Georgia, Iowa Overcome Near-Unanimous Democrat Opposition To Ban Child Mutilation Surgeries

Iowa's governor signed the bill into law. Missouri, Georgia, and Kentucky's legislatures have passed similar bills that are awaiting their governors' signatures.

Michael Knowles Is Right. Transgenderism Needs To Be Eradicated

Michael Knowles is absolutely correct. Transgender ideology is dangerous to women, children, and gender dysphoric individuals.

Passing The Equal Rights Amendment Would Hurt Low-Income Women The Most

Congress must reject this nightmare disguised as women's rights, for it hurts the very same people it pretends to protect.

Trans Activists Stage Capitol Insurrection, Yet Corporate Media Is Completely Silent

Remember when storming and occupying a government capitol was considered an insurrection?

House Republicans Pledge To Protect Women’s Sports In Event Honoring National Girls And Women In Sports Day

'This is not a partisan issue, this is a fairness issue,' House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said at a panel honoring women's sports.

The Most Passionate Science Deniers Are Pro-Trans ‘Experts’ Who Profit From Carving Up Kids

From medical associations to hospitals, countless people are in too deep to admit error, even as transgender ideology collapses.

Don’t Let The Left’s Smears Over The Colorado Club Shooting Derail Efforts To Protect Kids From Gender-Bending

Regardless of what motivated this unfathomable attack, we cannot allow the left to use the incident as a weapon against the fight to protect children.

Democracy Isn’t At Risk, Democrats Are

A red wave will not be an end to our representative democracy. It will just be an end to the Democrat representatives.

‘Devout Catholic’ Biden Invokes God And Morality To Push Genital Mutilation Of Gender-Confused Kids

Not only did Biden endorse the butchering and psychological torment of children, but he did it while invoking things like God and morality.