Parents can't fully access their kids' medical records after judge partially blocks parental rights law

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Washington state's Republican-backed Initiative 2081, referred to as "A Parents' Bill of Rights," was approved earlier this year by the state legislature in two landslide votes. The Democrats who control both chambers apparently permitted it through knowing they will likely be able to transmogrify it in the next legislative session.

Nevertheless, to the chagrin of leftists and other groups ostensibly keen on cleaving children from their parents, Republican state Rep. Jim Walsh's Initiative 2081 became law on June 6.

The law declares 15 rights that parents and guardians of public school children necessarily have, such as the right to:

  • examine textbooks and curricular materials used in their kid's classroom;
  • inspect their kid's public school records, including their health, academic, mental health counseling, vocational counseling, and disciplinary records;
  • receive prior notification when medical services are being offered to their child, except in the cases of emergency medical treatment;
  • receive immediate notification if their child is being taken or removed from campus without their permission;
  • receive assurance that their kid's school won't discriminate against their child based on the family's religious beliefs; and
  • receive written notice and opt out of student engagements that include questions about the child's sexuality and sexual experiences or the family's moral and political views.

Walsh underscored that the focus of all the elements of the bill was information.

"Custodial parents and guardians cannot be kept in the dark about what their minor children are going through in their lives," Walsh said last month. "Parents have to be told — whether it's things happening at school or things happening in the healthcare or mental healthcare space connected with school, or really anything affecting a minor child."

The legal acknowledgement of such natural rights in a state where the family is otherwise under siege prompted legal action from a number of radical LGBT organizations, represented ultimately by the activist firms QLaw and Legal Voice along with the ACLU of Washington.

They sued last month to halt the implementation of the initiative. This week, a judge granted them a minor victory.

Upon filing their lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the legislation in the Superior Court of Washington for King County on behalf of various LGBT groups, the pair of legal outfits and the ACLU of Washington recycled debunked rhetoric intimating that a failure to allow kids to transition at school behind their parents' backs and receive "affirmation" with the help from adults outside the family would result in "irreparable harm."

Adrien Leavitt, staff attorney for the state chapter of the ACLU, claimed, "The initiative passed because of deception and confusion, and it will cause life-altering negative outcomes for queer and trans students if it is implemented."

According to their complaint, the Parents' Bill of Rights "undermines, contradicts, and amends numerous laws that protect students' rights to privacy, healthcare, education, and an affirming and inclusive school environment."

On Friday, King County Superior Court Judge Michael Scott, appointed to the bench by Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee in 2018, granted a temporary block against parts of the law. Specifically, Scott blocked the requirement that parents are to be granted access to all of their children's medical and mental health counseling records and the requirement that school districts promptly turn such records over, reported the Washington State Standard.

Most parts of the Parents' Bill of Right will, however, remain in place for the time being.

While Scott figured the plaintiffs had done enough to demonstrate harm and potential unconstitutionality, he stressed, "It's not this court's position to determine whether that's good policy or not."

In response to Scott's ruling, Leavitt intimated in a statement it's not enough for parents to only partially be left in the dark.

'It is the student's decision when and if their gender identity is shared, and with whom.'

"We are pleased with this ruling as it will prevent parts of I-2081 from causing further harm while we seek a final decision in this case — but this is not the end," said Leavitt. "We will keep fighting this case in hopes of a final judgment that shows this harmful law violates the State Constitution and should not be implemented or enforced."

Walsh, meanwhile, indicated he was "encouraged that the judge left the bulk of the parents' bill of rights in place," reported the Seattle Times.

Democratic State Superintendent Chris Reykdal indicated that while the court did not block the remainder of Initiative 2081, he would effectively usurp the power of lawmakers and instruct Washington school districts not to apply aspects of the law.

"Until additional clarity is provided on the areas where the initiative conflicts with existing state and federal law, school districts should not make changes to any policies and procedures that are implicated by the conflicting sets of law," Reykdal said in a statement. "When in doubt, school districts should follow federal privacy laws."

In his statement, Reykdal also emphasized that schools don't have to disclose a student's transvestism at school to their parents.

“Our state's guidance has maintained that, in order to protect student privacy and safety, schools should communicate with students who disclose they are transgender or gender expansive about the student's individual needs, preferences, and safety concerns," Reykdal continued. "It is the student's decision when and if their gender identity is shared, and with whom."

Brian Heywood, a businessman from Redmond who helped bankroll the effort to advance Initiative 2081, suggested Reykdal was actively "shredding democracy."

"WA state Superintendent of Schools believes he is above the law and that the state knows better than parents what is best for your children," added Heywood. "In November he needs to go."

