Project Veritas SUES James O’Keefe?!

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James O’Keefe was ousted from Project Veritas months ago, and now the organization he founded has decided to file a lawsuit against him, asking a federal judge to stop O’Keefe from working as a journalist.

In its lawsuit, Veritas says, “Being known as the founder of an organization does not entitle that person to run amok and put his own interests ahead of that organization.”

The company goes on to say O’Keefe “failed in his duties” to Project Veritas and caused the organization “serious and significant damage.”

It is asking that O’Keefe and his new organization, OMG, be held accountable.

Sara Gonzales and her guests on "The News & Why It Matters" discussed the lawsuit on the latest episode.

Head writer and researcher for Glenn Beck Jason Buttrill sees this as getting back at O’Keefe for the company's freefall in engagement after O’Keefe was ousted.

“They thought they were bigger than James O’Keefe. James O’Keefe was Project Veritas, which they did not believe anymore,” Buttrill says.

He adds that in the lawsuit, Veritas “kept on hitting him for a breach of non-disclosure agreement.”

“So what that means is, is that the truth — they did not want that to get out. They didn’t want to know the specifics of how they jettisoned him,” he explains.

Gonzales’ other guest, Jaco Booyens, believes the lawsuit is ridiculous.

“It’s so laughable,” he says, “to think that they could bottle up his God-gift talent and say you’re no longer allowed to use it because you dared to create this organization, and then we ousted you, and now you created another.”

“It shows you,” he adds, “how even that woke mentality of entitlement infiltrates conservative groups sometimes.”

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James O'Keefe's opening testimony on FBI and DOJ overreach leaves House Judiciary Committee speechless

James O'Keefe's opening testimony on FBI and DOJ overreach leaves House Judiciary Committee speechless

On May 10, James O'Keefe of Project Veritas gave his opening statement on the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation's overreach on members of the press. O'Keefe delivered his statement to members of Congress.

The House Judiciary Committee recently showed unanimous bipartisan support for new legislation protecting journalists from government overreach. This hearing received little media coverage.

House Representative Ralph Norman of South Carolina was sympathetic to O'Keefe's ordeal and questioned how far the DOJ and FBI appear to have gone in this case. Here is the transcript:

O'Keefe: "Ashley Biden's attorney, a woman named Roberta Kaplan, responded by saying, 'We should send to the southern district of New York. In just 24 days, Ms. Kaplan got her political favor fulfilled when the Southern District of New York approved the first of nineteen secret subpoenas.'"

Rep Norman: "Is this collusion, in your opinion, with what's happening really to both of you all in your opinion?"

O'Keefe: "I think Ashley Biden's attorney's statement about 'we should send to the Southern District of New York' is self-evident. There is also a poster in the room. You can see the four photos there; we find this extraordinary that Roberta Kaplan is the same attorney [representing] Ashley Biden. She's also the same attorney for former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and she represents the woman married to the son of the U.S. attorney who signed all the secret warrants against me. So, those are the facts, and [they] are pretty self-evident facts, and I don't wish to opine beyond the facts."

Rep Norman: "That's unbelievable. Every American needs to know what not only you all have gone through but to see these facts."

O'Keefe: "There's disparate treatment at the Department of Justice, including how they define journalists. A journalist is a person who regularly gathers, prepares, collects, photographs, records, writes, and edits information that concerns national stories."

O'Keefe: "The Southern District of New York wrote in pleadings that I'm not a journalist because I don't get permission from the subjects I investigate. So that directly contradicts common sense as well as the law. So obviously, we can't trust the Department of Justice with the power to define who is and who is not a journalist depending upon who's in charge. That goes against everything the First Amendment stands for, Sir."

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