Pentagon says no evidence of aliens or covert government UFO programs, but are developing 'Gremlin' system to track UAPs

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The Pentagon said there is no evidence of extraterrestrial lifeforms visiting Earth and claimed the U.S. government does not conduct covert operations with recovered UFO spacecraft.

The Pentagon released a 63-page report on Friday titled: "Report on the Historical Record of U.S. Government Involvement with Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP)."

Unidentified anomalous phenomena is a relatively new term for UFOs that includes mysterious objects from the sky, underwater, or in space.

The Pentagon's All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office examined data regarding UAPs from 1945 through October 2023.

"To date, AARO has not discovered any empirical evidence that any sighting of a UAP represented off-world technology or the existence of a classified program that had not been properly reported to Congress," the report read.

"Investigative efforts determined that most sightings were the result of misidentification of ordinary objects and phenomena," the AARO declared. "Although many UAP reports remain unsolved, AARO assesses that if additional, quality data were available, most of these cases also could be identified and resolved as ordinary objects or phenomena."

The Pentagon addressed suspicions that the U.S. government has covert programs attempting to reverse-engineer spacecraft from other worlds.

Pentagon press secretary Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder said in a statement, "AARO assesses that all of the named and described alleged hidden UAP reverse-engineering programs provided by interviewees either do not exist; are misidentified authentic national security programs that are not related to extraterrestrial technology exploitation; or resolve to a disestablished program."

Ryder added that the "rigorous analytic and scientific" investigation found no evidence that the "U.S. government and various contractors have recovered and are hiding off-world technology and biological materials."

The AARO plans to publish a second volume of the report later this year that covers information gathered after November 2023, and will include interviews with current and former U.S. government personnel regarding UAPs.

There have been government reports and congressional testimony that hint at the possibility of UFOs existing.

In June 2021, the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence published its preliminary assessment of UAPs that said 143 UAP encounters were unexplainable.

In the same month, the head of NASA said he didn't think we were alone in the universe.

Tennessee Republican Rep. Tim Burchett said he believed UAPs to be "something that is out of our galaxy" and claimed that the government "covered up" Roswell.

Last July, a former intelligence official claimed the government is hiding a top-secret program focused on reverse-engineering a spacecraft from another planet.

The UFO whistleblower is David Grusch – a former national reconnaissance officer representative for the Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Task Force, a former member of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, and an Air Force veteran.

On Friday, the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office announced that it is developing a portable surveillance system to detect and document UAPs.

Tim Phillips – the acting director of the AARO – told the DefenseScoop website, "We're working with some of the government labs, such as the Department of Energy labs, and we have a great partner with Georgia Tech. And what we’re doing is developing a deployable, configurable sensor suite that we can put in Pelican cases. We’re going to be able to pull it to the field to do a long-term [collection]."

Phillips noted that the new sensors will utilize "hyperspectral surveillance" to attempt to capture UAP encounters, which contain information across a wide range of wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum.

"If we have a national security site and there are objects being reported that trend within restricted airspace, or within a maritime range, or in the proximity of one of our spaceships, we need to understand what that is," Phillips continued. "And so that’s why we’re developing a sensor capability that we can deploy in reaction to reports."

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Pentagon report says no evidence of UFO cover-up by U.S.

Stanford professor says aliens are 100% already on Earth living among us and have 'been here a long time'

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A Stanford University professor and renowned ufologist confidently declared that not only have aliens visited Earth, but they have "been here a long time."

Dr. Garry Nolan, a professor of pathology at Stanford’s medical school, made the eyebrow-raising assertations during a recent conference SALT iConnections conference held in New York City titled: "The Pentagon, Extraterrestrial Intelligence and Crashed UFOs."

When asked if he believes that aliens have visited Earth, Nolan declared, "I think you can go a step further — it hasn’t just visited, it’s been here a long time, and it’s still here."

Nolan proclaimed, "Aliens have been on Earth for a long time and are still here."

