New York Times warns of 'ideological extremism' by transgender activists, stresses detransitioners' nightmare of 'gender-affirming care' as children​

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The New York Times published an article warning of the potential dangers of children undergoing so-called "gender-affirming care." The article cited several individuals who had detransitioned after realizing that puberty blockers and transition surgeries were not the cure-alls that doctors and transgender activists had advertised.

The New York Times published an opinion piece on Friday by writer Pamela Paul, titled: "As Kids, They Thought They Were Trans. They No Longer Do." The piece stands out from previous NYT articles because it reaches a far different conclusion regarding transitioning children with unproven procedures and drugs that may have hidden and life-altering consequences.

According to the op-ed, transgender activists have pushed "ideological extremism," which demonizes any opposition to children enduring potentially disruptive treatments for gender-oriented pursuits.

Paul noted, "Clinicians are expected to affirm a young person’s assertion of gender identity and even provide medical treatment before, or even without, exploring other possible sources of distress."

"Many who think there needs to be a more cautious approach — including well-meaning liberal parents, doctors, and people who have undergone gender transition and subsequently regretted their procedures — have been attacked as anti-trans and intimidated into silencing their concerns," Paul continued.

The article cited a recent study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior that pointed out that 39% of young detransititioners held the "belief that gender dysphoria was an expression of other problems."

The study also found that 55% "believed they had been inadequately evaluated, medically or psychologically, before they transitioned."

Paul pointed out, "Parents are routinely warned that to pursue any path outside of agreeing with a child’s self-declared gender identity is to put a gender dysphoric youth at risk for suicide, which feels to many people like emotional blackmail."

A parent of a gender-confused child told Paul about a meeting with a specialist, who allegedly said, "In front of my son, the therapist said, 'Do you want a dead son or a live daughter?'"

A February 2021 survey published in the Journal of the Endocrine Society determined that it "could not draw any conclusions about death by suicide."

The Wall Street Journal published an article citing 21 clinicians and researchers from nine countries that found there was "no reliable evidence to suggest that hormonal transition is an effective suicide prevention measure."

Research from the Australian Journal of Psychology published in 2021 stated, "Children with gender dysphoria often experience a range of psychiatric comorbidities, with a high prevalence of mood and anxiety disorders, trauma, eating disorders and autism spectrum conditions, suicidality and self-harm. It is vitally important to consider psychiatric comorbidities when prioritizing and sequencing treatments for children with gender dysphoria."

The New York Times interviewed multiple individuals who had weathered gender-focused treatments as children, but detransitioned after they had matured.

Grace Powell – who started cross-sex hormones and had a double mastectomy to transition in her senior year of high school – told the Times, "I wish there had been more open conversations. But I was told there is one cure and one thing to do if this is your problem, and this will help you."

Powell, 23, said none of the medical professionals asked about "reasons behind her gender dysphoria or her depression" or previous trauma during her medical or surgical transition. Powell revealed that she had been sexually abused as a child.

Powell admitted, "The process of transition didn’t make me feel better. It magnified what I found was wrong with myself."

"I expected it to change everything, but I was just me, with a slightly deeper voice," Powell confessed. "It took me two years to start detransitioning and living as Grace again.

The article from the left-leaning New York Times read, "As one detransitioned man, now in a gay relationship, put it, 'I was a gay man pumped up to look like a woman and dated a lesbian who was pumped up to look like a man. If that’s not conversion therapy, I don’t know what is.'"

The individual added that if she transitioned to a man, she could pursue relationships with women instead of being criticized for being a lesbian "dyke," and "not a real girl."

Paul Garcia-Ryan – now a 32-year-old homosexual psychotherapist who detransitioned at age 30 – said, "When a professional affirms a gender identity for a younger person, what they are doing is implementing a psychological intervention that narrows a person’s sense of self and closes off their options for considering what’s possible for them."

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Tucker Carlson turns Asa Hutchinson into 'a PUDDLE of NOTHINGNESS' over the subject of child castration

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Last Friday, Blaze Media teamed up with the FAMiLY Leader to host the first presidential forum of the 2024 Republican primary season.

A charismatic and unapologetic Tucker Carlson conducted the interviews, some of which were well-received by the audience while others might be described as bloodbaths.

An unfortunate Asa Hutchinson fell into the latter category.

The Arkansas governor’s confusing stance on the subject of chemical castration for children didn’t go over so well with Tucker, who had several pointed (and entirely justified) questions for Hutchinson.

“But you said that children should be able to choose their gender, and their parents should be able to affirm that, and the state has no role in getting involved,” Tucker fires at a visibly flustered Asa.

“You’re saying that a child shouldn’t be able to choose a bathroom, but he can choose his sex. I don’t understand,” he continues.

