Which Biden Official Asked The NSA To Unmask Tucker Carlson?

Immediate steps must be taken to stop this abuse of U.S. intelligence agencies to weaponize intelligence against American journalists.

Why The White House Is Probably Behind The Tucker Carlson NSA Email Scandal

It is incumbent on American patriots working in U.S. intelligence agencies to stand up to the abuse of their organizations for political purposes by the Biden administration.

Breaking Norms And Precedent, Biden Attempts To Purge Career Intelligence Official

Pelosi, Schiff, and Biden have politicized a career intelligence community position by demanding the removal of a national security professional.

Devin Nunes Tells The Truth Until It Hurts

The more Rep. Devin Nunes was attacked, the more he wanted to understand what was behind the Russia collusion narrative. His opponents couldn't have been more wrong in how to contain him.