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Dad tells cops he caught a rideshare driver sexually assaulting his daughter. So he did what dads do.

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A father told police in Washington state he caught a rideshare driver sexually assaulting his daughter and got physical with the driver and fired his gun, the Olympian reported.

Thurston County Sheriff’s deputies around 1 a.m. Saturday were dispatched to Sixth Avenue Southeast and Old Pacific Highway — a fishing location on the Nisqually River — over a report of a weapons violation, the paper said.

The female's father told deputies he discovered his daughter being sexually assaulted, 'beat up the driver a little bit,' and fired the gun.

Two shell casings were found at the scene, the Olympian added.

A deputy who stopped a motorist attempting to flee the scene noticed the motorist was injured, Fox News reported, adding that detectives determined the motorist was a rideshare driver who had provided transportation to a "highly intoxicated female."

The driver had suffered injuries in a fight but wasn’t shot, Sheriff’s Lt. Mike Brooks said Sunday, according to the Olympian.

The female's father told deputies he discovered his daughter being sexually assaulted, “beat up the driver a little bit,” and fired the gun, Brooks told the paper, adding that the timing of the physical altercation and the gunshots wasn't clear.

The 58-year-old driver was treated for his injuries at Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia and then booked into jail on suspicion of first-degree kidnapping and second-degree rape, the Olympian reported.

Those with information about this incident should call the nonemergency dispatch line at 360-704-2740 or send an email to, the paper added.

How are observers reacting?

Nearly 1,000 comments so far have appeared underneath the Fox News story about the incident, which was published Monday on Yahoo News. As you might imagine, a number of commenters are sympathetic toward the father:

  • "The father did what every red-blooded American father would do to protect his daughter!" one commenter declared. "Kudos to him for being a real father!"
  • "The dad was defending protecting his daughter, and tried his best to stop the criminal assault in progress," another commenter said. "He saved his daughter's life."
  • "It's uplifting to have some good news for once," another commenter noted.
  • "It's Washington state, so the father's freedom is still up in the air, but great job dad," another commenter added. "Shame you didn't put him underground."
  • "I'm a progressive individual, but even I feel the dad was well within his rights as a father," another commenter stated.

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George Nethercutt Dies At 79

He defeated Speaker of the House Tom Foley to earn his seat

Homeowner fights knife-wielding, would-be burglar who escapes with stunt right out of 'Batman'

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A homeowner in Tacoma, Washington, was awakened just before midnight earlier this month by a loud thud that sounded as though it was coming from his roof, KCPQ-TV reported.

So the homeowner went to check out what was happening and saw someone trying to break in from the fourth-floor balcony, the station said.

Then things got downright bizarre.

The homeowner confronted the intruder, and a fight broke out, KCPQ reported. The homeowner punched the suspect several times, and the suspect swiped at the homeowner with a knife, the station said, adding that the homeowner wasn't seriously hurt.

The suspect was apparently armed with two knives and possibly scissors, the station said.

Then things got downright bizarre — with a stunt right out of "Batman."

KCPQ said the suspect dropped from the fourth-floor balcony and landed on the third-floor balcony — and then jumped to the ground from there.

The suspect ran off, got in his vehicle, and drove away, KCPQ said.

The homeowner got in his vehicle and chased the suspect before losing sight of him, the station said, adding that the victim returned home and called 911.

The homeowner told responding law enforcement personnel that he didn't recognize the suspect, KCPQ reported.

More from the station:

When detectives later released a Crime Stoppers bulletin about the crime, a family member of the suspect identified him to police. The family member said that he had just gotten out of the hospital and didn't know where he was. The relative also told detectives that the suspect had bipolar disorder and that his mental health had been declining.

KCPQ said police arrested the suspect and took him into custody without incident Sunday, adding that the attempted burglary took place May 12.

The suspect has been identified as 33-year-old Adam Groetsch, the station said, adding that he's being held in the Pierce County Jail on first-degree attempted burglary and second-degree assault charges with bail set at $75,000. Groetsch was still in jail Friday afternoon, jail records indicate.

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Armed crooks demand property from 53-year-old woman sitting in car. But she has a gun too — and opens fire.

Armed individuals walked up to a 53-year-old woman sitting in her car overnight Tuesday in a Walmart parking lot in Auburn, Washington, and demanded her property, KCPQ-TV reported. Auburn is about a half hour south of Seattle.

Thing is, the woman also was armed, and the station said she shot at the suspects.

'Always carry. The law states if a gun is pulled on you, you can use the same force — and remember shoot once, and shoot to kill.'

The suspects shot back, KCPQ said, and the woman was wounded.