"I think it's an advanced form of intelligence that using some kind of intermediaries," Nolan claimed. "It's not that they walk among us wearing a skin suit. You're going to put something there that I think of as an intelligence test."

He likened aliens visiting in UFOs to when South American native tribes first saw Spanish ships, saying that they didn't understand what they were seeing.

"They're showing up and saying who amongst you are intelligent enough to realize what it is you're looking at," Nolan said at the conference. "Can you see what's in front of you for what it really is? Can you see the anomalous data point?"

"You know, people talk about the 'Wow! signal' looking for extraterrestrial intelligence. The 'Wow! signal' is that people see it on an almost regular basis, that’s the communication that’s already here,” Nolan told moderator Alex Klokus.

The New York Post said, "The 'Wow! signal' refers to a burst of radio waves captured from outer space in 1977. The signal was 30 times stronger than typical background radiation and prompted some astronomers to believe it may have come from aliens looking for other signs of life. Scientists have since said the sound may have come naturally from a pair of comets."

When asked to quantify how confident he is about aliens visiting Earth, Nolan fired back, "100%."

"And that’s not just my opinion," he added. "The National Defense Authorization Act passed last year, signed by [President] Biden in December. Thirty pages of that is the establishment of an unidentified aerial phenomena office."

The Stanford professor defended his belief in extraterrestrials on our planet by saying, "You just need to look at what your government is doing right now about it."

"Dr. Nolan said that office, the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), which has 25 people working in it, had been tasked with 'collecting the information across all of the U.S. Department of Defense, intelligence offices, and collation of that into a uniform format for the very first time, and provision of that then to Congress,'" according to

He stated, "The most recent [whistle-blowing incident that] happened was just last weekend, and it created quite a hornet’s nest in Washington."

Nolan said 12 U.S. senators have requested more information regarding UFOs.

The ufologist alleged that experts are working on reverse engineering unknown crashed crafts from outer space.

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"100%" Aliens Have Already Arrived -Dr. Garry Nolan | SALT iConnections New York

US military pilots say unidentified flying object shot down over Alaska had 'no identifiable propulsion,' interfered with their sensors: Report

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The unidentified flying object shot down 10 miles off the coast of Alaska had "no identifiable propulsion" and interfered with the sensors of the U.S. military fighter jets that engaged the aircraft on Friday, according to a new report.

An unidentified object the size of a small car with a cylindrical shape, and flying at 40,000 feet off the coast of Alaska.

A senior military official said the object was initially detected by radar, and thenF-35 stealth fighterjets were scrambled to investigate the UFO.

National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications John Kirby said fly-bys of the object happened on Thursday night and Friday morning, but both encounters provided "limited" information about the unidentified object.

Kirby noted that the object "did not appear to be self-maneuvering."

After determining that the UFO was unmanned, the decision was made to shoot it down.

Pentagon press secretary Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder said a U.S. fighter jet "successfully took down a high altitude airborne object off the northern coast of Alaska at 1:45 p.m. Eastern Standard Time today within U.S. sovereign airspace over U.S. territorial water." Ryder said the object "posed a reasonable threat to the safety of civilian flight" because of its altitude.

Citing a source briefed on the intelligence, CNN reported, "Some pilots said the object 'interfered with their sensors' on the planes, but not all pilots reported experiencing that."

"Some pilots also claimed to have seen no identifiable propulsion on the object, and could not explain how it was staying in the air, despite the object cruising at an altitude of 40,000 feet," CNN reported. "The conflicting eyewitness accounts are partly why the Pentagon has been unable to fully explain what the object is, the source briefed on the matter said."

Kirby added, "We're calling this an object because that's the best description we have right now. We don’t know who owns it – whether it’s state-owned or corporate-owned or privately-owned, we just don't know."

On Saturday, a U.S. F-22 Raptor shot down a "high-altitude airborne object" in Canadian airspace.

