The Biden Administration Is Welcoming Illegal Migrants With The CBP One App

The Biden administration has welcomed hundreds of thousands of new migrants into the country with the CBP One app.

State-Funded University of Texas Managed Censorship Project Targeting Conservative Outlets

GDI's report blacklisting conservative media as the 'riskiest' disinformation companies was researched and written by students at UT Austin.

Calling Out Private Censors, Weaponization Committee Signals It Won’t Stop With FBI-Twitter Collusion

The three-hour hearing showed that corporate-government collusion goes far deeper than the major platforms in Silicon Valley.

The Biden Administration Is Colluding With Corporate Censors To Blacklist Dissidents

The State Department is funneling taxpayer dollars to a shadowy network of corporate censors to blacklist conservative media.

Exposé Reveals Shadowy Left-Wing Network Works To Censor, Deplatform Conservatives

'Disinformation' trackers are on a mission to blacklist and defund conservative news sites, costing them thousands of dollars in ad revenue.

The Jan. 6 Committee Is Causing Never Trumpers To Lose Their Minds

So many right-of-center commentators want so badly to be liked by the left they're willing to ignore the truth about the Jan. 6 committee.

Will The Money Raised For Black Lives Matter Actually Go To Black Lives?

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation is operating with no apparent leadership or oversight.