Canada's human rights commission suggests Christmas and Easter holidays amount to 'systemic religious discrimination'

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The Canadian Human Rights Commission recently published a paper suggesting that statutory holidays linked to celebrations of Christian significance, Christmas and Easter in particular, are evidence of "religious intolerance."

The report from the federally-funded "human rights watchdog" made little secret of its ultimate aim, underscoring that Canada must work towards the "eradication" of such so-called religious intolerance.

The CHRC was created in 1977 and tasked with administering the northern nation's Human Rights Act. While the outfit allegedly exists today "to help ensure that everyone in Canada is treated fairly," it prioritizes helping specific identity groups and has a team that is 76.8% female.

The commission, which takes for granted that "[s]ystemic racism is a persistent problem in Canada" and receives around $32 million in taxpayer funds annually, has assumed considerable judicial powers in recent decades.

The CHRC now appears keen to tackle what a lesser provincial human rights outfit alternatively termed "systemic faithism."

In an Oct. 23 publication entitled "Discussion Paper on Religion Intolerance," the CHRC stated, "Religious intolerance impedes the ability of Canadian society to be democratic, welcoming, open-minded, and accepting. Only through understanding and acknowledging the existence of religious intolerance in Canada can we begin to address it and work towards its eradication."

"Religious intolerance can materialize in many ways, from microaggressions, to lack of accommodation and acceptance of religious practices," continued the paper.

This intolerance is allegedly "deeply rooted in [Canada's] identity as a settler colonial state" and "manifests itself in present-day systemic religious discrimination."

The National Post highlighted that contrary to the core claim of the paper, the free exercise of religion has been Canadian law since before the nation's confederation in 1867. The colonial Province of Canada enacted the Freedom of Worship Act in 1851, protecting "free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship, without discrimination or preference."

Despite well over a century of religious pluralism, the CHRC paper claimed, "Discrimination against religious minorities in Canada is grounded in Canada's history of colonialism. This history manifests itself in present-day systemic religious discrimination. An obvious example is statutory holidays in Canada. Statutory holidays related to Christianity, including Christmas and Easter, are the only Canadian statutory holidays linked to religious holy days."

"As a result, non-Christians may need to request special accommodations to observe their holy days and other times of the year where their religion requires them to abstain from work," continued the paper.

While the CHRC insinuated that the celebration of Christmas and Easter — in a nation where an estimated 63.2% of the population is Christian — comes at the expense of non-Christians, the paper later acknowledged that Canadian employers and service providers are legally obligated and duty bound to accommodate the religious requirements of clients and employees.

Conservative lawmaker Jeremy Patzer responded to the report, writing, "This is ridiculous. Christmas is celebrated all around the world by people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds. This is another example of woke ideology fomenting within the federal government. I for one will be celebrating Christmas whole heartedly. Merry Christmas!"

John Rustad, the leader of the Conservative Party of British Columbia, wrote on X, "The Trudeau Liberals have lost their minds to woke culture. There is nothing discriminatory about Christmas."

Christmas has been celebrated in Canada for well over three centuries and has been a multicultural event for just as long. According to the Canadian Encyclopedia, there are indications that Jean de Brébeuf — an early missionary who was ultimately tortured to death by Iroquois Indians — was celebrating Christmas with the Huron in their native tongue as early as the 1640s.

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Though long an advocate for raising taxes, Ivy League socialist Cornel West has yet to pay over $500,000 of his own

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Leftist academic Cornel West is a big proponent of higher taxes for the rich and other forms of state-coerced wealth redistribution. It appears, however, that he has set for himself a different standard.

Having thrown his hat into the ring for president as the Green Party's presumptive nominee, the 70-year-old Ivy League socialist has attracted a closer inspection by comrades and conservatives alike.

The Daily Beast has discovered that West owes the Internal Revenue Service well over $500,000 in back taxes.

Documents filed in Mercer County, New Jersey — where West reportedly owns a home in the college town of Princeton, which has a median home sale price of $1,404,750 — reportedly revealed a total of $543,778.78 in outstanding federal tax liens against the socialist.

The liberal blog noted that in nearly every one of the years recorded, the frequent critic of the well-to-do "owed more in unpaid taxes that the median American household earned," including $85,477.02 in 2017; $136,916.26 in 2016; $82,396.14 in 2015; $98,818.25 in 2014; and so on.

Since the IRS has yet to file a release for any of these liens, it appears West has either yet to pay them or has paid them off inside the last 30 days.

The Harvard graduate also made a habit of leaving his taxes unpaid prior to 2005, having accrued $724,397.26 over a six-year period ending in 2004. The Daily Beast indicated he paid down that sum in 2010.

West also has reportedly shirked paying his taxes beyond New Jersey.

The IRS submitted documents in California that indicated between 2011 and 2012, West racked up over $159,000, which he appears to have resolved on June 14, 2023.

The Daily Beast noted in a subsequent report that West did not dispute these findings, but had rejected a secondary claim that he had skipped out on a $49,500 child support judgment against him from 2003.

It is unclear which child this judgment was in reference to. West has been divorced four times and is presently on his fifth marriage.

After being exposed for his apparent efforts to hamper the state in its redistribution of wealth, West told Lenard McKelvey of "The Breakfast Club" that "any time you shine a flashlight under somebody’s clothes, you’re gonna find all kind of mess, because that's what it is to be human," adding, "They want to use it as a distraction."

West suggested the intention behind noting his apparent hypocrisy was distracting from "the suffering" that he is trying to highlight, which he has previously indicated can be remedied in part by taxation.

In his June 9 interview with Semafor, West stated, "How does one go about engaging in massive, downward redistribution of wealth downward? We’ve got to have massive cutbacks to the military. We’ve got to have taxes that are higher, much higher."

Higher taxes and persons willing to paying their fair share would likely be required were West elected, given that he has vowed to deliver Medicare for all, housing for all, "quality education for all, free college tuition for all, and jobs with living wages for all," as well as the resurrection of the Green New Deal.

A recent Emerson College poll indicated that when West is included on the ballot, support for Biden decreases from 48% to 44% and support for Trump slides from 41% to 39%, with the tax-averse socialist picking up five points.

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