

The author made comments in reference to an English women's soccer coach for Sutton United F.C., who goes by the name Lucy Clark.

Clark is a former referee who has been seen wearing wigs but most recently was pictured with dyed pink hair.

Rowling was responding to a since-deleted post from Pride UK that cited Clark as "the world's first openly transgender referee."

Stating that he has "made history by becoming the first trans manager in the top 5 divisions of English women's football. The former referee has taken over at Sutton United. Fabulous!" it read, followed by gay and transgender pride flags.

"When I was young all the football managers were straight, white, middle-aged blokes, so it's fantastic to see how much things have changed," Rowling wrote in response.

When I was young all the football managers were straight, white, middle-aged blokes, so it's fantastic to see how much things have changed.
— (@)

Rowling doubled down the next day in response to an article from the Daily Mail who said that Rowling was accused of "cruelty" for mocking a "transgender football manager by comparing her to a 'straight, white, middle-aged bloke.'"

In a bare-bones reply, Rowling noted that she wasn't saying he was like a man, but rather that Clark is a man.

"I didn't compare him to one. He IS one," she said on X.

I didn\u2019t compare him to one. He IS one.
— (@)

The 58-year-old continued and responded to allegations that she was bullying the soccer coach.

"Calling a man a man is not 'bullying' or 'punching down.' Crossdressing straight men are currently one of the most pandered-to demographics in existence, and women are under no obligation to applaud the people caricaturing us."

A writer for New York magazine named Jonathan Chait told Rowling to "just call people what they want to be called."

"It's basic decency," he claimed.

"Stop telling women what they're allowed to say, Jonathan. It's basic decency," Rowling replied.

Calling a man a man is not 'bullying' or 'punching down.' Crossdressing straight men are currently one of the most pandered-to demographics in existence, and women are under no obligation to applaud the people caricaturing us.
— (@)
@jonathanchait Stop telling women what they're allowed to say, Jonathan. It's basic decency.
— (@)

Clark spoke to outlet London Football Scene weeks earlier and said at the time that "there was never a transgender referee or manager before" him, "except for two small occasions," and added that the "footballing world" has been great to him since announcing that he believes he's a woman.

Speaking on his appointment to Sutton's managerial role, he said that he "never wanted it to be about" himself and recognized that "it's not personal – it's hatred of the trans community as a whole," he justified.

Shame on @prideukorg for using this photo of Lucy Clark which is causing so much ridicule. A quick search of the internet reveals how beautiful & natural she is when not posing for the camera.
— (@)

"Since when was expressing a biological fact mean or considered mocking? Where did all the 'follow the science' crowd go?" English commentator Lewis Brackpool asked.

Brackpool, who grew up less than an hour from Sutton, told Blaze News that while he has "disagreements with Rowling politically," many on the right "can’t help but notice the vitriol against women for recognizing that cross dressers entering female spaces is not acceptable."

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Megan Rapinoe's production company announces 'bold' series about lesbian soccer players who play on the US national team

Megan Rapinoe's production company announces 'bold' series about lesbian soccer players who play on the US national team

In what seems rather true to life, lesbian and former United States Women's National Soccer Team player Megan Rapinoe has announced her company will produce a series about lesbians who fall in love while playing on the same women's national soccer team.

Based on the 2023 book "Cleat Cute," Rapinoe and her partner, Sue Bird — former WNBA player — will produce a series through their production company called A Touch More.

According to Good Reads, the source material is based on a female soccer player on the U.S. team who is injured and faces being replaced by a younger player. They become "friends with benefits," and one girl seems to have more romantic feelings than the other.

"As the tension between them grows, will both players realize they care more about their relationship than making the roster?" a synopsis read.

The new adaptation was described by Variety as "a contemporary queer romance that follows a young soccer player as she juggles being the new rookie, her goals of making the national team, and a budding romance with her team captain."

"Having spent most of our lives on teams, we want to celebrate the ways in which relationships, both romantic and platonic, are organically created through sports," Bird and Rapinoe said in a statement. "'Cleat Cute' will not shy away from the messiness, occasional frustration, and undeniable beauty that come with loving the game and the players within it," they added.

yall. YALL. i need everyone to order this book RIGHT NOW. run don\u2019t walk because it has lesbians. it has soccer. this story is for the autistic and ADHD people. it\u2019s fun and charming and chaotic and so SO addictive. i\u2019m obsessed. please do yourself a favour and buy CLEAT CUTE!!!!
— (@)

"Sports is a universal language and breeding ground for world-class storytelling," said Jeff Wachtel, CEO of Future Shack, the independent studio that will create the show.