U.S. fighter jets took off from Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska to monitor the object as it crossed over into Canadian airspace, where Canadian CF-18 and CP-140 aircraft joined the formation. A U.S. F-22 Raptor took down the UFO with an AIM 9X missile.

The Pentagon said, "As Canadian authorities conduct recovery operations to help our countries learn more about the object, the Federal Bureau of Investigation will be working closely with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police."

On Feb. 4, a U.S. fighter shot down a purported Chinese spy balloon with an AIM 9X missile off the coast of South Carolina after it had flown across the United States.

On Nov. 14, 2004, former Navy pilot, Cmdr. Dave Fravor, said he witnessed an unidentified flying object about 46 feet long that looked like a Tic-Tac with seemingly no source of propulsion approximately 100 miles off the coast of San Diego, California.

Fravor told New York Magazine in 2019:

The thing that stood out to me the most was how erratic it was behaving. And what I mean by “erratic” is that its changes in altitude, air speed, and aspect were just unlike things that I’ve ever encountered before flying against other air targets. It was just behaving in ways that aren’t physically normal. That’s what caught my eye. Because, aircraft, whether they’re manned or unmanned, still have to obey the laws of physics. They have to have some source of lift, some source of propulsion. The Tic Tac was not doing that. It was going from like 50,000 feet to, you know, a hundred feet in like seconds, which is not possible.

Well, normally, you would see engines emitting a heat plume. This object was not doing that. The video shows a source of heat, but the normal signatures of an exhaust plume were not there. There was no sign of propulsion. You could not see the thing that the ATFLIR pod should pick up 100 percent of the time: the source of heat and exhaust that a normal object flying would give you.

Fravor served 24 years in the military, 18 of which he was a Navy pilot. He graduated from the TOPGUN naval flight program, was the commanding officer of the VFA-41 Black Aces, and had deployments in Iraq that began during Operation Desert Storm.

In June 2021, the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence released its preliminary assessment on unidentified aerial phenomena. The U.S. government reported 144 incidents of UAPs spotted between November 2004 to March 2021. However, 143 UAPs remain unexplainable. The ODNI could only identify one UAP – which was determined to be a large, deflating balloon.

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US intelligence officials: No evidence UFO encounters were aliens; concerned American enemies have hypersonic technology

After decades of the U.S. government being reluctant to acknowledge UFO sightings, the intelligence community is preparing to deliver a historic report on unidentified aerial phenomena. But those eagerly anticipating that the government will reveal that aliens from a galaxy far, far away have been monitoring us here on Earth might be disappointed.

U.S. intelligence agencies are expected to release a report of everything they know about UFOs to Congress later this month. The Department of Defense's Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force is "actively working with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on the report, and DNI will provide the findings to Congress," according to Pentagon spokeswoman Sue Gough.

The UAP Task Force was established last August with the intent of improving the "understanding of, and gain insight into, the nature and origins of UAPs."

Ahead of the much-anticipated release of the government's knowledge of UFOs, government officials are giving subtle hints about the upcoming UAP report. U.S. intelligence officials caution that unidentified flying objects seen in unbelievable encounters with the U.S. Navy could be America's enemies, and not alien spacecraft.

"The report determines that a vast majority of more than 120 incidents over the past two decades did not originate from any American military or other advanced U.S. government technology, the officials said," according to the New York Times. "That determination would appear to eliminate the possibility that Navy pilots who reported seeing unexplained aircraft might have encountered programs the government meant to keep secret."

The report to be presented to Congress by June 25 "will present few other firm conclusions," according to senior officials.

The anonymous U.S. intelligence officials don't believe that the unexplained aircraft with never-before-seen capabilities are aliens, but "could not definitively rule out theories that the phenomena observed by military pilots might be alien spacecraft."

One possible explanation is that the UFOs are weather balloons, but that theory falls apart in some encounters because of the wind speed and direction at the time.

Another possibility is that American enemies have developed far advanced technology, according to a senior official.

