Haaland Hit With Ethics Complaint After Stripping Oil And Gas Opportunities From Navajo Nation

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland was hit with an ethics complaint after choking off 351,000 acres in New Mexico from oil and gas development.

Republicans Missed Big In House Hearing On American Energy

House Republicans retreated to talking points and missed a key opportunity to highlight Biden's return of 'sue and settle.'

Biden Raises Cost Of Domestic Oil Production With New Order On Federal Leases

'This administration has decided to make leasing and production a political football, and Americans are paying the price at the pump.'

Biden’s Decision To Stop The Keystone Pipeline Absolutely Hiked Gas Prices

President Joe Biden followed through on his campaign promise to launch an assault against American oil and gas producers on day one.

Smaller Oil And Gas Producers Blast Biden’s Blame Game On High Energy Prices

Earlier this month, already high gas prices sustained throughout the president's 14-month tenure reached a new peak at $4.33 a gallon.

Biden Administration Pumps Up Gas Prices While Trying To Scapegoat It On Everything From Lockdowns To Russia

On Saturday, administration officials filed an appeal that will delay new oil and gas leases on federal land.

Biden Begs Industry He’s Pledged To Destroy To Rescue Nation From Looming Energy Crisis

As Americans face seven-year high gas prices and an imminent surge in power bills this winter, President Joe Biden is begging for help from fossil fuels.

Resumed Oil And Gas Leases Bring Cautious Relief To New Mexico

The resumption of federal oil and gas leases is a relief to New Mexico, although the industry remains cautiously optimistic.