“Let me finish!” Asa barks, clearly unsettled by the audience's applause for Tucker’s string of questions.

“I want the government to stay out [of schools],” he retorts, adding, “I want the parents and communities and our faith to guide us through these difficult decisions.”

Tucker isn’t satisfied with that answer though.

“You have repeatedly described delaying a child’s natural progression from childhood to adulthood through adolescence ... as quote ‘treatment,’” Tucker says.

He continues: “You believe, I suppose, that people can change their sex because if you don’t believe that, you wouldn’t call it treatment, would you?”

Dave Rubin fittingly describes Asa as “a puddle of nothingness” after Tucker hits him with this final question.

You have to see it to get the full picture. Watch the clip below.

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Asa Hutchinson is TOAST after this pathetic response

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Sara Gonzales cuts straight to the chase in a Q&A session with Asa Hutchinson following his interview with Tucker Carlson.

“What would you say to all of the de-transitioners who as children were mutilated and given irreversible puberty blockers” and “had irreversible damage done to their bodies with hormone therapy, with puberty blockers because they had mentally ill parents, and they had politicians who chose not to do anything about it? What would you say to that growing group of people?” Sara fires.

Hutchinson’s response, which he stumbles through by the way, can be described as nothing less than pathetic.

“Well if there’s uh ... an uh … error that’s been made uh … by the physicians that recommended that treatment, then there is a civil cause of action for uh ... for malpractice for that purpose,” he sputters.

“That to me is an approach that has been traditional in our country when there’s been errors and wrongdoing,” he concludes.

“So they can have money, but they can’t have their sexual organs back?” Sara retorts.

“Whenever there is a loss, that is the recovery that our system of justice provides” is Hutchinson’s feeble response.

The look on Sara’s face says it ALL.

Watch the clip here.

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American Girl TARGETS kids, pushes transitioning during 'very self-conscious, insecure years'

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The American Girl franchise has started selling a book called "A Smart Girl's Guide: Body Image," which actively encourages young girls who feel uncomfortable with their bodies to pursue gender transition. Not only does the book explicitly talk about "medicine to delay your body's changes" — in other words, puberty blockers — it also offers advice for how kids can deal with this with no input from their parents at all.

On "Relatable" this week, BlazeTV host Allie Beth Stuckey blasted American Girl's so-called self-help guides for going from telling young girls that being a girl is a good thing to telling them to take extreme steps to stop being a girl if they feel "uncomfortable" with their bodies or want to change the way they look.

"You might recall growing up, American Girl had these books that they would put out about how to take care of your female body ... they were really just about taking care of yourself and being happy about your femininity. Everything that makes you a girl. Everything that turns you from a girl into a woman," Allie began.

"These are very awkward years. These can be very self-conscious, insecure years. And so these books were a way to support girls and to show them that it's okay, it's good to be a woman ... that really was what American Girl was about. To let girls know that it's good to be a girl, that girls have value, that girls bring a lot to the table," she continued.

"And yet, American Girl, just like ... nearly every institution, has now been taken over by the malignant cancer that is progressivism. And it has now bought into this lie, this dangerous and deadly lie, that it is possible for a person to be born in the wrong body and that a feeling that you have about your gender trumps biological reality. And that you might have to maim your body in order to fit that feeling [...] This is a pseudo-religious and superstitious belief that dismisses reality, that degrades the body, and it has lifelong consequences."

Allie urged parents to "send back the doll, the products, the books that you got from American Girl. Do not gift your children this for Christmas. Do not spend another cent there."

"I understand we can't boycott everything. I don't boycott everything. We just do the best that we can, but I think that this is a clear one," she added. "They're telling your girls that they can cut off their breasts and become something that they will never be. They are pushing infertility, sterility in your children. And guess what, parents, this author and the employees at American Girl are not going to be the ones there to pick up the pieces when your daughter is reeling from and dealing with the confusion and the destruction that this idea has wrought on her life. They're not going to be there when she's recovering from her mastectomy when she is 17 years old. They're not going to be there when she mourns her infertility when she's 25. They're not going to be there when she has surgery after surgery, doctor's appointment after doctor's appointment, because changing your gender through surgery never really works. They're not going to be there to pick up the pieces of her depression when she realizes that she maimed her body for nothing. You are."

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Steven Crowder's off-the-cuff reaction to Sen. Rand Paul interviewing Dr. Rachel Levine

The Left is outraged again. This time over the "audacity" of Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) asking Joe Biden's pick for assistant secretary of health, Dr. Rachel Levine, about the consequences of genital mutilation associated with sex change operations.

During Levine's confirmation hearing Thursday, Sen. Paul expressed concern over allowing minors to make a "life-changing" decision like changing their sex.

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