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In order to provide Federalist readers with an accurate accounting of Tom Cruise's movie career, here's a list ranking every film he's ever made.

'Mission Impossible 7's' harrowing AND PROPHETIC message about artificial intelligence

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Each film in the "Mission Impossible" franchise revolves around IMF agent Ethan Hunt (played by Tom Cruise) saving the world from some formidable foe. Sometimes that adversary is a deadly virus, other times a sinister terrorist, and in some cases a weapon of mass destruction.

The most recent film, "Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1" (2023), is no different. It, too, features a daunting enemy that threatens the survival of humanity.

But this time, we’d be wise to pay close attention to the enemy, as it gives us a prescient warning of what is likely waiting for us in the near future.

“The movie makes a really, really good case,” Glenn says, “about what [artificial intelligence] will be like.”

For example, “it will know everything about you, it will be able to predict you because of companies like Google and Facebook” that are “collecting mountains of information,” he continues.

Even something as seemingly benign as a smart refrigerator “is collecting information on you” in order to “know exactly what you’ll do.”

Luckily, there’s a solution for the fictional characters in the film – simply “use the original code” to “reboot the system.”

But in reality, reining in the technological behemoth won’t be so simple.

In the words of Elon Musk, once we “[summon] the demon,” or develop technology capable of teaching itself, there’s a slim chance we’ll be able to regain control once it takes off.

Why can’t we just use the original code and reboot the system like in the film?

“Because it will know you’re going to try to do that,” Glenn shouts. It’s designed to predict your every move, meaning it will always be a step (or several steps) ahead of you.

“The fact is,” Stu adds, “even scientists, even people who have created AI … don’t even seem to know where this is going.”

And it’s undeniably true.

Some of the greatest minds of our current day have expressed hesitancy when it comes to AI.

Elon Musk said, “I think we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. If I were to guess what our biggest existential threat is, it’s probably that.”

Stephen Hawking also warned that “the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”

Stu’s fears don’t end with the unstoppability of AI, though. He also is deeply concerned about what the left intends to “teach” the technology “at the recipe level.”

“They’re seeing this as a huge opportunity,” he warns.

Watch the full clip below.

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Tom Cruise Shines As America’s Last Movie Star In The New ‘Mission: Impossible’

Tom Cruise shines as America's last true movie star in the apolitical and wildly entertaining 'Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning.'

Joe Rogan has a blistering reaction to this new boycott

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Pride Month is nearly halfway over, and many people were over it and over the virtue-signaling by massive corporations before it even started.

One of those people is Joe Rogan, host of the podcast "The Joe Rogan Experience" — which garners a couple hundred million listeners a month.

Rogan says he doesn’t want to walk down the Target aisles and have the Pride section with tucking bathing suits and pride wear for children shoved in his face.

“When I go to Target, I don’t want to see like f***ing tuck pants” that are “designed to help you tuck your d***. Like, hey, that’s not normal,” Rogan says.

Nor does he fail to see why people are angry with Bud Light.

“You’re just gonna send a f***ing can to some confused person — that uh, day 365 of womanhood — and you send that person a f***ing can with their face on and your company loses 20 billion dollars. That is wild s**t, man,” Rogan says to his guest, comedian Theo Von.

“So, we’re seeing that now, where we never saw that before. Where people are going ‘Enough, enough, stop shoving this down everybody’s throat,'” he continues.

Dave Rubin agrees with Rogan.

“That really is the issue. Does it have to be out there in front of everybody, and again, does it have to be aimed towards kids?”

Rubin believes that the reason it’s so refreshing to hear someone like Joe Rogan lay out his disdain for the over-saturation of Pride Month is because “he just kind of represents the average dude” who’s “not pretending to be anything other than what he is, and he’s had it.”

While some have criticized the boycotts of Target and Bud Light as aligned with cancel culture, Rubin disagrees, calling being canceled for an off-color comment “inorganic.”

He continues, saying that the people who listen to Joe Rogan, “that buy Bud Light, that maybe shop at Target, they’ve all had it. And that’s the beauty, because this is an organic movement.”

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Insane video: Tom Cruise actually motorcycles off Norwegian cliff for 'Mission: Impossible' stunt. What he pulls off to survive it is even better.

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Actor Tom Cruise has developed a reputation not only for performing his own stunts but also for making them incredibly elaborate and downright terrifying.

For "Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One," which hits theaters next July, Cruise and his team worked up a stunt for the ages. His plan was to gun a motorcycle down an elevated ramp on the edge of a Norwegian cliff, head directly into skydive mode once he's airborne, and then parachute back to the ground.

The whole thing is over and done in a flash, but Cruise said in a behind-the-scenes video released Monday that it took "years" to develop and perfect.

