The New York Times Is Ony Interested In One President’s Tax Returns

It seems that what the corporate media choose not to report matters more than what they say explicitly.

Joe And Jill Biden Dodge Medicare And Social Security Taxes — Again

The president and his wife have little interest in practicing what they preach when it comes to 'tax fairness.'

IRS misplaces MILLIONS of taxpayers' records

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The IRS has misplaced millions of taxpayer records, which isn’t a surprise considering the federal government is entirely incompetent.

Pat Gray and Keith Malinak are well aware.

“How do you misplace millions of records?” Gray asks.

“Because you’re the federal government and you suck at everything,” Malinak quips.

The IRS lost thousands of microfilm cartridges that contain millions of sensitive business and individual tax account records, which is very, very bad.

The tax information could be used to commit tax refund fraud, according to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

“Now, if your title is that long, that position shouldn’t exist. That’s just a rule of mine,” Gray comments.

The information in those records could enable scammers to rob taxpayers in ways that won’t affect the federal government, but will affect the people.

“That’s your problem if you’re the American people, but don’t worry about it,” Gray mocks.

Gray also notes that an IRS agent was persuaded to become an IRS agent after seeing ads telling potential employees they can “become an accountant, with a gun.”

“Why, why do you need them?” he asks, bewildered.

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