"As women’s sports captivate audiences around the globe, we're proud to partner with two of the most iconic athletes of our time, Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird, to bring Meryl Wilsner's delightful world to life in a bold, sexy, and fun ensemble show," Wachtel also said.

A Touch More was launched by the two former athletes in 2022. They describe the company as a "manifestation" of their values.

"As athletes, we know how powerful our platforms are and the impact we can have on the world," they told Variety after the launch. "A Touch More is a manifestation of our values, and our desire to bring to the surface stories of those who shape and move culture forward. We're incredibly excited for some of the projects we have in the works and can't wait to share more about this next chapter."

As well, A Touch More was founded in collaboration with Bird's company Togethxr, which works with pro athletes Alex Morgan (soccer), Chloe Kim (snowboarding), and Simone Manuel (swimming).

The company's about page says it is an "unapologetic platform where representation and equality is the norm ... where culture, activism, lifestyle, and sports converge." The term "badassery" appeared to have been removed from the company description at some point since its 2022 launch.

It of course added that its content will feature a "diverse" and "inclusive" community of "game changers, culture shapers, thought leaders, and barrier breakers."

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Megan Rapinoe shames Korbin Albert for reposting a Christian testimony, but Albert bending the knee is far more problematic

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When U.S. Women’s National Team player Korbin Albert reposted a TikTok of a young man’s testimony about his Christian faith and recovery from homosexuality and transgenderism, she probably thought she was doing something good.

And she was.

Just not according to Megan Rapinoe, who Allie Beth Stuckey calls a “completely insufferable, progressive activist” – and for good reason. During the 2023 Women’s World Cup, Rapinoe was so radical and divisive, she had half the country rooting against the United States.

When Albert reposted the video, Rapinoe, per her typical character, was quick to issue the following scathing statement on Instagram:

“For people who want to hide behind ‘my beliefs’ I would just ask one question, are you making any type of space safer, more inclusive, more whole, any semblance of better, bringing the best out of anyone? ... because if you aren’t, all you believe in is hate. And kids are literally killing themselves because of this hate. Wake TF up! Yours truly, #15. For all my trans homies enduring this horrific treatment day in and day out, I see you and hear you and I am WITH YOU.”

Unfortunately, instead of sticking to her guns, Albert quickly bent the knee and issued an apology for sharing content that was “offensive, insensitive and hurtful,” claiming that she was “really disappointed in [herself]” and would “do better.”

Allie is disappointed in Albert’s response.

“Just looking at the objective standard of God's word, this was the wrong thing to do,” she says. “This was sin to apologize for this. If the word of God says something, it is good enough for us to repeat.”

“The word of God divides; the gospel divides; the truth about who God made us to be in his image and that his gospel liberates us from the lies of the world ... is a controversial and radical and divisive message,” says Allie, adding that regardless of the cost to us, God’s word “is worth standing on.”

Allie hopes that Albert will indeed “do better” but rather “in accordance with God’s standards” rather than the woke mob’s.

To hear more, watch the clip below.

Want more from Allie Beth Stuckey?

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US soccer player apologizes for sharing Christian content after Megan Rapinoe says it's hateful and causing child suicide

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A United States women's national soccer team player has apologized after sharing and liking online content deemed to be offensive.

Korbin Albert, a 20-year-old from Illinois, faced criticism online for sharing a video from a Christian service that showed a person with an intellectual disability giving a speech about stopping their gender transition. The video was characterized in multiple outlets as being content that simply says "feeling transgender" is wrong.

The young soccer player was also criticized for what appeared to be a deleted post from 2023, in which her family reportedly took turns stating their "pronouns are U.S.A.," according to the Athletic.

Albert was also lectured online for liking a meme on Instagram, which had the caption, "God taking time off performing miracles to make sure Megan Rapinoe sprains her ankle in her final ever game."

Perhaps the latter was why former U.S. women's player Rapinoe took such great offense, calling out Albert and claiming the young woman was hiding behind her religion. Albert also wears Rapinoe's former number 15 for the U.S. women's national team.

"For people who want to hide behind 'my beliefs' I would just ask one question, are you making any type of space safer, more inclusive, more whole, any semblance of better, bringing the best out of anyone?" Rapinoe asked on her Instagram account.

The now-retired player also claimed that if these outcomes weren't being achieved, people are causing children to commit suicide due to their "hate."

"Because if you aren’t all you believe in is hate. And Kids are literally killing themselves because of this hate. Wake, TF up! Yours Truly, #15," she continued. "For all my trans homie[s] enduring this horrific treatment day in and day out I see you and hear you and I am WITH YOU," she added.

Rapinoe later told the Athletic that her words were indeed in response to Albert's social media activity. She also told the outlet that the lives of those who identify as queer are in danger due to online commentary and legislation. She was not specific about any legislation.