"This is far and away the most dangerous thing we've ever attempted," Cruise says in a voiceover as the clip begins:

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Cruise practiced motocross jumps and skydiving to prepare for the stunt — but not just a few times. Experts working on the stunt with Cruise said he performed over 500 skydives and 13,000 motocross jumps to get him operating like clockwork.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

But the training was just one necessity. Cruise's team practiced the stunt in England using harnesses — as well as a ton of technology to track and calculate trajectory and many other factors:

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Then Cruise & co. headed to Norway and helicoptered everything to the cliff for the real thing, constructing the ramp over several months:

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Talk about a big budget.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Cruise "warmed up" with some jumps from a helicopter:

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Soon it was go time.

Miles Daisher, the movie's BASE jumping coach, tried to calm everyone's nerves: "You know, the only things you really have to avoid while doing a stunt like this is serious injury or death."

Fortunately, Daisher added that "you're riding a motorcycle — which is pretty dangerous — on top of a ramp that's elevated ... so if you come off the ramp, that's gonna be very bad. You're falling — if you don't get a clean exit from the bike, and you get tangle up with it; if you don't open your parachute, you're not gonna make it."

Then a nifty drone filmed Cruise going for it, without a harness, without a soft landing spot:

Image source: YouTube screenshot

By now you might be asking yourself how this all played out. If so, check out the behind-the-scenes video:

Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One | The Biggest Stunt in Cinema History (Tom Cruise)

The ’20s Are Starting To Rhyme With The ’80s, With ‘Maverick,’ Malaise, And More

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Tom Cruise interview from nearly 20 years ago sparks new debate about antidepressants and Scientology

An interview with Tom Cruise from nearly 20 years ago has resurfaced and sparked a new debate about antidepressants and Scientology.

A 2005 interview between Cruise and Matt Lauer – the then-host of the "Today" show – has recently gone viral. In the interview, the topic of actress Brooke Shields taking antidepressants to deal with postpartum depression was broached.

Cruise declared, "I think [Shields] is a wonderful and talented woman, and I want to see her do well. And I know that psychiatry is a pseudoscience."

Lauer advocated for Shields – who said she "considered swallowing a bottle of pills or jumping out the window at the lowest point of her depression following the birth of her daughter, Rowan Francis, in 2003," according to "Today." Shields said she overcame her suicidal thoughts after being prescribed the antidepressant Paxil.

Cruise rebutted, "Here we are today, where I talk out against drugs and psychiatric abuses of electroshocking people against their will; of drugging children without them not knowing the effects of these drugs."

Cruise asked Lauer, "Do you know what Adderall is? Do you know Ritalin? Do you know now that Ritalin is a street drug?"

Lauer admitted that there are abuses of prescription drugs.

“Here's the problem, you don’t know the history of psychiatry. I do," Cruise proclaimed.

"All it does is mask the problem," Cruise said of the use of antidepressants. "That’s what it does. That’s all it does. You’re not getting to the reason why. There is no such thing as a chemical imbalance."

"I'm saying drugs aren't the answer," the action star said. "These drugs are very dangerous – they're mind-altering, antipsychotic drugs. And there are ways in doing it without that, so we don't end up in a brave new world."

Cruise calls Lauer "glib," and says the talk show host "doesn't even know was Ritalin is."

Cruise then challenges Lauer to find out more about Ritalin to educate his viewers.

The video went viral on Twitter last week, racking up more than 3.2 million views.

— Brett R. Smith (@Brett R. Smith) 1658429760

The Tom Cruise interview about antidepressants garnered much attention last week after a new study questioned whether antidepressants actually help people with depression.

Researchers from University College London released a study last week that concluded that there is "no clear evidence" that serotonin levels or serotonin activity is responsible for depression.

"The popularity of the 'chemical imbalance' theory of depression has coincided with a huge increase in the use of antidepressants," said professor Joanna Moncrieff, the study’s lead author. "Prescriptions for antidepressants have risen dramatically since the 1990s, with one in six adults in England and two percent of teenagers now being prescribed an antidepressant in a given year."

"Our view is that patients should not be told that depression is caused by low serotonin or by a chemical imbalance, and they should not be led to believe that antidepressants work by targeting these unproven abnormalities," Moncrieff noted.

Many online commentators praised Cruise for cautioning against antidepressants 17 years ago.

Podcast host Michael Knowles remarked, "This interview has aged like a fine wine."

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh said, "Tom Cruise has been mocked ruthlessly for this for the past 20 years and yet everything he said was 100 percent undeniably true."

Journalist Sharyl Attkisson added, "Not all that long ago, people were allowed to say these things in America without getting censored or canceled. Today? Not so much. Still, this file tape survives."

However, other online commentators argued that Cruise's position against antidepressants and psychiatry is the same stance as Scientology.

Podcast host Erick Erickson tweeted, "There’s no reason to normalize Tom Cruise’s statements on psychiatry because he is saying what you think. Cruise’s position comes from Scientology, which very much should not be given credit or normalized."

Former staff member of the Church of Scientology Aaron Smith-Levin explained, "Tom Cruise isn’t making the point you think he’s making. Behind his statement that psychiatric drugs only mask the problem lies his belief that ONLY Scientology can fix the 'real' problem. I.e., the reactive mind and Body Thetans."