"He said there was worry among intelligence and military officials that China or Russia could be experimenting with hypersonic technology," the Times reported. "Russia has been investing heavily in hypersonics, believing the technology offers it the ability to evade American missile-defense technology. China has also developed hypersonic weaponry, and included it in military parades. If the phenomena were Chinese or Russian aircraft, officials said, that would suggest the two powers' hypersonic research had far outpaced American military development."

In 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin boasted of having nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles.

The report allegedly has a difficult time attempting to explain what U.S. Navy service members saw in UFOs that were moving at hypersonic speeds, performing acts "beyond the physical limits of a human crew," and emitting "no visible engine or infrared exhaust plumes."

In March, former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe also declared that the physics-bending maneuvers of the UFOs are "difficult to explain."

The final report from the UAP Task Force will also include a classified annex, which would like ignite more speculation of aliens visiting Earth.

The officials made the revelations on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the classified findings in the upcoming report.

There have been several documented encounters between U.S. Navy service members and UAP released to the public in the past few years.

Footage shows purportedly showing a swarm of UFOs circling a U.S. Navy combat ship.

The Pentagon confirmed that video of a "spherical" transmedium UFO flying off the coast of California near the USS Omaha is authentic.

Footage of a triangle-shaped object hovering over the USS Russell while sailing off the coast of San Diego was confirmed by the Pentagon as genuine.

2019 the US Navy filmed “PYRAMID" shaped UFOs; here is that footage

Former DNI John Ratcliffe previews UFO report, reveals many sightings 'difficult to explain'

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe revealed Friday that an upcoming report will disclose that government officials have recorded more unidentified flying objects that are "difficult to explain."

Ratcliffe's remarks boost expectations for an upcoming government report about UFOs put into motion by the second pandemic-related stimulus bill.

The law, signed into law by former President Donald Trump last December, forced U.S. spy agencies and the Pentagon to disclose what they know about UFOs to the Senate Intelligence and Armed Services Committees within 180 days.

What did Ratcliffe say?

Speaking with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, Ratcliffe explained what the government report could disclose.

"There are a lot more sightings than have been made public. Some of those have been declassified," Ratcliffe said. "And when we talk about sightings, we are talking about objects that have seen by Navy or Air Force pilots, or have been picked up by satellite imagery that, frankly, engage in actions that are difficult to explain. Movements that are hard to replicate that we don't have the technology for or traveling at speeds that exceed the sound barrier without a sonic boom."

Ratcliffe added that government officials have attempted to find a "plausible solution" for the UFOs — but admitted "there are instances where we don't have good explanations for some of the things we've seen."

"There have been sightings all over the world," Ratcliffe explained. "When we talk about sightings, the other thing I will tell you is, it's not just a pilot or just a satellite, or some intelligence collection. Usually we have multiple sensors that are picking up these things, and some of these are unexplained phenomenon, and there is actually quite a few more than have been made public."

Maria Bartiromo John Ratcliffe UAP

What is the background?

Government interest in disclosing additional UFO-related intelligence has been growing in recent years.

More from the Washington Examiner:

The Defense Department announced in September that then-Deputy Secretary of Defense David Norquist approved the creation of an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force on Aug. 4, and the government group would be led by the Navy under the "cognizance" of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security.

Videos from the Navy were released last year through the Freedom of Information Act that showed UFOs moving at incredible speeds and performing seemingly impossible aerial maneuvers. One of the videos was shot in November 2004; the other two were shot in January 2015. The three videos were code-named "FLIR1," "Gimbal," and "GoFast."

In fact, Ratcliffe said that he attempted to declassify some government intelligence on UFOs during his tenure as DNI, but was unsuccessful.

Anything else?

Just last month there was a UFO reported by American Airlines pilots for which the Federal Aviation Administration had no answer.

"A pilot reported seeing an object over New Mexico shortly after noon local time on Sunday, Feb. 21, 2021. FAA air traffic controllers did not see any object in the area on their radarscopes," the FAA said, Forbes reported.