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Business magnate Elon Musk has expressed the view that paper ballots, not electronic voting machines, should be used in elections.

"We should eliminate electronic voting machines. The risk of being hacked by humans or AI, while small, is still too high," he tweeted.

'This absolutely needs to happen.'

Musk made the comment in response to a post in which independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. called for utilizing paper ballots.

"US citizens need to know that every one of their votes were counted, and that their elections cannot be hacked. We need to return to paper ballots to avoid electronic interference with elections," Kennedy declared. "My administration will require paper ballots and we will guarantee honest and fair elections."

— (@)

Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah advocated for using paper ballots and holding the vote on a single day.

"Counting ballots just isn’t that hard. Neither is showing up to vote on Election Day. Let's go back to paper ballots. And everyone voting on the same day. Who's in?" he wrote.

Musk agreed, tweeting, "This absolutely needs to happen."

Musk tweeted in March that he believes the nation will be "toast" without a "red wave." The term refers to a raft of Republican wins in election contests.

"I voted 100% Dem until a few years ago. Now, I think we need a red wave or America is toast," he wrote.

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