Police arrived at the scene around 3:30 a.m. and treated the victim's single gunshot wound at the scene, the station said, adding that she's expected to be okay.

KCPQ said police employed a K-9 to track the suspects, after which they were found and taken into custody. Police noted in a news release that the suspects, both males, are 19 and 21 years of age.

The station said additional information is "limited at this time," and police didn't offer further information about the suspects in its news release.

How are people reacting?

A number of folks commented under KCPQ's story about the incident posted on Facebook. Here's what some of them had to say:

  • "This is exactly why I carry ALL the time now," one commenter said. "Auburn has become dangerous."
  • "I hate that you can't go anywhere without having fear," another user wrote.
  • "While she was still shot, she at least had the chance to defend herself," another commenter observed.
  • "Very little good happens at 0330, especially in a Wallyworld parking lot," another user quipped.
  • "Always carry," another commenter declared. "The law states if a gun is pulled on you, you can use the same force — and remember shoot once, and shoot to kill."
  • "Auburn is pretty rough these days!" another user exclaimed.

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State AG Running For Governor Accuses Two Other Candidates With Same Name of Trying To ‘Confuse Voters’

'They are both superior in every way to the AG running for the same office, and I believe they can provide better choices for the Democrats'

Republican Primary Is Officially Over As Trump Clinches Nomination

Trump collected the remaining delegates needed to reach the party's 1,215-delegate threshold, the Associated Press reported.

School district bans Border Patrol over concerns officers may cause trauma, stress for immigrant children

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A Washington school district unanimously voted to ban United States Customs and Border Patrol personnel from its school campuses over concerns that officers could create a “stressful situation” for immigrant children and families, the Spokesman-Review reported, citing a nonprofit advocacy group.

Spokane Public Schools officials adopted a new policy on Wednesday that prevents staff from allowing Border Patrol and immigration agents, in an official capacity, from entering school grounds unless they have received prior approval from the district’s superintendent. This policy does not prevent parents who are Border Patrol or immigration agents from being involved in their children’s education while off-duty, Superintendent Adam Swinyard noted. However, it does ban Border Patrol agents as classroom guest speakers.

“The policy prohibits their involvement in our school if they’re operating on official capacity,” Swinyard said. “If they’re operating as a parent, then parents have the right to engage in their kids’ school experiences as a parent, but not operating in their official capacity.”

Board President Nikki Otero Lockwood stated during a February 21 school board meeting that the added language would “make it just very clear that Border Patrol should not be in our schools.”

SPS policy states that the district's operations shouldn't intersect with Border Patrol operations because schools' “obligation to educate the children residing within its borders is not diminished by the children or parents’ immigration status.”

The district’s Wednesday vote also added language to its existing policy declaring that its staff cannot “collaborate with immigration enforcement agencies or share information that could put a student’s security at risk.”

Nonprofit advocacy group Latinos En Spokane has pushed the district’s administration to adopt the policy since 2018. According to the organization’s executive director, Jennyfer Mesa, a Border Patrol agent’s presence on campus could be traumatizing — even sparking fear and anxiety — for immigrant students and families, the Spokesman-Review reported.

Mesa claimed that “schools are safe spaces ... where we come to learn.” She argued that Border Patrol agents and immigration officials could target students “as immigrants” for “having an accent."

“If they’re asked for something about their parents, you know, that could be a stressful situation,” Mesa stated. “These fears, these stressors, create PTSD for students and families who have experienced ... family separation ... worries about another family member.”

According to Mesa, SPS opted to impose the ban following conversations with the nonprofit and in light of a 780-signature petition supporting the new measures.

“Just today, we got a report of two people who were picked up by ICE,” Mesa continued. “They were on their way to work. They were in Spokane Valley. They get picked up. That’s community members that disappear, and we need to track them down and try to get them back with families. This is happening every day in Spokane. We don’t need it to happen in our schools.”

Lloyd Easterling, chief Border Patrol agent of the Spokane Sector, released a statement in response to SPS’ new policy, calling the decision “unfortunate.”

“When agents and officers attend events at schools, they are merely there for educational purposes, at the invitation of the school, and not to conduct immigration enforcement activities,” he wrote. “Agents and officers from CBP attend countless events at schools throughout the nation — without controversy.”

“Our officers and agents are active members of their communities and have children who attend the local schools,” Easterling continued. “The fact [that] the school board has taken this position of intolerance against a law enforcement agency is disheartening and makes the community less safe.”

SPS did not respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital.

It is unfortunate that the Spokane Public Schools Board has taken this stance against Customs and Border Protection.
— (@)

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