WATCH: How Trudeau shut down the WE scandal investigation

With a 'controversy' of this magnitude, Trudeau was forced to use every tool in his arsenal to weasel his way out of a career-ending scandal.

BREAKING: Liberals to pick and choose which blacked-out WE documents they will send to law clerk

The Trudeau Liberals will be providing a select few unredacted documents to the non-partisan parliamentary law clerk, who will then be tasked with deciding what information should be blacked out to protect party secrets.

BREAKING: Poilievre scolds Trudeau Liberals for giving speeches about cartoon characters to hold up WE investigation

"They've given a speech on the cartoon character Polkaroo. Imagine your a small business owner and you turn on the television to find out what the finance committee is doing to save your business, and you see a Liberal MP giving an extensive speech on the cartoon character Polkaroo."

Five years' worth of documents ordered in WE probe on Trudeau's speaking fees destroyed

Conservative MP Michael Barrett questioned how Speakers' Spotlight could confirm the authenticity of Trudeau's records after having destroyed their own copies of them.

Ethics Committee votes 6-4 to give up on obtaining more info on Trudeau family fees

The motion, sponsored by Conservative MP Michael Barrett, would have required Speakers' Spotlight to disclose corporate sponsorships and contractors' fees paid to the Trudeau family.

BREAKING: Motion for anti-corruption committee voted down 181 to 143

The motion for a special committee on anti-corruption was voted down today, to a final vote of 181 against, and 143 in favour.

Trudeau Liberals threaten pandemic election as opposition moves to vote on anticorruption committee

The Bloc Quebecois has already announced that they will vote in favour of establishing an anticorruption committee, while NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is yet to make a final decision on the matter.

BREAKING: Trudeau Liberals flirt with triggering election as tories announce 'anti-corruption committee' plans

O'Toole said the committee's work would be supported by the disclosure of still-unprovided documents from the Liberal Party.

BREAKING: Trudeau family received over $427,000 from WE Charity in payments and amenities

The revelation comes as opposition parties seek to continue the investigation into the WE scandal, a process which has been hindered by Liberal Party obstruction.

BREAKING: Conservative MPs call for end of 'PMO-directed filibuster' holding up WE Charity investigation

"It's time for Liberal MPs to end the PMO-directed filibuster, to vote on the motions, to let the truth come to light, and to release the documents," said Barrett.