Sylvester Stallone moving from California to Florida, sends daughters to Navy SEAL boot camp in fear of New York City crime

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After living in California for decades, Sylvester Stallone has revealed that he is leaving the Golden State and moving to Florida.

Stallone and his wife, Jennifer Flavin Stallone, made the announcement during the Season 2 premiere of "The Family Stallone" reality TV show that aired on Wednesday.

“After long, hard consideration, your mother and I have decided it's time to move on and leave the state of California permanently, and we’re going to go to Florida,” Sylvester announced.

Stallone declared that it's already a "done deal."

Jennifer, 55, explained to her daughters, “It’s an empty nest. I need to change it up.”

The parents became empty nesters after Sophia and Sistine moved in together in New York City and Scarlet began attending the University of Miami.

"I don't feel like this is home anymore," Jennifer said.

"I raised all three of our daughters in California. Everything’s a memory to me, memories of them not being there anymore," Jennifer added. "So I needed a big change, and Sly went along with it."

The "Rocky" actor noted that he has lived in California since 1973.

"We have a lot of roots in California, so it’s not an easy transition to Florida," said the iconic Hollywood actor. "But Jennifer really had her heart set on it. I gave in."

Later in the episode, Stallone met up with his celebrity friends, Jon Lovitz and Henry Winkler, for what he called "my true farewell."

Stallone, 77, and Jennifer have been married for more than 25 years and have three adult daughters — Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet. Jennifer, 55, filed for divorce in August 2022, but the celebrity couple have since resolved their marital issues.

Other Hollywood celebrities have recently moved out of California, including prolific podcaster Joe Rogan.

Rogan said he left California to move to Texas to get "a little bit more freedom."

"When you look at the traffic, when you look at the economic despair, when you look at the homelessness problem that's accelerated radically over the last six, seven, 10 years, I think there's too many people here," Rogan said of the Los Angeles area.

"I think it's not tenable; I don't think that it's manageable," he continued. "And every mayor does a s**t job of doing it because I don't think anybody could do a great job of it. I think there's certain things you're gonna have to deal with when you have a population of whatever the f*** L.A. is, it's like 20-million-plus people."

Actor Mark Wahlberg moved from California to Nevada to "give my kids a better life" and because it "made a lot more sense for us."

Actor Scott Baio ditched California for Florida after living there for more than 45 years.

"Between the homeless defecating on the sidewalk, doing drugs on the sidewalk in the middle of the day, illegal aliens all over the place, laws means nothing, crime is out of control, graffiti on everything, and all my tax dollars I don't know what they go for," Baio stated.

Comedian Rob Schneider explained why he moved out of California, "I really feel like I don’t want the Democratic Party trying to run my life. And there’s not one aspect of your life that they don’t want to interfere with."

Also in the episode, Stallone was concerned about his two daughters living in New York City because of the high crime rate. The actor took Sophia, 27, and Sistine, 25, to a self-defense training class taught by an ex-Navy SEAL.

The Stallone sisters moved to New York City last year, which has caused the "Rambo" actor to stay awake all night worrying about the safety of his daughters.

"My daughters have moved to New York, which is kind of traumatic because I spent many, many years in New York," said Stallone — who lived on the streets in the early 1970s. "Everyday robbery, physical attacking. Cars were coming over curbs. People throwing acid on you. You had to keep your head on a swivel, and I never gotten over that."

You can watch the entire episode of "The Family Stallone" below.

The Family Stallone | Season 2 Premiere | Full Episode | Paramount+

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Actor Sylvester Stallone, known for playing tough guys on the big screen, told the Wall Street Journal that he's close to his family and protective of his daughters. He indicated that if a boyfriend behaves inappropriately, it is like they have acted against him.

"I know how these guys think. I happen to have been one. It’s nature, but I want to let them know. I say, 'OK, when you’re trying to kiss her, it's like you're trying to kiss me at the same time.' I'm very connected to my family, so if you do something that's inappropriate, it's like you did it to me. And there’s going to be an issue and it's going to be a great deal of pain. I'm incredibly protective over my daughters, because I know it's a dangerous planet," he told the outlet.

The actor has three daughters who are each in their twenties.

Stallone, whose career has spanned decades, is known for films such as the "Rocky" movies and "The Expendables" series, the latter of which has a new installment slated for release later this year in Septmeber.

When the Wall Street Journal interviewer asked about the Rocky statue that Stallone left behind at the home music superstar Adele purchased from him and is renovating, Stallone noted that he had wanted to take the statue, but Adele did not agree. Stallone said that Adele said, "That's a no deal. That's gonna blow the whole deal."

"She wanted the statue," Stallone said, according to the outlet.

Actor Chris Pratt, who has young children, has said that he thinks all dads contemplate how they would respond if someone did anything to their kids.

"I think every dad secretly fantasizes about what they would do if someone ever f***** with their kids," Pratt told Men's Journal. "Your partner sees you staring off into the distance and says, 'Honey, what are you thinking about?' And you say, 'Oh, nothing.' But what you're really thinking is, Where's the duct tape and how deep is the trunk? I think that's most dads. Or maybe that’s just me and I'm revealing something here! But as someone who’s talked to a lot of dads, I think we all ask ourselves what we would do," Pratt said, according to the outlet.

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