At least four former teammates of Rapinoe reportedly shared her post in support, including Becky Sauerbrunn, Lynn Williams, Sam Mewis, and Kristie Mewis.

Seemingly feeling the pressure, Albert issued an apology for the simple act of "liking and sharing" social media posts that were "offensive."

"I want to sincerely apologize for my actions on social media. Liking and sharing posts that are offensive, insensitive and hurtful was immature and disrespectful which was never my intent. I’m really disappointed in myself and am deeply sorry for the hurt that I have caused to my teammates, other players, fans, friends and anyone who was offended."

"I truly believe that everyone should feel safe and respected everywhere and on all playing fields. I know my actions have not lived up to that and for that l sincerely apologize. It’s an honor and a privilege to get to play this sport on the world stage and I promise to do better," she added.

Rapinoe has consistently been a controversial figure with her political and social activism, which has included supporting transgender athletes in women's sports and the nonsensical idea of equal pay in sports.

Rapinoe has also stated that her social justice advocacy was more important to her than her athletic accomplishments and claimed that her career-ending injury was proof that God does not exist.

She retired from professional soccer in 2023.

After reposting a video about detransitioning soccer player Korbin Albert received criticism. Meghan Rapinoe is at the helm of cancel culture while Albert gives in and apologizes under pressure.\n#breaking #korbinalbert #USA
— (@)

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English Premier League employs online troll-hunters who seek convictions for 'nasty' comments or messages to players

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England's top soccer league employs a group of researchers who are responsible for unmasking the identities of online trolls who allegedly harass players and seeking convictions from local governments if they believe the social media users have broken the law.

A team of seven people said they manage between 50-100 reports per week about online abuse toward English Premier League players, both in the men's and women's divisions.

Using tactics that were originally developed to identify online sources that were illegally posting clips of soccer games, the group is now seeking out individuals who send threatening or harassing messages to its league's players.

The soccer players have allegedly seen an increase in messages that include racism, misogyny, transphobia, or homophobia, the BBC noted. Interestingly, reports have shown that the vast majority of the messages do not come from England, however, meaning the league officials are pursuing cruel commentary from abroad.

The Daily Mail reported that 70% of abusive comments came from overseas, while the BBC's report had that number at 80%.

"We don't often see repeat infringers - the same person sending the same messages. We often see it as one outburst, rather than a real spiral of abuse aimed at one particular individual," said investigative group leader Tim Cooper.

"I don't know if 'troll' is a bit too polite a word for some of the people that send the abuse," Cooper said, adding that the group looks out for "trigger incidents" during games. The online sleuths pay close attention to controversial moments in games and admit to proactively looking for allegedly abusive words while referencing a list of terms, comments, and phrases.

When the group believes the comments or messages have elevated to the level of a crime, they seek convictions in the proper jurisdiction.

This happened in the case of a 19-year-old from Singapore who was convicted of harassing one English league player, Neal Maupay. Cooper said his team "instantly" jumped into action when they received word about abuse of Maupay.

They used public information, likely from a background-checking website, to link usernames, avatars, and accounts to find the man's identity. He was subsequently sentenced to nine months' probation, community service, and was forced to undergo psychological or psychiatric treatment.

"We wanted to get a message out there that doesn't matter where you are in the world, we will hopefully - if you send abuse - be able to find you and be able to take action," Cooper bragged.

Maupay has given multiple statements regarding online abuse and has publicized sample comments he received. In August 2023, Maupay complained about an anonymous account commenting, "Hi, I hope your mom is in grave" after his team lost, remarking that "no one should ever deal with this" in reference to the comment.

The player was one of the first reported athletes to refer his unwanted comments to league officials when he received threats that allegedly read, "Your family will be attacked later in the day just watch," and, "You think by reporting my account you're safe? I will kill you and your family."

Everton Football Club condemns all forms of personal abuse directed towards our players and their families or any Club staff on social media. \n\nWe stand firmly against such behaviour and are investigating the social media accounts that have targeted Neal Maupay. \n\nWe also\u2026
— (@)

While some comments can breach the legal threshold for harassment, the league has understandably faced criticism over censorship and an overreach into social media commentary.

Cooper justified his team's actions by citing some comments as "really nasty abuse." The online investigator also alluded to the idea that some commentary should not be allowed to be posted online.

"We are not removing people's general thoughts or comments on a particular player, on a match or on the league itself," Cooper said. "We're dealing with stuff that's really horrible and shouldn't have any place online," he claimed.

\ud83d\udde3 \u201cRacism or abuse is not OK and we are fighting it\u201d\n\n@OfficialBHAFC\u2019s frontman Neal Maupay on reporting racist online abuse\n\n#NoRoomForRacism |
— (@)

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